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Schedule Your First Meeting

This tutorial will guide you through the five simple steps of the creation of your first meeting poll at StrawPoll.
Step 1: Choose a Title and a Description
Schedule Meeting Step 1
While a title is mandatory, the location and description field are optional. In general, creating a meeting poll is divided into two steps: The first step is to add only general information. The second step is to add the date options that your participants can then vote on.
Step 2: Add Date Options
Schedule Meeting Step 2.1
After clicking "Continue", you will be given a calendar view where you can pick your predefined answer options.
Schedule Meeting Step 2.2
First select the dates you want to add on the left side. It will be added to the list of dates on the right side (or below for mobile users).
Schedule Meeting Step 2.3
On the right side you can add different time ranges for each date. After you have selected all your dates and times, click "Continue" again to proceed further.
Step 3: Share/Invite
Schedule Meeting Step 3.1
You will then be redirected to the voting page. There you have the possibility to invite participants either by link or by e-mail. While sharing via link is quite self-explanatory, the screenshot below shows you how to invite your participants via our "Invite" function.
Schedule Meeting Step 3.2
After you click on "Invite", a modal is displayed where you can enter a list of email addresses (separated by commas). Adding an additional message is optional. After sending the invitations, a list of invited participants is displayed below.
Step 4: Poll Settings
Schedule Meeting Step 4
If you want to make changes to your poll, you can open the admin settings by clicking on the options drop-down menu in the upper right corner. There you can choose to edit your poll, add restrictions to your options, add a deadline or even delete a poll. Of course, these options are only displayed for the administrator of a poll.
Step 5: Add Your Vote & View Results
Schedule Meeting Step 5
After inviting your participants, you can either add your own vote or wait for them to vote. All votes will be shown on the poll page. It is important to know that all votes can be edited by anyone. If you dislike this feature, we recommend using our classic straw polls with the "Require voters to enter their name" function.
Congratulations! You have finished this tutorial. Now you can try to schedule a meeting yourself or return to the first steps overview.