The DMAC Finale

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What will DMAC stand for in the final round? That is up to you. I have asked everyone that made it past the entry round and participated in the DMAC if they could choose what it stood for, what would it be? Here are our choices. Read them all, and choose your favorites
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dogs making angry cakes
Daring Milk Abandons Cookies
Draw Me A Cloud
Dogs Make Amazing Cakes
Ducks' Mayor Attacks Cows
Demonitize My Amazing Characters
Dangerous Macaroni And Cheese
Dancer Makes Apple Cry
Dogs Making A Cake
Departing Mice Atop Cows
Da Men Are Cool
destroy my angry crocodile
die maniac at cosco
dance music aggravates carrots
Dragons Make A Comic
Drumsticks mail a cab
Demons mate around crabs
dogs make amazing cats
Delusional Monkeys Are Capricious
Don’t mop any crustaceans
decimate malicious abysmal cheese
Deadly Muffins Attack City
Do Men Actually Cook
Devious Masochists Anger Cattle
Drown My Annoying Classwork
Damp Macaroni Annoys Cabbage
dry my awesome candy
Dark Mages Are Chill
Ducks Make Atrocious Chili
Dan Makes A Cake
Delicate Mango Angry Cat
Dirt Minecart Abandons Cabbage
Defeating My Archenemies in Combat
Democratic malfeasants accentuate capitalism
Ducks massage ancient camel
Daring Melons Are Conquerors
Dollified Monsterous Air Conditioners
destroy my algebra class
Demonic Moms Activate Communications
delicious monsters abandon college
dying marines attempt communism
Dying Marines Absorb Children
Dangerous Mission to Achieve California
Darth Maul acquires cancer
Dank Memes About Communism
Dark maniacs ate corn
Dzebra Mis Asuper Chandsome
Da MitochondriA is the powerhouse of the Cell
Die my alarm clock
destructive monster abuses child
Decapitate My Air Conditioner 2.0
Dead Monkeys Are Coming
Destruction, Murder, Anarchy, Corruption
Dramatic Man Acts Courageous
Difficult Math Annoys Children
Donating Millions of Americans Carelessly
Dangerous Man Activates Covid-20
Dramatic Malicious Arsonist Cat
dream makes a cake
DoNut MaDe AtroCiOuS cReAtUre
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