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Welcome to StrawPoll, where opinions matter and the power of choice is in your hands! We are excited to present our latest ranking - "Who is the most famous automobile?" It's time to rev up your engines and let your voice be heard as we navigate through the world of iconic cars, from sleek supercars to timeless classics. With thousands of votes already cast, the race is heating up, and we need you to help decide who takes the pole position. Will it be the suave Aston Martin DB5, a symbol of luxury and speed, or the beloved Volkswagen Beetle, with its quirky charm? Or maybe you have a wildcard in mind? Don't hit the brakes now - explore the list, cast your vote, and even suggest a missing option that deserves to be part of this automotive showdown. The finish line awaits, so buckle up and join the ride as we crown the most famous automobile of all time!

Who Is the Most Famous Automobile?

  1. 1
    Ford Model T
    Jon Sullivan · Public domain

    Ford Model T

    Henry Ford
    The Model T is considered the car that put America on wheels and revolutionized the automobile industry. It was the first car to be mass-produced using assembly line techniques, making it affordable for the average American.
    The Ford Model T was a highly influential car that revolutionized the automotive industry. It was the first affordable automobile produced on a moving assembly line, making it accessible to the masses. With its durable design and reliable performance, the Model T became the most popular car of its time.
    • Production Years: 1908-1927
    • Engine: Inline 4-cylinder
    • Horsepower: 20 hp
    • Top Speed: 40-45 mph
    • Fuel Efficiency: Approximately 25 mpg
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    Volkswagen Beetle
    Palauenc05 · CC BY-SA 4.0
    The Beetle is one of the most recognizable cars in the world and has been in production since 1938. It has a unique design and has been featured in movies, TV shows, and pop culture for decades.
    The Volkswagen Beetle, also known as the VW Bug, is an iconic compact car that has captured the hearts of many car enthusiasts around the world. It is a small, rounded, and charming vehicle that exudes a unique retro appeal. The Beetle has become a symbol of automotive history and is adored for its distinct design and playful personality.
    • Engine: Air-cooled, rear-mounted
    • Power: Ranges from 25 to 150 horsepower, depending on the model
    • Transmission: 4-speed manual or 6-speed automatic
    • Fuel Economy: Varies between 21 to 33 MPG (city) and 29 to 40 MPG (highway), depending on the model and engine type
    • Seating Capacity: Typically accommodates four passengers
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    The Testarossa is one of the most iconic sports cars of all time. It was featured in the TV show Miami Vice, and its sleek design and powerful engine have made it a favorite among car enthusiasts.
    The Ferrari Testarossa is a classic sports car produced by Ferrari from 1984 to 1996. It was designed as a successor to the Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer and quickly gained popularity for its distinctive design and powerful performance.
    • Engine: 4.9L Flat-12
    • Power: 390 hp
    • Top Speed: 180 mph
    • Acceleration (0-60 mph): 5.2 seconds
    • Transmission: 5-speed manual
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    Lamborghini Miura
    joergens.mi · CC BY-SA 3.0

    Lamborghini Miura

    Ferruccio Lamborghini
    The Miura is another iconic sports car that is often considered the first supercar. Its design and performance were ahead of its time and it set the standard for future Lamborghini models.
    The Lamborghini Miura is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful cars ever built. It is a mid-engine sports car that epitomizes the essence of Italian automotive design. The sleek and aerodynamic lines of the Miura make it a true work of art on wheels.
    • Engine: 3.9-liter V12
    • Power: 350 horsepower
    • Top Speed: 175 mph
    • Acceleration: 0-60 mph in 6.7 seconds
    • Transmission: 5-speed manual
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    Porsche 911
    Abehn · Public domain

    Porsche 911

    Ferdinand Porsche
    The 911 is one of the most successful sports cars in history and has been in production since 1963. It has a unique design and has won numerous awards for its performance and handling.
    The Porsche 911 is a iconic sports car known for its thrilling driving experience. It has a timeless design and precision engineering that make it a joy to drive. The Porsche 911 offers a combination of speed, agility, and handling that is hard to match. With its rear-engine layout and excellent power-to-weight ratio, it delivers exceptional performance and responsiveness.
    • Engine: 3.0L twin-turbocharged flat-six
    • Horsepower: 420-700 hp
    • Torque: 406-553 lb-ft
    • Top Speed: 183-205 mph
    • 0-60 mph: 3.0-4.2 seconds
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    Rolls Royce Phantom
    Späth Chr. · Public domain

    Rolls Royce Phantom

    Rolls-Royce Motor Cars
    The Phantom is one of the most luxurious cars in the world and has been a symbol of wealth and status for decades. It has a classic design and is often seen as a status symbol for the rich and famous.
    The Rolls Royce Phantom is a luxury vehicle known for its sophistication, opulence, and exceptional craftsmanship. It embodies the pinnacle of automotive engineering and represents the epitome of luxury travel.
    • Engine: 6.75L V12 Twin-Turbocharged
    • Power: 563 horsepower
    • Torque: 664 lb-ft
    • Transmission: 8-speed automatic
    • Top Speed: 155 mph (limited)
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    Jeep Wrangler
    Maarten Van Camp · Public domain
    The Wrangler is a classic American SUV that has been in production since 1986. It has a rugged design and is known for its off-road capabilities. It has a loyal following among Jeep enthusiasts and is often used for outdoor adventures.
    The Jeep Wrangler is a highly regarded off-road vehicle known for its rugged design and exceptional capability. It is a compact SUV that has gained popularity worldwide for its versatile nature and iconic appearance.
    • Engine: Includes a 3.6L V6 Pentastar engine
    • Transmission: Offers both manual and automatic transmission options
    • 4x4 System: Equipped with a robust 4x4 system for superior off-road performance
    • Ground Clearance: Provides impressive ground clearance for navigating rough terrains
    • Axle Ratio: Available with different axle ratios to optimize performance in various conditions
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    Aston Martin DB5

    Aston Martin
    The DB5 is famous for its appearance in the James Bond film Goldfinger. Its classic design and luxurious features have made it a favorite among car enthusiasts and collectors.
    The Aston Martin DB5 is a stunning grand touring car renowned for its timeless beauty and iconic status. With its sleek lines and elegant design, it captures the essence of classic British automotive craftsmanship. The DB5 is widely recognized as one of the most beautiful Aston Martins ever created.
    • Engine: 4.0L inline-six
    • Power: 282 horsepower
    • Top Speed: 145 mph
    • Acceleration (0-60 mph): 8.1 seconds
    • Transmission: 5-speed manual
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    Chevrolet Corvette
    Tiia Monto · CC BY-SA 3.0

    Chevrolet Corvette

    The Corvette is one of the most iconic American sports cars and has been in production since 1953. It has a sleek design and powerful engine that have made it a favorite among car enthusiasts.
    The Chevrolet Corvette is a legendary American sports car known for its performance, style, and exhilarating driving experience. It is often considered one of the most fun cars to modify due to its powerful engine, aggressive styling, and a wide range of aftermarket parts available.
    • Engine: Various engine options available including V8 engines
    • Horsepower: ranging from 455 to 755 horsepower
    • Torque: ranging from 460 lb-ft to 715 lb-ft
    • Transmission: 7-speed manual or 8-speed automatic
    • Acceleration: 0-60 mph in as low as 2.8 seconds
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    Toyota Prius
    マダムのおじいちゃん · CC BY-SA 4.0

    Toyota Prius

    The Prius is famous for being one of the first hybrid cars on the market. It has revolutionized the automobile industry by promoting environmentally friendly vehicles. Its design and technology have made it a popular choice for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint.
    The Toyota Prius is a popular hybrid vehicle known for its fuel efficiency and eco-friendly features. It was first introduced by Toyota in 1997 and has since become one of the most well-known hybrid cars on the market.
    • Fuel Efficiency (City): 54 mpg
    • Fuel Efficiency (Highway): 50 mpg
    • Seating Capacity: 5
    • Engine: 1.8-liter 4-cylinder
    • Electric Motor: Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
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Ranking factors for famous automobile

  1. Historical Significance
    The car's historical importance, including its impact on the automotive industry, design innovation, and cultural influence.
  2. Sales Volume
    The number of cars sold and the popularity of the vehicle over the years.
  3. Performance
    The performance of the car, including its engine power, acceleration, handling, and top speed.
  4. Design
    The car's design, including its exterior styling, interior aesthetics, and overall visual appeal.
  5. Brand image
    The reputation of the car brand and the association of the car with luxury, performance, or practicality.
  6. Awards and Recognition
    Any awards or accolades that the vehicle has received over the years.
  7. Popularity in pop culture
    The vehicle's presence in popular culture, including movies, TV shows, and music videos.

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When it comes to the world of automobiles, there are plenty of iconic brands and models that have become household names. But who is the most famous automobile of them all? It's a difficult question to answer definitively, as there are many factors that could influence people's perceptions of fame. One way to approach the question is to look at sales figures. In this regard, the Toyota Corolla might be a strong contender. It has been produced since 1966, and as of 2021, over 44 million units have been sold worldwide. That's an impressive number, and it suggests that the Corolla has a massive following. Another way to look at the question is to consider cultural impact. In this respect, the Ford Model T is a strong contender. This vehicle is often credited with revolutionizing the automobile industry, making cars more affordable and accessible to the average person. It was also a symbol of the American dream and played a significant role in shaping the country's identity. Of course, there are many other automobiles that could be considered for the title of "most famous." The Volkswagen Beetle, for example, is instantly recognizable and has a devoted following. The Ferrari brand is also synonymous with luxury and performance, and its cars have become status symbols for many. Ultimately, the answer to the question of who is the most famous automobile will depend on who you ask. But one thing is for sure: the automobile has had a profound impact on human history and culture, and it continues to capture our imaginations today.

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