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Embark on a breathtaking journey with StrawPoll as we unveil the most stunning hiking destinations our planet has to offer! Our carefully curated ranking of "What are the most beautiful places to hike in the world?" showcases awe-inspiring trails, captivating landscapes, and unforgettable adventures waiting to be explored by enthusiasts like you. Now's your chance to vote for your all-time favorite hiking haven or champion a hidden gem that deserves a spot on this prestigious list. So strap on your hiking boots, unleash your wanderlust, and join us in celebrating the great outdoors by shaping the ultimate list of the world's most magnificent hiking trails. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of the global community of adventure-seekers and nature-lovers—cast your vote now and let your voice be heard!

What Are the Most Beautiful Places to Hike in the World? (September 2023)

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    Known for its iconic "towers" and stunning glacial lakes, this park is a hiker's paradise.
    Torres del Paine National Park is a national park encompassing mountains, glaciers, lakes, and rivers in southern Chilean Patagonia. The granite spires of Torres del Paine (Towers of Paine) are the park's most iconic features. The park is also home to several hiking trails, including the famous W Trek and Circuit Trek, as well as several flora and fauna species.
    • Location: Southern Chilean Patagonia
    • Area: 2422 sq km
    • Established: May 13, 1959
    • Highest Point: Cerro Paine Grande (3050 m)
    • Popular Hiking Trails: W Trek, Circuit Trek, Paine Grande Trek, and others
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    With its towering granite cliffs, thundering waterfalls, and lush forests, Yosemite is one of the most iconic national parks in the world.
    Yosemite National Park is a protected area in the western Sierra Nevada of California, USA, famous for its breathtaking natural landscapes including sequoia trees, waterfalls, granite cliffs, and valleys.
    • Area: 747,956 acres
    • Elevation Range: 2,127 to 13,114 feet above sea level
    • Number of visitors: over 4 million annually
    • Main attractions: Yosemite Valley, Half Dome, El Capitan, Yosemite Falls, Mariposa Grove
    • Designation: World Heritage Site
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    Cinque Terre, Italy
    Original uploader was Evadb · Public domain
    These five colorful villages perched on the cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean Sea offer some of the most stunning coastal hikes in Europe.
    Cinque Terre is a section of the Italian Riviera coastline consisting of five colorful fishing villages, perched on steep cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The towns are Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore, and they are all connected by a scenic hiking trail called the Sentiero Azzurro or ‘Blue Path’. The Cinque Terre National Park along with the hiking trail was declared UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997.
    • Location: Liguria, Italy
    • Total hiking distance: 12 km (7.5 miles)
    • Difficulty: Moderate to high
    • Best time to visit: Spring and autumn
    • Trail features: steep climbs, narrow passages, stunning coastal views, and terraced vineyards
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    Milford Track, New Zealand
    Wuhte · CC BY-SA 3.0

    Milford Track, New Zealand

    Mackay brothers
    This stunning 33-mile trail takes hikers through some of the most dramatic scenery in New Zealand, including waterfalls, glacier-carved valleys, and alpine meadows.
    Milford Track is a popular hiking trail in New Zealand that stretches over 53.5 kilometers (33.2 miles) from Glade Wharf to Milford Sound, offering breathtaking views of the mountain peaks, mossy forests, cascading waterfalls, and pristine lakes.
    • Length: 53.5 kilometers (33.2 miles)
    • Starting point: Glade Wharf
    • End point: Milford Sound
    • Highest point: Mackinnon Pass (1,154 meters or 3,786 feet)
    • Duration: 4 days and 3 nights
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    With its towering sandstone cliffs, narrow slot canyons, and lush river valleys, Zion offers some of the most breathtaking hikes in the American Southwest.
    Zion National Park is a protected area located in southwestern Utah, USA. The park covers an area of 147,237 acres and is known for its stunning red cliffs and dramatic canyons. Zion National Park is home to diverse wildlife and plant species, as well as many recreational activities such as hiking, rock climbing, and camping. The park is also renowned for its many breathtaking trails such as the Zion Narrows, Angels Landing, and the Subway.
    • Location: Utah, USA
    • Area: 147,237 acres
    • Established: November 19, 1919
    • Visitors per year: over 4 million
    • Elevation: highest point is Horse Ranch Mountain at 8,726 ft (2,660 m)
  6. 6
    This vast wilderness of glaciers, mountains, and lakes offers some of the most epic and remote hiking opportunities in the world.
    Patagonia is a region located at the southern end of South America shared by Argentina and Chile, widely known for its stunning natural landscapes. It is a hiker's paradise with several well-known routes weaving through the Andes Mountains and the vast wilderness of windswept plains, glaciers, lakes, and ruggesd coastline.
    • Hiker's Paradise: Several well-known routes through the region
    • Location: Southern end of South America shared by Argentina and Chile
    • Landscapes: Andes Mountains, windswept plains, glaciers, lakes, and rugged coastline
    • Famous Hiking Trails: Torres del Paine, Mount Fitz Roy, Cerro Torre
    • Biodiversity: Unique flora and fauna including Andean condors, guanacos, and pumas
  7. 7
    Known for its stunning turquoise lakes, snow-capped peaks, and abundant wildlife, Banff is a hiker's dream come true.
    Banff National Park is a vast wilderness area located in the Canadian Rockies. The park is home to glaciers, ice fields, dense forests, alpine landscapes, and stunning turquoise lakes. The park was established in 1885 as Canada's first national park and is now a UNESCO World Heritage site.
    • Size: 6,641 square kilometers
    • Highest peak: Mount Forbes (3,612 meters)
    • Number of glaciers: 1,000+
    • Number of lakes: more than 1,000
    • Wildlife: grizzly bears, wolves, elk, moose, mountain goats, and bighorn sheep
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    The Inca Trail, Peru

    Ancient Incas
    This ancient trail winds through the stunning Andean mountains, past Incan ruins and breathtaking vistas, and ends at the iconic Machu Picchu.
    The Inca Trail is a well-known hiking trail located in the Andes mountains in Peru. It was originally created by the Incas as a means of communication and transportation throughout the Andes region.
    • Location: Andes mountains, Peru
    • Length: 26 miles (42 km)
    • Elevation: 13,776 feet (4,200 m)
    • Start point: Mollepata
    • End point: Machu Picchu
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    This classic alpine trek takes hikers through some of the most stunning scenery in the Swiss and French Alps, including snow-capped peaks, glacier-fed lakes, and quaint mountain villages.
    The Haute Route is a hiking trail that runs for approximately 200 kilometers (125 miles) through the Alps, connecting the two alpine cities of Chamonix, France and Zermatt, Switzerland. The trail is known for its stunning views of glaciers, peaks, and valleys, and passes by some of the most iconic peaks in the Swiss Alps, such as the Matterhorn and Mont Blanc.
    • Length: Approximately 200 kilometers (125 miles)
    • Duration: 10-14 days
    • Difficulty level: Challenging due to high altitude and steep ascents/descents
    • Highest point: Fenetre de Durand Pass at an altitude of 2,795 meters (9,168 feet)
    • Starting point: Chamonix, France
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    The Great Ocean Walk, Australia
    Thomas ENGUEHARD · CC BY 3.0
    This scenic coastal walk takes hikers along Victoria's rugged coastline, past towering cliffs, secluded beaches, and iconic landmarks like the Twelve Apostles.
    The Great Ocean Walk is a 104-kilometer hiking trail that runs along the coast of Victoria, Australia. The trail starts at the Apollo Bay Visitor Information Centre and finishes at the Twelve Apostles. Hikers can choose to complete the entire trail, which takes approximately eight days, or shorter sections of the track.
    • Length: 104 kilometers
    • Duration: 8 days
    • Difficulty level: Moderate to challenging
    • Terrain: Coastal, with steep ascents and descents
    • Attractions: Panoramic views of the ocean, wildlife, rainforest, waterfalls, and limestone cliffs

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Ranking factors for beautiful places

  1. Scenery
    The natural beauty and diversity of the landscapes, including unique geological features, variety of flora and fauna, and stunning views throughout the trail.
  2. Trail Quality
    The level of difficulty and accessibility of the trail, including elevation, trail markings, and the quality of the paths.
  3. Climate
    The weather and overall climate of the hike, including the best season to visit and the chance of facing extreme weather conditions or natural disasters such as storms or wildfires.
  4. Safety
    The overall safety of the trail, including the presence of dangerous wildlife, the availability of emergency services and communication, and the general level of crime in the region.
  5. Cultural Significance
    The historical, archaeological, or cultural importance of the trail and the surrounding region, including the presence of significant landmarks, settlements, or traditional practices.
  6. Infrastructure and Facilities
    The availability and quality of accommodation, food, and water resources, including campsites, shelters, rest stops, or nearby towns and villages.
  7. Popularity and Crowd Levels
    The level of popularity among hikers and the potential for overcrowding or overuse of the trail, especially during peak seasons.
  8. Permit and Access Requirements
    The ease and cost of obtaining access and permits, as well as regulation and administration of the trail by local authorities.
  9. Eco-friendliness
    The efforts made by local authorities and organizations to preserve the environment and minimize the impacts of tourism on the region, such as trail conservation, environmental education, and waste management.
  10. Local Community Interaction
    The opportunities for hikers to interact with local communities and learn about their culture, traditions, and way of life, as well as the presence of local guides or services to support hikers during their journey.

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