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Step into the hallowed halls of Harvard and be a part of an exclusive debate that echoes through its centuries-old corridors. Welcome to StrawPoll's exciting new ranking, "Who is the most famous alumnus at Harvard?" As an esteemed institution that has nurtured countless luminaries, Harvard boasts a star-studded alumni list that has shaped our world. Now, it's your turn to decide who takes the crown! From groundbreaking scientists to powerful politicians, influential artists to visionary entrepreneurs – cast your vote for your favorite alumnus or champion an unsung hero by suggesting a missing option. Join thousands of fellow enthusiasts and let your voice be heard in this ultimate battle of brilliance. Dive in, and let the intellectual showdown begin!

Who Is the Most Famous Alumnus at Harvard?

  1. 1

    Barack Obama

    Barack Obama
    Barack Obama - former President of the United States, who graduated from Harvard Law School in 1991. He is one of the most well-known Harvard alumni and has remained connected to the university throughout his career.
    Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States serving from 2009 to 2017. He is widely regarded as one of the most beloved Presidents in recent history. Obama's presidency was marked by his charismatic leadership style, focus on social and economic reforms, and efforts to promote international cooperation.
    • Presidency Number: 44
    • Term: 2009-2017
    • Leadership Style: Charismatic
    • Domestic Focus: Social and Economic Reforms
    • International Focus: Promoting International Cooperation
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    Mark Zuckerberg

    Mark Zuckerberg
    Mark Zuckerberg is founder and CEO of Facebook, who attended Harvard but dropped out in 2004 to focus on the social media platform. He has since become one of the most successful tech entrepreneurs in the world.
    Mark Zuckerberg is an American technology entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is best known as the co-founder and CEO of Facebook, the world's largest social networking platform.
    • Birthdate: May 14, 1984
    • Nationality: American
    • Education: Harvard University
    • Co-founded: Facebook in 2004
    • Position: CEO of Facebook
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    Bill Gates

    Bill Gates
    Bill Gates - co-founder of Microsoft and one of the richest people in the world, who attended Harvard but dropped out in 1975. Despite not finishing his degree, Gates has remained involved with Harvard and has donated millions of dollars to the university.
    Bill Gates is an American business magnate, software developer, and philanthropist. He co-founded Microsoft Corporation, which is one of the world's largest and most successful technology companies. Gates is widely known for his role in revolutionizing the personal computer industry with the development of the Microsoft Windows operating system.
    • Co-founder(s): Paul Allen
    • Founded: April 4, 1975
    • Headquarters: Redmond, Washington, United States
    • Industry: Technology
    • Products: Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Xbox, Azure, etc.
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    Academy Award-winning actress who graduated from Harvard with a degree in psychology in 2003. She has continued to act in films while also pursuing her passion for academia.
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    Academy Award-winning actor and screenwriter who attended Harvard but dropped out in 1992 to pursue acting full-time. He has since become one of the most successful actors in Hollywood.
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    Conan O'Brien - comedian, writer, and late-night talk show host who graduated from Harvard in 1985. He has remained connected to the university throughout his career and has spoken at Harvard's commencement ceremony multiple times.
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    United States Senator from Texas who graduated from Harvard Law School in 1995. He has been a controversial figure in American politics and has been involved in several high-profile political battles.
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    Rashida Jones is actress and writer who graduated from Harvard with a degree in religion and philosophy in 1997. She has since become a successful actress and writer, with credits including "The Office" and "Parks and Recreation."
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    John F. Kennedy
    Cecil Stoughton, White House · Public domain

    John F. Kennedy

    John F. Kennedy himself
    John F. Kennedy - former President of the United States who graduated from Harvard in 1940. He is one of the most famous Harvard alumni in history and is remembered for his leadership during the Cuban Missile Crisis and his tragic assassination in 1963.
    John F. Kennedy was the 35th President of the United States, serving from January 1961 until his assassination in November 1963. He was widely regarded as one of the most beloved and charismatic presidents in American history.
    • Political party: Democratic
    • Term of office: January 20, 1961 – November 22, 1963
    • Vice President: Lyndon B. Johnson
    • Born: May 29, 1917, Brookline, Massachusetts, U.S.
    • Assassination: November 22, 1963, Dallas, Texas, U.S.
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    Henry David Thoreau
    B. D. Maxham · Public domain
    Henry David Thoreau - writer, philosopher, and naturalist who attended Harvard in the mid-1800s. Although he did not graduate, Thoreau went on to become one of the most influential writers of the 19th century, with works like "Walden" and "Civil Disobedience."
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