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Welcome to StrawPoll's ultimate ranking showdown, where we dive into the cozy and intimate world of bed styles! Our mission is to find the most popular bed style, and we need your valuable input. With thousands of polls and rankings on various topics, we invite you to snuggle up, get comfortable, and let your voice be heard in this exciting quest for the perfect slumber sanctuary. From the classic elegance of a canopy bed to the space-saving functionality of a bunk bed, we've got a plethora of options for you to choose from, or even suggest a missing contender. So, what are you waiting for? Cast your vote, and help us crown the ultimate snooze-worthy champion, as we embark on this journey to discover the bed style of your dreams!

What Is the Most Popular Bed Style?

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    These beds have a simple design and come in a variety of styles, shapes, and materials. They are popular because they offer a modern and minimalistic look, and they are comfortable to use.
    Platform beds are a type of bed frame that are characterized by their low profile and solid base. They typically feature clean lines and a minimalistic design, making them a popular choice for modern and contemporary bedroom decor. The platform base eliminates the need for a box spring, as the mattress is directly placed on top of a solid platform or slats.
    • Low-profile design: Platform beds have a low height, which gives them a sleek and minimalist appearance.
    • Solid base or slat system: Platform beds provide a sturdy foundation with either a solid platform or a slat system.
    • No box spring required: These beds eliminate the need for a box spring, as the mattress is directly placed on the platform or slats.
    • Variety of materials: Platform beds are available in a wide range of materials, including wood, metal, and upholstered options.
    • Storage options: Some platform beds come with built-in storage drawers or compartments, offering functional space-saving solutions.
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    Canopy beds
    Fletcher6 · CC BY-SA 3.0
    These beds have a four-poster frame with a fabric canopy over the top. They are popular for their elegant and luxurious look, and they provide privacy and protection from insects.
    Canopy beds are a type of bed consisting of a platform with four posts, each equipped with decorative panels or curtains that hang from the top. These curtains often extend around the entire bed, creating an enclosed space or canopy. Canopy beds are known for their elegant and luxurious design, adding a touch of sophistication to any bedroom.
    • Posts: Typically four posts that support the canopy curtains and add structural stability.
    • Materials: Canopy beds are made using a variety of materials, including wood, metal, or a combination of both.
    • Styles: Canopy beds are available in various styles, ranging from traditional to modern and minimalist designs.
    • Canopy Options: The curtains or panels used in canopy beds come in different materials, colors, and patterns, allowing for customization.
    • Size: Canopy beds are available in different sizes, including twin, full, queen, and king, to accommodate different mattress sizes.
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    Bunk beds

    William Lawrence Murphy
    These beds have two or more beds stacked on top of each other. They are popular for their space-saving design and versatility, as they are often used in children's rooms and dormitories.
    Bunk beds are a popular bed style that features two or more beds stacked vertically, allowing for multiple sleeping spaces within a limited floor area. The beds are typically supported by a ladder or a set of stairs, providing easy access to the upper bunk. Bunk beds are commonly found in bedrooms, dormitories, and children's rooms.
    • Space-saving design: Stacked beds allow for more occupants within limited space
    • Ladder or stairs: Provides easy access to the upper bunk
    • Safety rails: Prevent accidental falls from the upper bunk
    • Versatility: Can be separated into individual beds if needed
    • Various sizes: Available in twin over twin, twin over full, or full over full configurations
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    Murphy beds

    William Lawrence Murphy
    These beds are designed to be folded up into a wall or cabinet when not in use, saving space in small apartments or bedrooms. They are popular for their practicality and versatility.
    Murphy beds are a type of space-saving bed that can be vertically hinged and folded into a wall or a cabinet when not in use. They were created by William Lawrence Murphy, an American inventor, in the early 20th century. Murphy beds are known for their ability to provide additional sleeping space in small apartments or rooms without occupying valuable floor space. Here are ten important specifications about Murphy beds:
    • Space-saving design: Can be folded and stored vertically, freeing up floor space.
    • Versatility: Suitable for use in apartments, guest rooms, or any space where maximizing space utilization is desired.
    • Quality construction: Made with durable materials to provide a comfortable and sturdy sleeping surface.
    • Easy to operate: Simple mechanisms allow for effortless opening and closing of the bed.
    • Customizability: Available in various sizes, styles, and finishes to suit different decor preferences.
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    These beds have a curved headboard and footboard that resemble a sleigh. They are popular for their traditional and elegant look, and they come in a variety of materials and styles.
    Sleigh beds are a popular style of bed known for their elegant and curved design. They are inspired by the shape of a sleigh, with a high headboard and a lower footboard that curves outward. The overall appearance of a sleigh bed is luxurious and sophisticated, making it a centerpiece in any bedroom.
    • Headboard height: Tall
    • Footboard height: Lower and curved
    • Design: Curved and elegant
    • Material: Wood or upholstered
    • Style: Traditional and timeless
  6. 6
    These beds have a padded headboard and footboard that are covered in fabric or leather. They are popular for their comfort and style, and they can be customized to match any decor.
    Upholstered beds are a popular style of bed that feature a padded headboard and sometimes a padded footboard. They are known for their comfort and luxurious appearance, making them a popular choice for bedrooms.
    • Upholstery Material: Various fabric or leather options
    • Frame Material: Wood or metal
    • Headboard Style: Padded and tufted, or smooth upholstered
    • Footboard Style: Some may have a padded or tufted footboard, while others have a simple design without a footboard
    • Size Options: Twin, Full, Queen, King, California King
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    These beds have a frame with four vertical posts that support a canopy or drapes. They are popular for their elegant and romantic look, and they come in a variety of styles and materials.
    Four-poster beds are a classic style of bed characterized by four tall vertical posts at each corner, often topped with decorative finials. These beds typically have a rectangular frame or canopy suspended between the posts, which can be adorned with curtains or drapes to create a cozy and private sleeping space. Four-poster beds are known for their elegant and luxurious appearance, adding a touch of grandeur to any bedroom.
    • Material: Wood or metal
    • Size Options: Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King
    • Canopy Style: Open canopy, closed canopy, half canopy
    • Height: Varies, typically 6 to 8 feet
    • Decorative Features: Finials, carvings, moldings
  8. 8
    These beds are designed to be used as both a bed and a sofa. They are popular for their versatility and space-saving design, and they come in a variety of styles and materials.
    Daybeds are a type of bed that doubles as a seating area during the day. They are usually designed with a backrest and somewhat resembling a couch, making them suitable for lounging, relaxing, and hosting guests in small spaces. Daybeds are a popular choice for living rooms, guest rooms, and even outdoor spaces.
    • Size: Varies, typically twin or full-sized
    • Frame materials: Wood, metal, or a combination of both
    • Mattress: Typically a standard twin or full-sized mattress
    • Backrest: Usually upholstered, cushioned, or padded for comfort
    • Armrests: May or may not have built-in armrests
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    These beds have a motorized base that allows the user to adjust the head and foot position for maximum comfort. They are popular for their health benefits and convenience, and they come in a variety of styles and sizes.
    Adjustable beds are specially designed beds that allow users to adjust the position of the mattress and base to find a comfortable sleeping or lounging position. They provide personalized comfort and support by allowing users to elevate their head, legs, or both, and provide relief from various conditions such as sleep apnea, snoring, acid reflux, back pain, and circulation problems.
    • Head and Foot Adjustability: Ability to independently adjust the head and foot positions of the bed.
    • Multiple Positioning Options: Various preset positions like zero gravity, anti-snore, lounge, and more.
    • Remote Control or Smartphone App: Convenient control using a wireless remote control or smartphone app.
    • Variable Firmness: Ability to adjust the firmness of the mattress to suit individual preferences.
    • Massage Functions: Built-in adjustable massage functions for relaxation and improved blood circulation.
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    Loft beds

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    These beds are designed to be elevated off the floor, with a desk or storage space underneath. They are popular for their space-saving design and versatility, and they are often used in small apartments or dormitories.
    Loft beds are elevated beds that are raised off the floor, creating a space underneath for various purposes such as additional storage or a study area. The bed is usually accessed by a ladder or stairs.
    • Space-saving design: Allows for efficient use of vertical space in small rooms.
    • Versatile functionality: Provides additional storage, workspace, or play area underneath the bed.
    • Sturdy construction: Designed to support the weight of a mattress and the occupant safely.
    • Ladder or stairs: Offers safe and convenient access to the loft bed.
    • Various styles and configurations: Available in different sizes, materials, and designs to suit individual preferences.

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Ranking factors for popular bed style

  1. Comfort
    A critical factor to consider is the comfort provided by the bed style. It should have a comfortable mattress, be spacious enough to accommodate users' sleeping needs, and have a supportive frame.
  2. Durability
    Another important factor is the durability of the bed. It should be made with quality materials that will last for a reasonable amount of time without compromising the comfort and support of the bed.
  3. Aesthetics
    The design and style of the bed are also important factors. A popular bed style should have an aesthetically pleasing design that complements the overall theme of the room it is placed in.
  4. Storage Options
    Beds that offer built-in storage options, such as drawers or shelves, tend to be more popular. These can be convenient for users who have limited storage space in their homes.
  5. Size Options
    A popular bed style should cater to different size preferences, including twin, full, queen, and king sizes.
  6. Versatility
    The bed style should be versatile enough to suit different room types, designs, and user preferences. This includes having multiple color options and a design that can be easily integrated into different bedroom themes.
  7. Ease of Assembly and Disassembly
    A bed style that is easy to assemble and disassemble can be an important factor when considering popularity. This will make it more convenient for users who need to move or rearrange their bedroom.
  8. Price
    Affordability is a significant factor that influences the popularity of a bed style. Beds that provide excellent value for money while maintaining a high quality of comfort and durability will likely be more popular.
  9. Space-saving features
    Beds that offer space-saving features, like a trundle or loft bed, can be popular for families or individuals with limited space in their homes or apartments.
  10. Popularity and Reviews
    The availability of positive customer reviews and recommendations can help indicate a bed style's popularity.

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More information on most popular bed style

When it comes to getting a good night's sleep, the type of bed you choose can make a big difference. With so many different styles to choose from, it can be hard to know which one is the most popular. However, through our extensive polling and research, we've found that the traditional platform bed is currently the most popular style. These beds sit low to the ground and have a simple, clean design that complements a wide variety of bedroom decor. Other popular styles include sleigh beds, canopy beds, and upholstered beds, each with their own unique look and feel. Ultimately, the choice of bed style comes down to personal preference and the overall aesthetic of your bedroom.

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