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Updated on Feb 20, 2024 05:20
Welcome to StrawPoll's quest to crown the most beautiful bar in the world! A haven where enchanting ambiances, captivating designs, and mesmerizing mixology combine to create unforgettable experiences. We've compiled a list of breathtaking bars that not only capture the essence of elegance but also enthrall visitors with their charm. Now, it's up to you, our discerning community of pollsters, to vote for the bar that truly deserves the title of the most beautiful. Is your favorite spot missing from our list? Fret not, for you can suggest a worthy contender! So, grab your cocktail shakers, uncap your pens, and join us as we embark on a journey to uncover the ultimate mix of style, sophistication, and spirits. Cheers to discovering the most beautiful bar!

What Is the Most Beautiful Bar?

  1. 1
    This bar is known for its classic cocktails and elegant decor, including a stunning chandelier and wood-paneled walls.
    The Bar Hemingway at the Ritz Paris is a famous and elegant bar located in the world-renowned Ritz Paris hotel. It is a tribute to the American writer Ernest Hemingway and exudes a classy and timeless ambience. The bar has a rich history and has been frequented by celebrated authors, artists, and actors over the years.
    • Location: Ritz Paris, 15 Place Vendôme, Paris
    • Atmosphere: Classic, elegant, and sophisticated
    • Signature Drink: The Serendipity cocktail
    • Decor: Opulent, with wood-paneled walls and classic furnishings
    • Bar Counter: Made of brass, featuring Hemingway memorabilia
  2. 2

    The Dead Rabbit in New York City

    Sean Muldoon and Jack McGarry
    This Irish pub features intricate woodwork, antique decor, and an extensive cocktail menu.
    The Dead Rabbit in New York City is a renowned cocktail bar located in the Financial District of Manhattan. It takes its inspiration from the historical Irish-American gang, The Dead Rabbits, and offers a unique blend of traditional Irish hospitality and innovative mixology.
    • Location: 30 Water St, New York, NY 10004, USA
    • Ambience: Stylish, speakeasy-style interior with a touch of old New York charm
    • Cocktail Menu: Extensive selection of expertly crafted cocktails inspired by Irish and American traditions
    • Whiskey Selection: Vast variety of Irish whiskey and other whiskey styles from around the world
    • Historical Influence: Honors the legacy of Irish-American culture and pays tribute to The Dead Rabbits gang
  3. 3
    This bar has won numerous awards for its innovative cocktails and stylish decor, which includes a dramatic spiral staircase.
    The Artesian at The Langham in London is renowned as one of the most beautiful bars in the world. Its exquisite design combines elegance with a touch of modernity, creating a luxurious and inviting atmosphere for guests. The bar is located in the prestigious Langham Hotel in the heart of London, making it a popular destination for locals and tourists alike.
    • Interior Design: Designed by the renowned David Collins Studio
    • Ambiance: Exudes a sense of luxury and sophistication
    • Décor: Features stunning art deco elements
    • Lighting: Mood lighting enhances the bar's ambiance
    • Cocktail Menu: Offers a wide range of innovative and expertly crafted cocktails
  4. 4
    This historic bar has been serving cocktails since 1893, and its art deco decor and live music make for a memorable experience.
    The American Bar at The Savoy in London is a legendary bar that exudes timeless elegance and charm. It is known for its rich history, impeccable service, and unparalleled cocktail experience. The bar offers an intimate and luxurious setting, creating an atmosphere that transports guests to a bygone era of glamour and sophistication.
    • Location: The Savoy Hotel, Strand, London, England
    • Opening Year: 1893
    • Style: Art Deco
    • Capacity: Around 60 guests
    • Cocktail Menu: Over 20 signature cocktails and classic creations
  5. 5
    This bar offers stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, and its stylish decor and extensive wine list make it a favorite among locals and tourists alike.
    The Bar at The Cliff House in San Francisco is a stunning and elegant bar located on the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean. With its breathtaking panoramic views, cozy and sophisticated ambiance, and a rich history dating back to 1863, it offers an unforgettable bar experience in San Francisco.
    • Location: Overlooking the Pacific Ocean
    • Ambiance: Cozy and sophisticated
    • History: Established in 1863
    • Architects: Richards & Schneider
    • Interior Design: Elegant and timeless
  6. 6

    The Bar at The Connaught in London

    David Collins Studio
    This elegant bar features a marble bar, leather seating, and a wide selection of cocktails and spirits.
    The Bar at The Connaught in London is a stunning and sophisticated cocktail bar located within the luxurious Connaught Hotel. This bar exudes elegance and charm, with its richly decorated interior and attentive service. It is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful bars in the world.
    • Location: London, United Kingdom
    • Address: Carlos Pl, Mayfair, London W1K 2AL
    • Type of Bar: Cocktail Bar
    • Interior Design: Art Deco-inspired
    • Ambience: Sophisticated and elegant
  7. 7
    This rooftop bar offers breathtaking views of the city, and its stylish decor and creative cocktails make it a popular destination for tourists.
    The Sky Bar at the Lebua State Tower in Bangkok is renowned for its stunning panoramic views of the city skyline. Perched on the 63rd floor, this bar offers an unparalleled experience with its stylish décor and open-air terrace. The bar is especially famous for its iconic golden dome, creating a captivating visual and defining feature of the venue. The Sky Bar provides a luxurious and sophisticated ambiance, attracting both locals and tourists alike.
    • Location: 63rd floor, Lebua State Tower, Bangkok
    • View: Panoramic view of the city skyline
    • Décor: Stylish and luxurious
    • Terrace: Open-air terrace
    • Signature Feature: Iconic golden dome
  8. 8
    This iconic bar is known for its Singapore Sling cocktail, as well as its colonial decor and elegant atmosphere.
    The Long Bar at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore is an iconic and stunning bar that exudes old-world charm and sophistication. It is known for being the birthplace of the famous cocktail, the Singapore Sling. With its colonial-style décor, elegant furnishings, and charming ambiance, it offers a truly luxurious experience for guests.
    • Location: Raffles Hotel, Singapore
    • Capacity: Approximately 150 people
    • Design Style: Colonial
    • Signature Cocktail: Singapore Sling
    • History: Opened in 1915
  9. 9
    This bar offers stunning views of the Tokyo skyline, and its chic decor and extensive cocktail menu make it a popular destination for locals and tourists.
    The Bar at The Mandarin Oriental in Tokyo is a stunning and sophisticated bar located on the 38th floor of the hotel, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the city. It is renowned for its elegant atmosphere, impeccable service, and exquisite design, making it one of the most beautiful bars in the world.
    • Location: 38th floor of The Mandarin Oriental in Tokyo
    • Views: Breathtaking panoramic views of the city
    • Atmosphere: Elegant and sophisticated
    • Service: Impeccable
    • Design: Exquisite
  10. 10
    This bar offers a cozy, sophisticated atmosphere, with plush seating and elegant decor. Its cocktail menu features classic drinks as well as innovative creations.
    The Bar at The Four Seasons in New York City is an exquisite and luxurious destination that embodies elegance and sophistication. Nestled within the iconic Four Seasons Hotel, it offers a stylish and vibrant atmosphere combined with impeccable service.
    • Location: Midtown Manhattan, New York City
    • Interior Design: Contemporary and chic
    • Ambience: Elegant and sophisticated
    • Seating Capacity: Approximately 100
    • Signature Cocktails: Expertly crafted and innovative

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Ranking factors for beautiful bar

  1. Interior Design and Ambience
    The overall design, style, decor, and atmosphere of the bar play a large role in its beauty. This includes lighting, furniture, color schemes, and the general vibe that the space gives off.
  2. Architectural Details
    Unique or eye-catching architectural features, such as high ceilings, beautiful woodwork, stained glass, or vintage accents, can contribute to the overall beauty of a bar.
  3. Views and Location
    A bar's setting can greatly impact its beauty, especially if it offers stunning views of a city skyline, ocean, mountains, or other picturesque surroundings.
  4. Meticulous Presentation
    Attention to detail in aspects such as table arrangements, glassware, and garnishes not only enhance the overall experience but also contribute to the beauty of a bar.
  5. Signature Drinks and Decor
    A bar that has a strong identity through its signature drinks and unique decor elements (such as custom artwork or themed displays) shows creativity and adds to its overall beauty.
  6. Cleanliness and Maintenance
    A well-maintained, clean environment is crucial for any beautiful bar, as it showcases the establishment's commitment to quality and its patrons' experience.
  7. Customer Service
    Friendly, attentive, and knowledgeable staff can significantly impact the atmosphere and overall experience at a bar, making it more enjoyable and, consequently, more beautiful.
  8. Music and Entertainment
    A well-curated playlist or live music performances can set the tone for an enjoyable evening and contribute to the bar's overall beauty.
  9. Outdoor Space
    If a bar has a well-designed outdoor area, such as a patio, rooftop, or courtyard, it can add to its overall charm and beauty.
  10. Consistency and Reputation
    A bar's reputation for consistently providing excellent service and top-quality drinks can enhance its perceived beauty, as guests come to anticipate and appreciate the high level of experience they'll enjoy at the establishment.

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Bars have been a staple of human socialization for centuries. From ancient taverns to modern-day pubs, bars have always been a place for people to gather, relax, and enjoy each other's company. But what makes a bar truly beautiful? Is it the decor, the ambiance, or the people who frequent it? The answer, of course, varies from person to person. Some may prefer a cozy, dimly lit bar with plush seating, while others may be drawn to a sleek, modern bar with a minimalist design. Ultimately, the most beautiful bar is one that not only looks great but also feels welcoming and comfortable. It's a place where people can unwind, socialize, and make new memories, and that's what makes it truly special.

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