StrawPoll API

Get Poll Results via API

Fetching poll results are fairly easy. The results are always delivered in realtime and the response contains JSON formatted data with the poll information as well es a timestamp in UNIX-time. Keep in mind that JSON fields are not sorted, so they can are returned in random order.
(replace <<id>> with any poll id)

Response (Example):

{"id":"rae5gcp1","poll_answers":[{"answer":"Super easy","id":"3h8kcprp9448","sorting":1,"type":"text","votes":35},{"answer":"Somewhat easy","id":"4c6drcgb4yay","sorting":2,"type":"text","votes":3},{"answer":"Moderate","id":"47ry2yc6ad21","sorting":3,"type":"text","votes":6},{"answer":"Quite difficult","id":"kzhyffc39shs","sorting":4,"type":"text","votes":3},{"answer":"Very difficult","id":"8gxgye81zyp8","sorting":5,"type":"text","votes":7}],"success":1,"title":"How easy is embedding a StrawPoll?","total_votes":54}
If the poll creator decided to hide the poll results from public, you can use an API key (read more at Authentication) to gain the appropriate access rights.