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Jun 16, 2023 10:18 (Updated on Nov 20, 2023 06:55)
Welcome to StrawPoll's ultimate showdown of the most popular Amazon Original series! As the streaming world continues to evolve and captivate audiences worldwide, we invite you to participate in determining the top fan-favorite Amazon Original show. With thousands of votes from ardent fans like you, our exclusive rankings cover a diverse range of critically acclaimed series, from groundbreaking dramas to side-splitting comedies. So, don your streaming aficionado hat and cast your vote for your all-time favorite or suggest a missing gem that deserves recognition. Together, let's unveil the undisputed champion of Amazon Originals and celebrate the power of exceptional storytelling. Ready to join the excitement? Dive in now and make your voice heard!

What Is the Most Popular Amazon Original Series?

  1. 1

    The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

    Amy Sherman-Palladino
    This comedy series has won numerous awards, including multiple Emmys and Golden Globes. It follows the story of a housewife in the 1950s who discovers a talent for stand-up comedy.
    The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is a highly acclaimed TV show that combines comedy, drama, and a dash of romance. Set in the late 1950s and early 1960s, the series follows the life of Miriam 'Midge' Maisel, a housewife turned stand-up comedian. With its sharp writing, stunning costumes, and incredible performances, the show offers a delightful and nostalgic viewing experience.
    • Genre: Comedy, Drama
    • Setting: Late 1950s - Early 1960s
    • Protagonist: Miriam 'Midge' Maisel
    • Creator: Amy Sherman-Palladino
    • Number of Seasons: 4 (as of 2021)
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  2. 2
    This alternate history drama is based on the novel by Philip K. Dick and imagines a world where the Axis powers won World War II. It has a devoted fanbase and explores complex themes of power, resistance, and identity.
    The Man in the High Castle is a popular Amazon Original series based on the novel of the same name by Philip K. Dick. It takes place in an alternate reality where the Axis powers (Germany and Japan) won World War II and divided the United States into the Greater Nazi Reich and the Japanese Pacific States. The story follows various characters as they navigate this dystopian world and stumble upon a series of films that show different realities, revealing the existence of a mysterious figure known as 'the man in the high castle.'
    • Genre: Drama/Science Fiction
    • Original release: November 20, 2015
    • Number of seasons: 4
    • Total episodes: 40
    • Running time: 45-77 minutes
  3. 3
    This groundbreaking series explores the lives of a dysfunctional family as they navigate relationships, sexuality, and gender identity. It has received critical acclaim for its nuanced performances and thoughtful storytelling.
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  4. 4
    This police procedural series follows the titular character, a detective in the LAPD homicide division, as he solves complex crimes and navigates the politics of the department. It has a loyal fanbase and is known for its gritty realism.
    Bosch is a popular Amazon Original series based on the detective novels by Michael Connelly. The story follows LAPD homicide detective Harry Bosch, a relentless and often unconventional officer. He navigates the challenging cases of murder and other crimes in Los Angeles while seeking justice for the victims. The series masterfully combines police procedural elements with complex character development and engaging storylines.
    • IMDb Rating: 8.4/10
    • Genre: Crime, Drama
    • Release Date: February 6, 2014
    • Number of Seasons: 7
    • Number of Episodes: 68
  5. 5

    Sneaky Pete

    David Shore
    This crime drama was created by Bryan Cranston and follows a con man who assumes the identity of his former cellmate to avoid a dangerous gangster. It has received critical acclaim for its performances, writing, and direction.
    Sneaky Pete is an American crime drama television series that follows the story of a con artist named Marius Josipovic who assumes the identity of his cellmate Pete Murphy to hide from a dangerous gangster. He then reunites with Pete's estranged family to evade the gangster while also facing his own troubled past.
    • Genre: Crime drama
    • Original network: Amazon Prime Video
    • Original release: August 7, 2015
    • Number of seasons: 4
    • Number of episodes: 30
  6. 6
    This action thriller is based on the 2011 film of the same name and follows a young girl who has been raised in the wilderness by her father, a former CIA agent. It has been praised for its strong female lead and intense action sequences.
    Hanna is an action drama television series based on the 2011 film of the same name. The show follows the story of a young girl, Hanna, who possesses extraordinary physical abilities and is trained to be a lethal assassin by her father. As she embarks on a mission to uncover the truth about her existence, she becomes the target of a relentless CIA operative. The series combines intense action sequences with a coming-of-age narrative as Hanna navigates the complexities of her identity and forms unexpected alliances.
    • Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller
    • Country of origin: United States
    • Language: English
    • Number of seasons: 2 (as of February 2022)
    • Number of episodes: 16 (as of February 2022)
  7. 7
    This political thriller is based on the character created by Tom Clancy and follows a CIA analyst as he uncovers a terrorist plot. It has been praised for its suspenseful storytelling and strong performances.
  8. 8
    This superhero comedy is based on the comic book character of the same name and follows his adventures as he battles evil and protects the city. It has a devoted fanbase and is known for its quirky humor and irreverent take on the genre.
  9. 9
    This legal drama stars Billy Bob Thornton as a washed-up lawyer who takes on a high-profile wrongful death case against a powerful law firm. It has received critical acclaim for its performances and writing, and has been renewed for a fourth and final season.
    Goliath is a popular legal drama series from Amazon Originals. It follows the story of Billy McBride, a once successful lawyer who now struggles with alcoholism and takes on a wrongful death lawsuit against a massive corporation. As he fights for justice, Billy must confront his own personal demons and navigate a world corrupted by power and greed.
    • Genre: Legal drama
    • First episode date: October 14, 2016
    • Number of seasons: 4
    • Number of episodes: 32
    • Average episode runtime: 45-60 minutes
  10. 10
    This psychological thriller stars Julia Roberts as a caseworker at a secret government facility that helps soldiers transition back to civilian life. It has been praised for its tense atmosphere and strong performances, and has been renewed for a second season.
    Homecoming is a psychological thriller series that follows Heidi Bergman, a caseworker at the Homecoming Transitional Support Center, as she helps soldiers transition back to civilian life. As Heidi starts a new life, years later, she is eager to put her past behind her. However, a Department of Defense auditor begins investigating the facility, leading Heidi to realize there is more to her previous work than she remembers. The series delves into themes of memory, identity, and the moral complexities of the government's treatment of veterans.
    • Genre: Psychological thriller
    • Based on: Homecoming podcast by Eli Horowitz and Micah Bloomberg
    • Starring: Julia Roberts, Stephan James, Bobby Cannavale
    • Number of seasons: 2
    • Number of episodes: 17

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Ranking factors for popular series

  1. Viewer ratings and reviews
    Analyzing viewer ratings and reviews on platforms like Amazon Prime Video, IMDb, and Rotten Tomatoes can help gauge the popularity of a series. A higher overall rating usually indicates a more well-received show.
  2. Number of viewers
    Estimating the number of viewers who have watched a series can give an idea of its popularity. While Amazon does not release specific viewership numbers, third-party research and analysis may provide some insight.
  3. Social media engagement
    High engagement on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram can be an indicator of a popular series. Frequent mentions, likes, shares, and comments on posts related to the show suggest a strong fan base.
  4. Awards and nominations
    Series that have received awards and nominations, especially from prestigious events like the Emmy Awards or Golden Globe Awards, are often considered popular and successful.
  5. Media coverage
    The amount and tone of media coverage a series receives in articles, interviews, and reviews can indicate its popularity. Positive and widespread coverage generally signals a well-liked show.
  6. Online search trends
    Analyzing search engine trends using tools like Google Trends can provide insight into which Amazon Original series are being searched for the most.
  7. Critical reception
    Reviews and ratings from credible critics and review aggregation websites like Metacritic can contribute to determining the popularity of a series, as these opinions often influence viewers' decisions to watch a show.
  8. Cultural impact
    Evaluating the cultural impact of a series, such as references or parodies within other popular media, cosplay events, and fan art, can give an idea of its popularity within the broader culture.
  9. International appeal
    A series that is popular in multiple countries and available in multiple languages might be considered more popular than one limited to a specific region or language.
  10. Longevity and renewals
    Series that are renewed for multiple seasons or have a large number of episodes may indicate a steady and popular fan base, which contributes to a show's overall popularity ranking.

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