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Jun 16, 2023 10:17 (Updated on Dec 3, 2023 05:15)
Discover the hidden gems of serenity scattered across the globe with our latest ranking, "What are the most beautiful quiet places in the world?" At StrawPoll, we've curated an exquisite collection of tranquil havens, each offering a unique experience of peace and solitude. Whether you're yearning for a secluded beach, a mystical forest, or an undiscovered village, our list has something for everyone. So why not take a moment to escape the noise of everyday life and embark on a virtual journey to explore these breathtaking destinations? Join thousands of people in voting for your favorite or suggest a missing option, as we come together to unveil the world's most enchanting sanctuaries, all from the comfort of your own home.

What Are the Most Beautiful Quiet Places in the World?

  1. 1
    With its stunning alpine scenery and peaceful lakes, Banff is a wonderland of tranquility.
    Banff National Park is a vast wilderness area located in the Canadian Rockies. The park is home to glaciers, ice fields, dense forests, alpine landscapes, and stunning turquoise lakes. The park was established in 1885 as Canada's first national park and is now a UNESCO World Heritage site.
    • Size: 6,641 square kilometers
    • Highest peak: Mount Forbes (3,612 meters)
    • Number of glaciers: 1,000+
    • Number of lakes: more than 1,000
    • Wildlife: grizzly bears, wolves, elk, moose, mountain goats, and bighorn sheep
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    This remote archipelago in the North Atlantic is known for its dramatic landscapes, rugged coastlines, and peaceful atmosphere.
    The Faroe Islands are a group of 18 islands located in the North Atlantic Ocean between Norway and Iceland. These islands are known for their dramatic landscapes, stunning waterfalls, and rugged coastline. Despite their remote location, the Faroe Islands have become an increasingly popular tourist destination in recent years.
    • Location: North Atlantic Ocean
    • Islands: 18
    • Total Area: 1,399 sq km
    • Population: 51, 328 (as of 2021)
    • Capital: Tórshavn
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    The tranquil lakes and waterfalls of this UNESCO World Heritage site make it a peaceful retreat.
    Plitvice Lakes National Park is a natural wonder located in Croatia. The park is famous for its 16 interconnected lakes and waterfalls, which cascade down through rocky gorges and lush green forests. The colors of the lakes vary from light blue to deep green and are home to a variety of fish, birds, and other wildlife.
    • Location: Central Croatia
    • Size: 296.8 km²
    • Number of lakes: 16
    • Waterfall height: up to 78 meters
    • Highest point: 1,280 meters
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    With its stunning views of the Aegean Sea and quiet, picturesque villages, Santorini is a peaceful paradise.
    Santorini is a Greek island characterized by its beautiful white buildings and blue-domed churches, set against the backdrop of the Aegean Sea. It is known for its stunning sunsets, unique beaches, and rich history and culture. Santorini's beauty has made it a popular tourist destination for travelers from around the world.
    • Location: South Aegean Sea
    • Population: 15,550
    • Area: 90.69 km²
    • Language: Greek
    • Climate: Mediterranean
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    The rugged beauty of the Scottish Highlands and the peaceful, windswept landscapes of Skye make it a perfect place for solitude.
    The Isle of Skye is a rugged and beautiful island in Scotland known for its dramatic landscapes, including the Cuillin mountain range, quaint fishing villages, and stunning rock formations. It attracts nature enthusiasts, hikers, and photographers from all over the world.
    • Location: Inner Hebrides, Scotland
    • Size: 1,656 square kilometers
    • Population: 10,008
    • Highest Point: Sgùrr Alasdair, 3,255 ft (992 m)
    • Climate: Temperate maritime
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    Svalbard, Norway

    Svalbard Tourism Board
    This remote archipelago in the Arctic Ocean is a peaceful oasis of ice, snow, and silence.
    Svalbard is a remote archipelago situated between Norway and the North Pole. It is known for its pristine landscapes, wildlife, and lack of human infrastructure. The area is mostly covered in ice and snow, and the landscape is dominated by glaciers, mountains, and fjords. Svalbard is a popular destination for arctic expeditions and scientific research due to its unique conditions and geographic location.
    • Location: Between Norway and the North Pole
    • Area: 61,020 km²
    • Population: 2,667
    • Climate: Arctic climate, with long, dark winters and short, cool summers
    • Wildlife: Polar bears, arctic foxes, reindeer, walruses, and more
  7. 7
    With its ancient temples and peaceful, rural landscapes, Siem Reap is a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.
    Siem Reap is a city located in northwestern Cambodia, famous for its proximity to the Angkor Wat temple complex, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring wonders of the world. Additionally, Siem Reap is known for its tranquil and peaceful surroundings, rich culture, and friendly locals.
    • Location: Northwestern Cambodia
    • Famous for: Angkor Wat temple complex, UNESCO World Heritage site
    • Surroundings: Tranquil and peaceful
    • Culture: Rich and vibrant
    • Locals: Friendly and welcoming
  8. 8
    Lake Bled, Slovenia
    James Southorn · CC BY 2.0

    Lake Bled, Slovenia

    Natural Formation
    The crystal-clear waters of Lake Bled and the peaceful surrounding mountains make it a place of tranquility and beauty.
    Lake Bled is a picturesque lake located in the Julian Alps of the Upper Carniolan region of northwestern Slovenia. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Slovenia, known for its crystal clear waters, surrounding mountains, and the iconic island with a church located in the middle of the lake.
    • Location: Julian Alps, Slovenia
    • Surface Area: 1.45 km²
    • Max Depth: 30.6 m
    • Water Temperature: Summertime: 23°C / Wintertime: 4°C
    • Island: There is a small island with a baroque church in the middle of the lake.
  9. 9
    The peaceful gardens, temples, and shrines of Kyoto make it a serene destination for relaxation and contemplation.
    Kyoto, Japan is a city in the central part of the island of Honshu, in Japan. It has a rich history, culture, and tradition and is famous for its temples, shrines, and gardens. The city is known for its picturesque scenery, especially during the spring and autumn seasons when the cherry blossoms and fall foliage are in full bloom.
    • Location: Central Honshu, Japan
    • Population: 1.5 million
    • Official Language: Japanese
    • Climate: Humid subtropical climate
    • Famous For: Temples, shrines, gardens
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    With its red rock formations and peaceful desert landscapes, Sedona is a place of natural beauty and tranquility.
    Sedona, Arizona, USA is a charming small desert town situated in the northern Verde Valley region of Arizona. It is known for its stunning natural beauty, with striking red rock formations, stunning canyon walls, and lush pine forests. Its unique energy centers are believed by some to carry spiritual and healing powers.
    • Location: Northern Verde Valley, Arizona, USA
    • Elevation: 1,450 meters
    • Climate: Mild, semi-arid desert climate with hot summers and mild winters
    • Population: 10,000 year-round residents
    • Attractions: Chapel of the Holy Cross, Sedona Vortexes, Slide Rock State Park, Red Rock State Park, Cathedral Rock Trail

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Ranking factors for beautiful quiet places

  1. Natural beauty
    The surrounding landscape should be aesthetically pleasing, with a combination of elements like mountains, forests, water bodies, and unique geological formations that create a sense of serenity and visual delight.
  2. Seclusion
    The location should offer a sense of seclusion and tranquility, away from the hustle and bustle of cities and crowds. This may include remote or less-traveled destinations, or hidden gems within popular tourist areas.
  3. Biodiversity
    A rich variety of flora and fauna can enhance the beauty and appeal of a quiet place. This may include colorful flowers, unique animals, and rare species that inhabit the location.
  4. Cultural significance
    A place with historical or cultural significance can add depth and allure. This may include sacred sites, archaeological wonders, or locations with a rich local history.
  5. Minimal human impact
    The environment should be relatively pristine and unspoiled, with minimal signs of human interference or development. This helps to preserve the natural beauty and maintain a sense of peace.
  6. Acoustic environment
    The soundscape of the location, including the presence (or lack) of natural sounds like birdsong, rustling leaves, or water, can contribute to its peaceful atmosphere. Avoid locations with disruptive noises from traffic, construction, or other human activity.
  7. Safety
    The location should be safe to visit, with minimal risks associated with crime, natural disasters, or other hazards.
  8. Climate and weather
    Favorable weather conditions and a comfortable climate can enhance the overall experience when visiting a beautiful quiet place. Extreme temperatures or frequent storms might make it less enjoyable.
  9. Sustainability
    The location should prioritize sustainable practices and environmental conservation, ensuring that the natural beauty of the place is maintained for future generations to enjoy.

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