What Are You Planning To Roll In TBC?

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Choose one answer:
Horde - Shadow Priest
Alliance - Feral Druid
Alliance - Resto Druid
Alliance - Balance Druid
Alliance - Hunter
Alliance - Mage
Alliance - Prot Paladin
Alliance - Ret Paladin
Alliance - Holy Paladin
Alliance - Heal Priest
Alliance - Rogue
Alliance - Resto Shaman
Alliance - Ench Shaman
Alliance - Ele Shaman
Alliance - DPS Warrior
Alliance - Prot Warrior
Horde - Feral Druid
Horde - Resto Druid
Horde - Balance Druid
Horde - Hunter
Horde - Mage
Horde - Prot Paladin
Horde - Ret Paladin
Horde - Holy Paladin
Horde - Heal Priest
Horde - Rogue
Horde - Resto Shaman
Horde - Ench Shaman
Horde - Ele Shaman
Horde - DPS Warrior
Horde- Prot Warrior
Horde - Warlock
Alliance - Shadow Priest
Alliance - Warlock *
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