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Welcome to StrawPoll, where your opinion takes center stage! Today, we're diving into the captivating world of Maui, the legendary Polynesian demigod known for his incredible feats and adventures. We've curated a list of his most popular accomplishments, and now it's your turn to make your voice heard! Cast your vote for your favorite Maui feat, or suggest a missing option that merits recognition. Will it be the time he lassoed the sun, or when he fished up islands from the ocean depths? Perhaps you prefer his shapeshifting abilities or the creation of the first humans? Join us in this exciting ranking, and together, let's uncover the most awe-inspiring accomplishment of the mighty Maui. Don't wait; the legend awaits your verdict!

What Is the Most Popular Accomplishment of Maui?

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    According to Hawaiian mythology, Maui was responsible for pulling up the islands from the ocean floor. This is considered one of his most significant accomplishments.
    The creation of the Hawaiian Islands is a geological phenomenon that involves the formation of a volcanic archipelago in the Pacific Ocean. It is attributed to various volcanic activities over millions of years.
    • Age: The creation of the Hawaiian Islands started around 4.5 million years ago.
    • Volcanoes: The islands were formed by a series of volcanic eruptions, with the most active being Mauna Loa and Kīlauea.
    • Hotspot: The islands are located above a hotspot in the Earth's mantle, which continuously feeds magma to the surface.
    • Size: The Hawaiian Islands span approximately 1,500 miles (2,400 kilometers) from the Big Island of Hawaiʻi in the southeast to Kure Atoll in the northwest.
    • Number of Islands: The archipelago consists of 137 volcanic islands, although only 8 are considered major islands.
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    Maui is said to have slowed down the sun's path across the sky by snaring it with a rope. This allowed people to have more daylight for their activities.
    Snaring the sun is a remarkable achievement attributed to the demigod Maui in Polynesian mythology. According to legend, Maui used his magical powers to lasso the sun with a magically enchanted rope. This feat was accomplished in order to slow down the sun's movement across the sky in order to benefit the people of Earth.
    • Mythology: Polynesian
    • Accomplishment: Snaring the sun
    • Method: Using a magical rope
    • Purpose: To slow down the sun's movement for the benefit of people
    • Legend: Polynesian mythology
  3. 3
    In Maori mythology, Maui fished up the North Island of New Zealand from the ocean. This is considered a significant cultural accomplishment.
    Fishing up the North Island of New Zealand is a legendary mythological tale attributed to the demigod Maui from Polynesian folklore. According to the story, Maui and his brothers embarked on a daring fishing expedition, using a magical fishhook crafted from the jawbone of their grandmother Murirangawhenua. They cast the hook into the ocean and managed to hook a huge fish, which turned out to be the North Island of New Zealand.
    • Location: North Island of New Zealand
    • Creator: Maui
    • Method: Fishing with a magical fishhook
    • Fishhook Material: Jawbone of their grandmother Murirangawhenua
    • Outcome: The North Island of New Zealand was pulled out of the ocean
  4. 4
    Maui is credited with teaching humans how to start and control fire, which allowed them to cook food and stay warm.
    Taming fire refers to the ancient technique of controlling and utilizing fire for various purposes. It is credited as one of the most important accomplishments of Maui, a legendary figure in Polynesian mythology.
    • Origin: Ancient Polynesia
    • Purpose: Providing heat, light, and protection; Cooking food; Shaping tools and weapons
    • Technique: Creating fire through friction or capturing and maintaining naturally occurring fire
    • Materials: Wood, tinder, flint, or volcanic rock
    • Significance: Revolutionized human civilization and enabled progress in various fields
  5. 5
    According to legend, Maui discovered the secret of immortality by traveling to the underworld and outsmarting the goddess of death.
    The accomplishment of discovering the secret of immortality is considered to be the most popular feat attributed to Maui. According to legends and folklore, Maui, a demigod in Polynesian culture, embarked on a quest to uncover the secret to eternal life. After various trials and tribulations, Maui supposedly succeeded and achieved immortality.
    • Method: Exact methodology is not clearly defined in the legends.
    • Ingredients: The specific ingredients are not explicitly mentioned in the tales.
    • Duration: The duration of the quest and the process of achieving immortality are not specified.
    • Secrets: The precise details of the secret of immortality remain undisclosed.
    • Significance: The discovery of immortality is regarded as a monumental accomplishment in Polynesian folklore.
  6. 6
    Maui is also credited with shaping the first humans out of clay and bringing them to life.
    Creating the Hawaiian people is a legendary accomplishment attributed to the demigod Maui in Hawaiian mythology. According to the myth, Maui used his supernatural powers and knowledge to shape the physical features of the islands and give life to the first human beings, thus creating the Hawaiian people.
    • Supernatural Powers: Maui possessed extraordinary abilities and was known for his mastery over the elements and various powerful tools.
    • Shaping the Land: Maui shaped the islands by pulling them up from the ocean floor using his magical fishing hook.
    • Controlling the Sun: Maui captured the sun and made it move more slowly across the sky, thereby lengthening the daylight hours.
    • Master Navigator: Maui was a skilled navigator who used his knowledge of the stars and ocean currents to guide the people of Hawaii in their voyages.
    • Teaching Useful Skills: Maui taught the Hawaiian people various useful skills such as fishing, agriculture, and building.
  7. 7
    Maui is said to have constructed the first canoe, which allowed the Hawaiians to travel across the ocean to other islands.
    Building the first canoe was one of the most significant accomplishments of Maui. Canoes played a crucial role in the lives of the ancient Hawaiians, serving as the primary means of transportation across the vast Pacific Ocean. Maui, a legendary figure in Hawaiian mythology, was credited with constructing the first canoe.
    • Type: Outrigger Canoe
    • Size: Varied, typically 20-40 feet in length
    • Materials: Koa wood (hull), Lauhala or coconut leaves (sails)
    • Design: Single-hulled with an outrigger on one side
    • Capacity: Varied, usually designed to accommodate multiple people
  8. 8
    Maui is known for battling and defeating various monsters, including the giant bird Moa and the terrifying sea creature Te Tuna.
  9. 9
    Maui is credited with creating the first lei, which is a garland of flowers or other materials worn around the neck. This is a significant cultural symbol in Hawaii.
    Creating the first lei is regarded as one of the most popular accomplishments of Maui. A lei is a Hawaiian garland or wreath typically made from flowers, leaves, shells, or other natural materials. It is used as a symbol of love, respect, and hospitality.
    • Time of creation: Unknown, but lei-making has historical roots in ancient Polynesia.
    • Purpose: To serve as a decorative, meaningful, and cultural symbol.
    • Materials used: Varies, including flowers, leaves, shells, feathers, and more.
    • Design: Leis can be simple or intricate, depending on the occasion and the skill of the creator.
    • Usage: Leis are often worn around the neck or given as gifts to welcome or honor someone.
  10. 10
    Maui is said to have taught the Hawaiians how to navigate using the stars, which allowed them to sail across the ocean with greater accuracy.
    Teaching navigation is an ancient Polynesian method of celestial navigation that was employed by the indigenous people of Hawaii, particularly by the legendary figure Maui. This technique allowed sailors to navigate the vast Pacific Ocean without the use of modern instruments, relying solely on their knowledge of the stars, waves, currents, and other natural signs.
    • Method type: Celestial navigation
    • Navigation technique: Using knowledge of stars, waves, currents, and natural signs
    • Practiced in: Hawaii and other Polynesian islands
    • Purpose: Navigating the vast Pacific Ocean
    • Instruments used: No modern instruments, solely relied on natural phenomena

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Ranking factors for popular accomplishment

  1. Cultural significance
    Consider the importance of Maui's accomplishments in the mythology and legends of the Polynesian people. The cultural significance can be determined by how the story has been passed down through generations and its impact on the beliefs and values of the people.
  2. Role in the natural world
    Analyze how Maui's accomplishments have contributed to the shaping of the natural world, such as creation of islands, taming of the sun, and introducing essential elements to human civilization.
  3. Universality
    Consider if the accomplishment is recognized and celebrated across different Polynesian cultures, like Hawaiian, Maori, and Tahitian. The more widespread the story is, the more popular the accomplishment may be.
  4. Connection to human life
    Evaluate how Maui's accomplishments have impacted or benefitted the lives of humans in the Polynesian cultures. For instance, consider the importance of Maui's feat of obtaining fire in the daily lives of Polynesians.
  5. Presence in modern culture
    Assess the presence and popularity of Maui's accomplishments in contemporary art, literature, and media. For example, take note of how the story is portrayed in movies, books, or music.
  6. Artistic depictions
    Examine the presence of Maui's accomplishments in traditional Polynesian art, carving, and sculpture. The frequency with which the accomplishment is portrayed may indicate its importance and popularity.
  7. Importance in ceremonies and rituals
    Look into whether Maui's accomplishments play a role in ceremonies, rituals, or festivities in Polynesian cultures.
  8. Educational value
    Assess the potential for Maui's accomplishment to teach important lessons or morals about life, nature, or human behavior in Polynesian cultures.
  9. Adaptability and reinterpretation
    Consider how the story of Maui's accomplishment may have evolved and adapted over time, demonstrating its enduring popularity and relevance in Polynesian cultures.
  10. Emotional and psychological impact
    Evaluate the extent to which Maui's accomplishment resonates with human emotions and desires, such as the idea of triumph over adversity, the quest for knowledge, or the desire to shape the world around us.

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