StrawPoll API

Create a Poll via API

To create a poll, we send a JSON-like formatted string to our API backend. It contains a 'poll' object like in the example below:

Post Data (JSON):

  "poll": {
    "title": "Your poll question",
    "answers": ["answer #1","answer #2","answer #3"],
    "ma": true

Poll Options & Their Explanations:

You can choose the following options. The default values are marked bold if the option is omitted.
  • priv: true/false - Private or public
  • co: true/false - Allow Comments
  • ma: true/false - Multiple Answers allowed
  • mip: true/false - Multiple votes per IP allowed
  • enter_name: true/false - Voters have to enter their name (still in development)
  • deadline: Datetime/undef - Specific datetime of deadline in zulu time
  • only_reg: true/false - Allow only registered users to vote
  • vpn: true/false - Allow VPN users to vote
  • captcha: true/false - Background reCAPTCHA solving

Code Example on GitHub

Since a real example is always better than hard-to-read documentation, we would like to give you a small example of a Python script that creates polls using the StrawPoll API.