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Welcome to StrawPoll's ultimate showdown of the most popular bass lures in the angling world! We've cast our nets far and wide to reel in the top contenders, and now it's your turn to weigh in on which lure hooks the title of "Best Bass Magnet." Will it be the irresistible charm of a crankbait or the tantalizing dance of a spinnerbait that emerges as the top catch? Will a lesser-known lure swim to the surface and steal the spotlight? Dive into our rankings, cast your vote, and don't hesitate to suggest a missing contender that deserves a spot in this piscatorial popularity contest. Your input will help shape the ultimate angler's guide to the most effective bass lures. So, tighten your drag and get ready to make some waves in the battle for bass lure supremacy!

What Is the Most Popular Bass Lure?

  1. 1

    Senko Worm

    Gary Yamamoto
    The Senko Worm is a soft plastic worm that is incredibly versatile and can be rigged in various ways, making it a popular choice for bass anglers.
    The Senko Worm is a widely popular soft plastic bait primarily used for bass fishing. It is known for its versatile design and realistic action, making it highly effective in attracting fish. The lure features a straight, cylindrical body with a rounded head and a tapered tail, resembling a worm or a baitfish. The Senko Worm is designed to be fished weightless or with a weight, depending on the desired depth and presentation.
    • Length: 4-7 inches
    • Weight: varies depending on size
    • Color options: wide range of colors available
    • Bait type: soft plastic
    • Action: realistic wiggling and shimmying motion
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    Crankbaits are effective for imitating baitfish, and their diving action can trigger strikes from aggressive bass.
    Crankbaits are a type of fishing lure designed to imitate the appearance and movements of small baitfish. They consist of a hard plastic body shaped like a fish, with a bib located on the front that causes the lure to dive and wiggle when retrieved. The diving action and rattling noise produced by crankbaits attract the attention of predatory fish, making them a popular choice among bass anglers.
    • Size: Ranges from 1.5 to 4 inches
    • Weight: Typically between 1/4 to 3/4 ounces
    • Depth Range: Varies from shallow diving (1-3 feet) to deep diving (10-20 feet)
    • Lip Shape: Different shapes to control diving depth and action, such as squarebill, roundbill, or coffin
    • Color Patterns: Numerous options to match various baitfish colors, including shad, crawfish, perch, or bluegill
  3. 3
    Spinnerbaits are versatile lures that can be fished in a variety of ways and are effective in both shallow and deep water.
    Spinnerbaits are a type of fishing lure designed to mimic small baitfish or other prey. They consist of a metal blade or blades that rotate around a wire shaft, creating both flash and vibration in the water. The rotating movement and shimmering blades attract bass and trigger their predatory instincts.
    • Blade Types: Willow, Colorado, Indiana
    • Weight Range: 1/4 to 1 ounce
    • Skirt Material: Silicone, rubber or living rubber
    • Skirt Color: Various colors and patterns
    • Wire Type: Stainless steel or titanium
  4. 4
    Jigs are versatile lures that can be fished in a variety of ways and are often used for flipping and pitching techniques.
    Jigs are a type of fishing lure that consists of a weighted head and a hook. They are designed to imitate the movement of prey and are highly effective in catching bass. The jig head usually includes a rubber skirt or a soft plastic bait to attract the fish. Jigs are versatile and can be used in various fishing conditions, including both shallow and deep waters. They are designed to be bounced or dragged along the bottom and are often used for bottom fishing or flipping and pitching into cover. Jigs come in various sizes, colors, and weights to accommodate different fishing situations.
    • Weight range: 1/16 to 1 ounce
    • Hook size: 1/0 to 5/0
    • Skirt material: Silicone or rubber
    • Soft plastic options: Craws, worms, creature baits
    • Color options: Wide range including natural and vibrant hues
  5. 5

    Topwater lures

    Various manufacturers
    Topwater lures are exciting to fish with, and their surface action can be effective when bass are active and feeding aggressively.
    Topwater lures are a type of bait specifically designed to float on the water's surface and create enticing movements to attract bass. By imitating the actions of prey species such as frogs, insects, or small mammals, topwater lures can provoke aggressive strikes from bass. These lures are primarily used in shallower water or in areas with vegetation and structure.
    • Type: Topwater lure
    • Action: Creates surface disturbance
    • Materials: Wood, plastic, or foam
    • Shape: Varies (frog, mouse, popper, prop bait, etc.)
    • Color: Wide range of realistic or vibrant colors
  6. 6
    Swimbaits imitate baitfish and are often used for targeting larger bass.
    Swimbaits are artificial fishing lures designed to mimic the appearance and swimming motion of small fish or other prey. They are commonly used for targeting bass and other predatory fish species. Swimbaits typically feature a soft plastic or hard body with a lifelike finish and are available in a variety of sizes and colors.
    • Length: 4 to 12 inches
    • Weight: 0.5 to 4 ounces
    • Swimming Action: Realistic swimming motion
    • Hook Type: Single or multiple treble hooks
    • Material: Soft plastic or hard body
  7. 7

    Finesse worms

    Gary Yamamoto
    Finesse worms are smaller and thinner than traditional plastic worms and are often used for finesse techniques in clear water.
    Finesse worms are a type of soft plastic fishing lure specifically designed for bass fishing. These worms are known for their slender body and lifelike action, making them highly effective in enticing bass to strike. Finesse worms are typically fished using lightweight tackle and finesse techniques, allowing anglers to present the lure in a subtle and natural manner.
    • Length range: 4 to 7 inches
    • Colors: Wide variety of natural and vibrant colors
    • Material: High-quality soft plastic
    • Slender body: Provides lifelike action in the water
    • Ribbed texture: Enhances water displacement and vibration
  8. 8
    Buzzbaits are noisy lures that can be effective in low-light conditions and when bass are actively feeding on the surface.
    Buzzbaits are popular bass lures designed to imitate a small fish or insect on the water's surface. They consist of a metal blade that creates noise and vibration, attached to a wire frame with a single hook. The blade spins as it is retrieved, creating a buzzing sound and surface disturbance that attracts bass. Buzzbaits are versatile lures and can be used in various fishing conditions.
    • Blade Type: Single or double propeller blade
    • Blade Material: Metal (e.g. aluminum, copper)
    • Wire Frame Material: Stainless steel or titanium
    • Hook Size: Varies (ranging from 2/0 to 5/0)
    • Hook Type: Single hook or treble hook
  9. 9
    Jerkbaits are effective for imitating injured baitfish and can be fished with a twitching or jerking motion to trigger strikes.
    Jerkbaits are a type of fishing lure specifically designed to imitate injured baitfish, making them an effective choice for targeting bass. They are typically long, slender lures with a lipless design, giving them a realistic swimming action when jerked or twitched. Jerkbaits are known for their versatility and ability to be fished at various depths, making them suitable for both shallow and deep water fishing.
    • Length: 4-6 inches
    • Weight: 1/4 - 1/2 ounce
    • Materials: Plastic or wood
    • Diving Depth: Varies (typically 4-15 feet)
    • Action: Suspending or floating
  10. 10

    Drop shot rigs

    Aaron Martens
    Drop shot rigs are effective for finesse fishing and can be used with a variety of soft plastic baits.
    The Drop shot rig is a versatile and effective presentation for bass fishing that involves suspending a soft plastic bait above a weighted hook. It is primarily used for finesse fishing in both freshwater and saltwater.
    • Weight: Varies depending on fishing conditions, typically ranging from 1/8 to 1/2 ounces
    • Hook: Wide gap hook, often in size 1 to 2/0
    • Line: Fluorocarbon or braided line, typically between 6 to 12 pounds test
    • Bait: Soft plastic baits such as worms, minnow imitations, or creature baits
    • Presentation: The bait is rigged above the weight, allowing it to be presented at various depths. Twitching the rod tip imparts lifelike action to the bait.

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Ranking factors for popular bass lure

  1. Lure type
    Bass lures come in various types such as jigs, crankbaits, spinnerbaits, soft plastics, and topwater lures. Understand the ideal situation and bass behavior that each type of lure is designed for.
  2. Versatility
    A good bass lure should be versatile and applicable in various fishing conditions and environments such as clear or murky water, shallow or deep waters, vegetated or rocky areas, and different water temperatures.
  3. Lure size
    The size of the lure is crucial as it can impact the type of bass you attract. Consider choosing lures of different sizes to target a wider range of bass types, from small ones to trophy-sized fish.
  4. Color and pattern
    Bass are attracted to different colors and patterns depending on factors such as water clarity, weather, and their feeding habits. The best lure should have color options that work well in various conditions and prove effective in attracting bass.
  5. Lifelike action
    Bass lures with realistic and natural movements will likely attract more fish. Look for lures that imitate the swimming action or behavior of the prey that the bass feeds on in the specific location you're fishing.
  6. Quality and durability
    A high-quality lure that remains intact and functional after multiple uses is essential. Consider lures made with durable materials, strong hooks, and quality components that resist wear and tear.
  7. Ease of use
    Lures that are easy to use, particularly for beginner anglers, should be considered. Complex lures with a challenging learning curve might discourage new anglers from continuing with bass fishing.
  8. Price and value
    While the price should not be the sole deciding factor, consider the overall value of the lure in terms of effectiveness and quality. Opt for lures that offer an excellent balance of affordability and performance.
  9. Personal experience and success
    Sometimes, the best bass lure is the one that you have had success with previously. Keep track of the lures that have worked well for you, and always experiment with new ones to continuously improve your bass fishing skills.

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