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Author: Gregor Krambs
Jun 16, 2023 10:18 (Updated on Dec 4, 2023 06:46)
Step into the electrifying world of Night City, where every choice defines your journey! We invite you to join our latest StrawPoll ranking, where we explore the most exhilarating and unforgettable life paths in Cyberpunk 2077. As a content writer for StrawPoll, I'm eager to present this captivating poll that dives into the heart of this dystopian universe, allowing fans like you to vote for the life path that offers the most thrilling and immersive experience. Will it be the street-smart Street Kid, the relentless Nomad, or the cunning Corpo? The decision is in your hands! Don't see your favorite life path on our list? Fear not, as you can also suggest a missing option that has made your Cyberpunk adventure truly extraordinary. So, embrace your inner rebel, plug into our ranking, and let's find out which life path reigns supreme in Night City!

What Is the Most Fun Life Path in Cyberpunk?

  1. 1
    The Nomad life path allows players to explore the vast and dangerous Badlands outside of Night City, driving powerful vehicles and engaging in intense combat. This path offers a sense of freedom and adventure that is unmatched by the other life paths.
    The Nomad life path in Cyberpunk is centered around roaming the Badlands, the desert outskirts surrounding the Night City. Nomads are rugged, resourceful, and independent individuals who value freedom and family above all. They live out of their vehicles, always on the move, and surviving through trading, smuggling, and scavenging. Nomads have strong ties to their clan and uphold their own moral code in the face of Night City's corruption and power struggles.
    • Clan-centered: Nomads prioritize the wellbeing of their clan above all else.
    • Survival skills: Nomads possess exceptional survival skills to navigate the harsh Badlands and hostile environments.
    • Resourcefulness: They rely on resourcefulness to make the best out of limited supplies and uncertain situations.
    • Improvised weaponry: Nomads are skilled in crafting and using improvised weaponry, making them formidable fighters.
    • Vehicle expertise: Nomads have an extensive knowledge of vehicles and excel in driving and mechanics.
  2. 2

    Street Kid

    CD Projekt Red
    The Street Kid life path allows players to navigate the gritty streets of Night City, interacting with the city's diverse inhabitants and participating in criminal activities. This path offers a deep immersion into the game's world and story.
    The Street Kid life path in Cyberpunk is a thrilling adventure through the dark underbelly of the urban metropolis. It is designed to immerse players in the gritty world of street gangs, urban survival, and navigating the complex web of crime and opportunity. As a Street Kid, players will experience the story from the perspective of a character who grew up in the mean streets, relying on their street smarts and connections to rise above their circumstances.
    • Urban Survival: Navigate the dangerous city environments, using your street smarts to survive and thrive.
    • Street Connections: Leverage your relationships and contacts within the criminal underworld to gain advantages and access resources.
    • Streetwise Skills: Develop a range of skills useful for urban survival, such as lock picking, hacking, and pickpocketing.
    • Gang Involvement: Interact with various street gangs, getting involved in their operations and power struggles.
    • Highly Reactive: Quickly adapt to dynamic situations, making split-second decisions that could determine your fate.
  3. 3
    The Rockerboy life path allows players to embody the rebellious spirit of the punk rock movement, using music to inspire and incite change in Night City. This path offers a unique and creative approach to gameplay.
    In Cyberpunk 2077, the Rockerboy is a charismatic and rebellious character class that uses their music to inspire and lead the masses in the fight against oppression. They are skilled performers and storytellers who use their art to spread their message and incite change.
    • Ability to Command Attention: Rockerboys have a natural charisma that allows them to captivate and inspire others, making their performances and speeches powerful tools.
    • Musical Talents: They possess exceptional musical abilities, ranging from singing and playing instruments to composing their own songs.
    • Leadership Skills: Rockerboys are natural leaders, able to rally people around a cause and motivate them to take action.
    • Street Cred: Their rebellious nature and iconic status grant them high street credibility, making them influential figures in the urban landscape.
    • Persuasive Personality: Their silver tongues and persuasive skills ensure that they can negotiate and manipulate people to achieve their goals.
  4. 4
    The Fixer life path allows players to become the ultimate dealmaker in Night City, using their connections and resources to broker deals and gain power. This path offers a strategic and business-oriented gameplay style.
    The Fixer in Cyberpunk is a life path that focuses on being a middleman or facilitator in the criminal underworld. Fixers are expert negotiators, networkers, and problem solvers, always connecting people with the right resources in exchange for a cut. They excel in locating hard-to-find items, arranging deals, and coordinating criminal activities.
    • Networking: Proficient in building and maintaining a vast network of contacts.
    • Negotiation: Skilled at brokering deals, persuading others, and leveraging information.
    • Street Smarts: Intimately familiar with the city's streets and the criminal underground.
    • Resourcefulness: Able to quickly adapt to unexpected situations and find creative solutions.
    • Information Broker: Capable of gathering and selling valuable information to the highest bidder.
  5. 5
    The Corporate life path allows players to climb the ranks of Night City's powerful corporations, using their intelligence and cunning to gain wealth and influence. This path offers a unique perspective on the game's world and story.
    The Corporate life path in Cyberpunk revolves around working for powerful mega-corporations in the dystopian future. You climb the corporate ladder, navigate the politics, and engage in high-stakes corporate espionage.
    • Ambitious: You have an unwavering drive to succeed and climb the corporate ladder.
    • Networking: You have extensive connections within the corporate world, granting you access to valuable resources and information.
    • Corporate Knowledge: You possess deep knowledge of the inner workings and politics of mega-corporations.
    • Business Sense: You have a keen understanding of economics and financial systems, allowing you to make strategic decisions.
    • Negotiation Skills: You excel at persuading and negotiating with others to achieve your goals.
  6. 6
    The Netrunner life path allows players to become masters of the game's virtual reality, hacking into systems and manipulating data to gain an advantage. This path offers a high-tech and cerebral gameplay style.
    The Netrunner is a specialized role in the world of Cyberpunk, focusing on hacking into computer systems and manipulating the digital realm. Netrunners are highly skilled individuals who navigate the vast cyberspace known as the Net, using their expertise to gain access to restricted information, control security systems, and even manipulate the minds of others through braindance. They are the ultimate masters of the digital domain.
    • Hacking Skills: Proficient in various hacking techniques like brute-force attacks, code injections, and bypassing security systems.
    • Interface Implants: Equipped with cybernetic enhancements that provide a direct connection to the Net, allowing for seamless interaction with virtual environments.
    • Braindance Expertise: Skilled at extracting and manipulating sensory information stored in braindance recordings, enabling them to access memories and experience events as if they were the original person.
    • Cyberdeck Mastery: Possessing advanced knowledge and proficiency in handling cyberdecks, the primary tool used for hacking and accessing the Net.
    • Stealth and Intrusion: Capable of infiltrating secure systems without leaving a trace, using techniques such as cloaking, bypassing firewalls, and evading detection algorithms.
  7. 7
    The Solo life path allows players to become the ultimate combat specialist, using their skills to take on the toughest enemies in Night City. This path offers a raw and visceral gameplay experience.
    The Solo life path in Cyberpunk is all about being an elite and battle-hardened combat specialist. Solos are often mercenaries, bodyguards, or assassins, highly skilled in firearms and hand-to-hand combat.
    • Combat Proficiency: Mastering various weapons and combat techniques.
    • Tactical Awareness: Keen perception and the ability to analyze a combat situation quickly.
    • Physical Augmentations: Enhancements and cyberware to improve combat capabilities.
    • Survival Skills: Expertise in staying alive in dangerous environments.
    • Stealth Operations: The ability to move silently and remain unnoticed.
  8. 8
    The Media life path allows players to become the voice of Night City, reporting on events and shaping public opinion. This path offers a unique and creative approach to gameplay.
    The Media is a thrilling life path in Cyberpunk, where individuals take on the role of media reporters, journalists, and influencers in the dystopian world. They possess the power to shape public opinion and expose the truth in an age of corporate dominance and government control.
    • Cyber-lens Implants: Enhanced vision and real-time recording capabilities for capturing every crucial moment.
    • Media Pass: Access to restricted areas, events, and influential figures for exclusive interviews and coverage.
    • Technological Savviness: Proficiency in utilizing cutting-edge gadgets, software, and cyberware to amplify their reporting abilities.
    • Quick Thinking: The ability to make split-second decisions, adapt to changing situations, and handle unexpected challenges on the go.
    • Charismatic Personality: A natural charm and persuasive charisma, allowing the Media to influence public perception and rally support for causes or rebellions.
  9. 9
    The Lawman life path allows players to become the enforcers of Night City's laws, using their authority to maintain order and take down criminals. This path offers a sense of justice and righteousness in a world of chaos.
    The Lawman is a life path in Cyberpunk that revolves around upholding the law and maintaining order within the dystopian city. Lawmen are enforcers of justice, often working for the police or other law enforcement agencies. They navigate the dangerous streets, dealing with criminals and maintaining peace.
    • Combat Skills: Lawmen are trained in various combat techniques, including firearms and hand-to-hand combat.
    • Investigation: Lawmen possess skills in gathering evidence, analyzing crime scenes, and solving cases.
    • Law Enforcement Network: Lawmen have access to a vast network of resources and contacts within law enforcement.
    • Interrogation: Lawmen excel in interrogating suspects and extracting valuable information.
    • Cybernetic Enhancements: Lawmen have access to advanced cyberware, enhancing their physical and mental abilities.
  10. 10
    The Tech life path allows players to become the ultimate tinkerers and inventors, creating powerful gadgets and weapons to aid them in combat. This path offers a high-tech and creative gameplay style.
    The 'Tech' life path in Cyberpunk refers to individuals who specialize in technology, hacking, and manipulating various electronic systems. They are experts in exploiting the digital world to their advantage and often act as the backbone of cybernetics and cyber warfare.
    • Hacking Skills: Proficient in hacking into secure systems and networks.
    • Cybernetics Knowledge: Well-versed in the field of cybernetics; capable of integrating and enhancing their own body with technological upgrades.
    • Equipment Expertise: Skilled in handling and utilizing a wide range of tech-related tools and gadgets.
    • Robotics Mastery: Proficient in working with advanced robotics, AI, and automated systems.
    • Electronics Engineering: Knowledgeable about electronic systems, circuits, and devices; capable of building and repairing tech equipment.

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Ranking factors for fun life path

  1. Story immersion and role-playing opportunities
    The depth of the story, dialogue choices, and character interactions are crucial when determining how enjoyable a life path is. Players should consider how much they value these aspects of the game and how well each life path caters to them.
  2. Impact on gameplay
    The life path should significantly affect the player's gameplay experience, introducing unique challenges, rewards, and character development opportunities. The more significant the impact on gameplay, the more enjoyable the life path may be for the player.
  3. Replay value
    A life path with high replay value would offer a different and enjoyable experience each time the player selects it. This could be due to branching storylines, varied quests or missions, and different character builds and progression options.
  4. Character customization and progression
    The life path should allow for deep character customization and progression, enabling players to make meaningful choices when developing their character's skills, abilities, and personality.
  5. Game world exploration and environment
    The life path should offer unique locations, characters, and quests that encourage exploration and interaction with the game world. A varied and rich game environment will add to the overall enjoyment of the life path.
  6. Challenge and difficulty
    The life path should present a balanced level of difficulty, providing an appropriate challenge for the player while still being enjoyable and rewarding.
  7. Uniqueness and novelty
    Players may find a life path more enjoyable if it offers a unique and original experience compared to other life paths in the game.
  8. Integration with the game's overall narrative
    A life path should be well-integrated into the game's overarching story and themes, adding to the depth and cohesion of the narrative.
  9. Balance between action and non-action gameplay
    Depending on the player's preferences, they may enjoy a life path that balances combat with other gameplay aspects (e.g., stealth, puzzle-solving, or social interactions). This balance can help keep the game interesting and engaging throughout.

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