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Welcome to StrawPoll's picturesque journey through the breathtaking landscapes of Newfoundland! From rugged coastlines to serene fishing villages, the charm and beauty of this breathtaking destination are beyond compare. We have carefully curated a list of Newfoundland's most enchanting spots, and now it's your turn to cast your vote and help us create the ultimate ranking of "What is the most beautiful part of Newfoundland?" Whether you're a local seeking a new adventure or a traveler planning your next escape, our ranking is sure to inspire wanderlust and fuel your love for this extraordinary Canadian gem. Don't see your favorite spot on our list? Don't worry! You can suggest a missing option to make sure every hidden treasure is accounted for. So go ahead, dive into the captivating world of Newfoundland and let your voice be heard. Happy voting!

What Is the Most Beautiful Part of Newfoundland?

  1. 1
    Gros Morne National Park
    Adavyd · CC BY-SA 4.0
    This park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and offers stunning views of fjords, mountains, and waterfalls.
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    The easternmost point in North America offers breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and the rugged coastline.
    Cape Spear Lighthouse National Historic Site is a stunning landmark located on the easternmost point of North America in Newfoundland, Canada. It is an iconic lighthouse that stands tall and proud, overlooking the vast Atlantic Ocean. The site offers breathtaking panoramic views, rugged cliffs, and picturesque landscapes, making it one of the most beautiful spots in Newfoundland.
    • Historical Significance: National Historic Site of Canada
    • Visitor Amenities: Interpretive displays, walking trails, and gift shop
    • Location: Cape Spear, Newfoundland, Canada
    • Construction Material: Stone and concrete
    • Height: 30 meters (98 feet)
  3. 3
    This historic site offers panoramic views of the city of St. John's and the Atlantic Ocean. It is also the location of the first transatlantic wireless communication.
    Signal Hill National Historic Site is a significant landmark and historic site located in St. John's, on the Avalon Peninsula of Newfoundland, Canada. It is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful parts of Newfoundland, offering stunning panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean, the rugged coastline, and the city of St. John's. The hill itself rises 179 meters (587 feet) above sea level, making it a prominent feature on the landscape.
    • Location: St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
    • Elevation: 179 meters (587 feet) above sea level
    • Historical Significance: Site of the first transatlantic wireless communication
    • Landmarks: Cabot Tower
    • Scenic Views: Panoramic vistas of the Atlantic Ocean and St. John's
  4. 4
    This picturesque town is known as the "Iceberg Capital of the World" and offers stunning views of icebergs, whales, and rugged coastline.
  5. 5
    This is the only known Viking settlement in North America and offers a glimpse into the history of the Norse people.
    L'Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Newfoundland, Canada. It is known as the only authenticated Norse settlement in North America, highlighting the cultural significance and historical importance of the Vikings. The site offers a unique opportunity to explore the remains of a 11th-century Norse settlement and provides insight into the early interactions between the Europeans and the Indigenous people of the area.
    • Location: Newfoundland, Canada
    • Designation: UNESCO World Heritage Site
    • Historical Period: 11th-century Norse settlement
    • Importance: Authenticates Norse presence in North America
    • Cultural Significance: Early European and Indigenous interactions
  6. 6
    Terra Nova National Park
    Tango7174 · CC BY-SA 4.0
    This park offers a variety of landscapes, including forests, ponds, and rocky coastline, and is home to a diverse array of wildlife.
    Terra Nova National Park is a stunning wilderness area located on the northeast coast of Newfoundland, Canada. It encompasses over 400 square kilometers of pristine forests, rugged coastline, and picturesque lakes. The park offers a unique blend of natural beauty, outdoor recreation, and cultural heritage, making it one of the most beautiful parts of Newfoundland.
    • Size: over 400 square kilometers
    • Location: northeast coast of Newfoundland, Canada
    • Landscapes: forests, coastline, lakes
    • Outdoor Activities: hiking, camping, boating, fishing
    • Wildlife: moose, black bears, bald eagles, beavers
  7. 7
    This charming town offers a glimpse into Newfoundland's history with its well-preserved 19th-century architecture and quaint streets.
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  8. 8
    This remote island offers stunning natural beauty, including rugged coastline, quaint fishing villages, and unique architecture.
    Fogo Island is a stunning destination located in Cape Verde, known for its natural beauty and unique landscapes. It is an island of volcanic origin, boasting an active volcano called Pico do Fogo, which adds to its dramatic scenery. The island's name, 'Fogo,' translates to 'fire' in Portuguese, paying homage to its volcanic heritage.
    • Location: Cape Verde
    • Island Type: Volcanic
    • Main Attraction: Pico do Fogo (Volcano)
    • Landscape: Dramatic volcanic formations and lush valleys
    • Climate: Warm with mild temperatures throughout the year
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  9. 9
    This town is known for its picturesque lighthouse, stunning coastline, and proximity to puffin colonies.
    Bonavista is a picturesque town located on the northeastern coast of Newfoundland, Canada. It is renowned for its natural beauty, rich history, and vibrant culture. The town is nestled amidst rolling hills, rugged cliffs, and stunning ocean views, making it one of the most beautiful parts of Newfoundland.
    • Location: Northeastern coast of Newfoundland, Canada
    • Geography: Rolling hills, rugged cliffs, ocean views
    • Natural beauty: Picturesque landscape
    • History: Significant historical significance
    • Culture: Vibrant and lively
  10. 10
    Western Brook Pond
    Tango7174 · CC BY-SA 4.0
    This fjord in Gros Morne National Park offers breathtaking views of towering cliffs, waterfalls, and pristine waters.
    Western Brook Pond is a stunning fjord located in Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland. It is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty, showcasing towering cliffs, deep blue waters, and cascading waterfalls. The surrounding wilderness adds to the allure, making it a paradise for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.
    • Location: Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland, Canada
    • Type: Freshwater fjord
    • Length: 16 kilometers (10 miles)
    • Width: 1 kilometer (0.6 miles)
    • Depth: 165 meters (541 feet)

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  1. Natural beauty
    Consider the scenic landscapes, such as rugged coastlines, mountains, forests, lakes, and waterfalls. Look for unique geological features and natural attractions that make a place visually appealing and inspiring.
  2. Wildlife
    Take into account the diversity and abundance of wildlife in the area, including marine life, birds, and land animals, which can add to the overall appeal and charm of a place.
  3. Cultural and historical significance
    Consider areas with rich cultural heritage, such as ancient settlements, historical sites, and traditional fishing villages that showcase the unique history and character of Newfoundland.
  4. Recreational opportunities
    Look for locations that offer various outdoor activities, such as hiking, kayaking, fishing, and whale watching, which can enhance the appeal of an area for tourists and locals.
  5. Accessibility
    Take into account how easy it is to access the area, including the availability of transportation options and the quality of roads, trails, and other infrastructure.
  6. Climate and weather
    Consider the local climate and typical weather conditions, as this can impact the appeal of an area for some visitors. A mild climate with little extreme weather might be preferred by many tourists.
  7. Visitor amenities
    Look for areas that have a range of accommodation options, dining choices, and other services and facilities that cater to the needs of visitors.
  8. Safety and cleanliness
    Consider the overall safety and cleanliness of the area, as this can impact the appeal of a location for visitors.
  9. Environmental sustainability
    Take into account the impact of tourism on the environment and local communities and whether efforts are being made to preserve the natural and cultural assets of the area.
  10. Popularity and reputation
    Finally, consider the popularity and reputation of the place, including how well-known and well-regarded it is among locals, tourists, and travel professionals.

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Newfoundland, located on the eastern coast of Canada, is known for its rugged and breathtakingly beautiful landscapes. With its rocky shorelines, pristine beaches, and towering cliffs, it's no wonder that visitors and locals alike are drawn to this stunning part of the world. From the colorful houses of St. John's to the majestic Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland offers a diverse range of natural beauty that is sure to leave you in awe. With so many gorgeous locations to choose from, it's no easy feat to determine the most beautiful part of this incredible province. Nevertheless, we've compiled a list of some of the most stunning places in Newfoundland to help you decide.

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