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Updated on Feb 17, 2024 07:07
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Who Is the Most Famous Dominican?

  1. 1
    Juan Luis Guerra
    Acancino · CC BY-SA 3.0
    Grammy-winning musician who has sold over 30 million records worldwide. Known for his fusion of merengue, bachata, and salsa music.
    Juan Luis Guerra in other rankings
  2. 2
    Hall of Fame baseball player who won three Cy Young Awards and helped lead the Boston Red Sox to their first World Series championship in 86 years.
    Pedro Martinez in other rankings
  3. 3
    Pulitzer Prize-winning author known for his novels "The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao" and "This Is How You Lose Her."
  4. 4
    Oscar de la Renta
    Matti Hillig · CC BY-SA 3.0
    Fashion designer known for dressing some of the world's most influential women, including Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Hillary Clinton, and Amal Clooney.
    Oscar de la Renta in other rankings
  5. 5
    Former Major League Baseball player who hit over 600 career home runs and was a seven-time All-Star.
    Sammy Sosa in other rankings
  6. 6
    Acclaimed author known for her novels, poetry, and essays that explore themes of identity, culture, and social justice.
    Julia Alvarez in other rankings
  7. 7
    Former Major League Baseball player who won three World Series championships with the Boston Red Sox and is considered one of the greatest designated hitters of all time.
    David Ortiz in other rankings
  8. 8
    Miss Universe 2003 and model who has worked with brands such as CoverGirl and L'Oreal.
  9. 9
    Professional basketball player who has played in the NBA for over a decade and is a five-time All-Star.
  10. 10
    Natti Natasha
    Cmoro005 · CC BY-SA 4.0
    Latin Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter who has collaborated with artists such as Daddy Yankee and Ozuna.
    Natti Natasha in other rankings

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Ranking factors for famous Dominican

  1. Achievements
    It's important to consider the individual's accomplishments in their field of endeavor, such as sports, entertainment, politics, or business.
  2. Popularity
    The degree to which the individual is popular within the Dominican Republic and beyond can be another important factor in determining their fame.
  3. Cultural influence
    Assessing the individual's impact on Dominican culture and society can be another factor to consider.
  4. Legacy
    The impact an individual has created during their time also matters.

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The Dominican Republic is known for producing some of the most talented and influential individuals in various fields. From the world of music to sports, literature, and politics, Dominicans have made their mark on the world stage. In this poll, we aim to determine who the most famous Dominican is, based on popular opinion. It's a tough competition, with so many notable Dominicans to choose from, but we're excited to see who comes out on top. Get ready to cast your vote and see if your favorite makes the cut!

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