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Author: Gregor Krambs
Updated on Feb 22, 2024 05:22
Welcome to StrawPoll's dazzling showcase of nature's finest masterpieces, as we present to you the ultimate ranking of "What is the most beautiful Daylily?" Our enchanting collection features thousands of Daylilies, each possessing its unique charm and allure. In this vibrant arena of colors, shapes, and patterns, it's time for you to decide which Daylily reigns supreme! Cast your vote, let your voice be heard, and together, let's crown the most resplendent bloom in the Daylily kingdom. And if you believe we've missed a breathtaking contender, don't hesitate to suggest your favorite and watch it rise through the ranks. So, embark on this mesmerizing journey with us, and let the beauty of these floral wonders captivate your senses!

What Is the Most Beautiful Daylily?

  1. 1

    Stella de Oro

    Walter Jablonski
    A popular and stunning yellow daylily that blooms continuously throughout the season.
    Stella de Oro is a stunning variety of Daylily known for its abundant and vibrant golden-yellow blossoms.
    • Bloom Size: 2.75 inches
    • Bloom Time: Early to midsummer, reblooms throughout the season
    • Height: 10-12 inches
    • Spread: 18-24 inches
    • Foliage Color: Green
  2. 2

    Happy Returns

    Stella de Oro Nursery
    A bright and cheerful yellow daylily that reblooms and is easy to grow.
    Happy Returns is a stunning variety of Daylily known for its vibrant and cheerful blooms. It is a reblooming cultivar, meaning it produces multiple waves of flowers throughout the growing season. The blossoms are a beautiful lemon yellow color with a soft ruffled texture, adding an elegant touch to any garden or landscape. The flowers exhibit a gentle fragrance, further enhancing their appeal.
    • Bloom Color: Lemon yellow
    • Bloom Type: Single
    • Bloom Size: Medium (3-4.5 inches)
    • Fragrance: Gentle
    • Foliage: Deciduous
  3. 3

    Pardon Me

    Stamile, 1986
    A striking red daylily with a yellow throat that blooms in mid-season.
    Pardon Me is a stunning Daylily cultivar known for its striking features and vibrant colors. Its flowers are a deep red color with a yellow throat, creating a beautiful contrast that catches the eye. The blooms have a ruffled appearance and a slightly recurved form, adding to their allure. Pardon Me is a mid-season bloomer, showcasing its captivating flowers from early to mid-summer. It is a compact plant, growing to about 18 inches in height, making it suitable for both garden beds and containers. The foliage is dormant during the winter, but the plant regrows in spring to begin its blooming cycle. With its remarkable beauty and reliable performance, Pardon Me is a favorite among Daylily enthusiasts and gardeners alike.
    • Flower Color: Deep red with a yellow throat
    • Bloom Period: Early to mid-summer
    • Flower Form: Ruffled, slightly recurved
    • Plant Height: 18 inches
    • Plant Type: Perennial
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  4. 4
    A beautiful white daylily with ruffled petals and a green throat.
    Hemerocallis 'Gentle Shepherd' is a stunning Daylily cultivar known for its elegant and pristine beauty. The large, white blossoms of 'Gentle Shepherd' have a delicate fragrance and a clean, pure coloration that makes them stand out in any garden. This perennial plant is a popular choice among Daylily enthusiasts for its exceptional grace and charm.
    • Bloom Size: Approximately 6 inches
    • Bloom Time: Mid to late season
    • Flower Form: Double
    • Fragrance: Light
    • Height: Approximately 24 inches
  5. 5

    Hemerocallis 'Hyperion'

    Originated by Bertrand Farrand
    This classic yellow daylily has a sweet fragrance and blooms in mid-season.
    Hemerocallis 'Hyperion' is a stunning daylily variety that is highly regarded for its exceptional beauty. It features large, trumpet-shaped flowers that bloom in a lovely shade of lemon yellow. The flowers have a sweet fragrance and appear on tall, sturdy stems above a clump of long, strappy green leaves. With its vibrant color and elegant form, 'Hyperion' is definitely a standout in any garden or landscape.
    • Bloom Color: Lemon yellow
    • Flower Form: Trumpet-shaped
    • Fragrance: Sweet fragrance
    • Height: Tall
    • Foliage: Long, strappy green leaves
  6. 6
    A delicate pink daylily with a ruffled edge and a yellow-green throat.
    Hemerocallis 'Pink Damask' is a stunning variety of Daylily characterized by its delicate pink blooms. The flowers have a lovely ruffled texture and a soft, sweet fragrance. This cultivar is known for its excellent performance in both sun and partial shade, making it a versatile addition to any garden. The blossoms of Hemerocallis 'Pink Damask' appear on tall, sturdy stems that rise above the foliage, creating an impressive display. With its vibrant color and elegant form, this Daylily cultivar is sure to attract attention and add beauty to any landscape.
    • Color: Pink
    • Fragrance: Sweet
    • Flower Type: Ruffled
    • Bloom Time: Mid to Late Summer
    • Sun Exposure: Full sun - Partial shade
  7. 7
    A deep purple daylily with a green throat that stands out in the garden.
    Hemerocallis 'Bela Lugosi' is a stunning daylily cultivar known for its deep purple, velvety petals and contrasting chartreuse throat. This daylily cultivar stands out with its rich, dark color and elegant form, making it a true showstopper in any garden.
    • Flower color: Deep purple
    • Flower form: Wide, rounded petals
    • Throat color: Chartreuse
    • Bloom size: 5.5 inches (14 cm)
    • Bloom time: Early to midseason
  8. 8
    A unique daylily with curly petals that are a soft pink with a yellow throat.
    Hemerocallis 'Corky' is a stunning daylily cultivar known for its captivating beauty. The flowers of 'Corky' exhibit a unique blend of colors, with large blooms that feature a striking blend of rich burgundy and vibrant gold tones. The petals have a distinctive ruffled edge, adding a touch of elegance to the overall appearance of the flower.
    • Flower Size: 6 inches
    • Bloom Time: Mid to late season
    • Height: 24 inches
    • Spread: 18 inches
    • Foliage: Deciduous
  9. 9
    A fiery orange daylily with a red eye that blooms in mid-season.
    Hemerocallis 'Tuscawilla Tigress' is an exquisite Daylily cultivar known for its captivating beauty. It features large, boldly patterned flowers that showcase a vibrant blend of orange, yellow, and red tones. The petals have a distinctive eye-catching pattern, with a darker red center surrounded by golden yellow and edged with a beautiful ruffled edge. The flowers open in the morning and close by late afternoon or early evening.
    • Bloom Size: 5 inches
    • Height: 24 inches
    • Bloom Season: Early to Midseason
    • Bloom Form: Tetraploid
    • Fragrance: Slight
  10. 10
    A striking daylily with orange and yellow striped petals and a green throat.
    Hemerocallis 'Frans Hals' is a stunning Daylily cultivar known for its vibrant and eye-catching blooms. The flowers of 'Frans Hals' exhibit a captivating color combination, with wide sepals that transition from rich reddish-orange at the base to golden-yellow at the tips. This striking coloration creates a striking contrast and adds a touch of warmth to any garden.
    • Flower color: Reddish-orange to golden-yellow
    • Bloom size: Medium-large
    • Flower type: Tetraploid
    • Bloom time: Midseason
    • Fragrance: Slightly fragrant

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Ranking factors for beautiful Daylily

  1. Color
    The color of the daylily should be vibrant, clear, and consistent throughout the bloom. Unique and distinctive colors, or color combinations, can also contribute to a daylily's attractiveness.
  2. Bloom size
    Larger blooms often make a greater visual impact and can contribute to the overall beauty of the daylily. However, smaller blooms with intricate details can also be striking.
  3. Bloom shape
    A well-formed bloom with evenly spaced petals and sepals hold great appeal. There are various forms of daylilies, such as round, star-shaped, and spider forms, so the beauty of the shape can vary depending on personal preference.
  4. Ruffling and edging
    Ruffles around the edges of the petals and sepals can add a delicate and captivating touch to the daylily. Contrasting colors or patterns on the edges can also make a bloom more visually appealing.
  5. Rebloom capability
    A daylily that reblooms multiple times throughout the season will provide an ongoing display of beauty in the garden.
  6. Scent
    Although not a visual factor, a pleasing fragrance can greatly enhance the overall beauty of a daylily.
  7. Health and vigor
    A healthy plant with robust foliage and strong stems will produce more attractive blooms. Disease resistance and the ability to tolerate a wide range of growing conditions are also important factors in a daylily's overall beauty.
  8. Bud count and branching
    A higher bud count and well-branched scapes will result in a fuller, more abundant display of blooms.
  9. Petal substance and texture
    Thick, sturdy petals with a velvety or diamond-dusted texture can make a daylily bloom more appealing and less prone to damage from weather or insects.
  10. Overall landscape impact
    The overall beauty of a daylily should be judged not only on individual blooms but also on how the plant adds color, structure, and interest to the garden landscape.

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Daylilies are a popular and beloved perennial plant that can be found in gardens all around the world. They are known for their vibrant colors, stunning beauty, and ability to thrive in a variety of climates and growing conditions. With over 60,000 registered cultivars, daylilies come in a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes, making them a favorite among gardeners and plant enthusiasts alike. In this article, we will explore some of the most beautiful daylilies and what makes them so special. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just starting out, you're sure to find inspiration and beauty in these stunning flowers.

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