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Updated on Sep 21, 2023 08:06
Welcome to StrawPoll, your ultimate destination for discovering the trendiest and most sought-after Chanel nail polishes! We're thrilled to have you join our vibrant community of fashion-forward individuals, all eager to share their opinions and love for Chanel's iconic nail lacquers. Dive into our latest ranking, "What is the most popular Chanel nail polish?" and cast your vote for your favorite shade or suggest one that we might have missed. Unleash your inner fashionista, and together, let's unveil the crème de la crème of Chanel nail polishes that never fail to make a statement. So, grab your favorite polish and let the voting begin! Happy ranking!

What Is the Most Popular Chanel Nail Polish? (September 2023)

  1. 1

    Rouge Noir

    This deep red shade has been a cult favorite since it was first released in 1994, thanks to its versatility and timeless elegance. It has been seen on the runway and on the fingertips of countless fashion icons.
    Chanel Rouge Noir is a highly-popular nail polish known for its rich, vampy shade. It is a deep, dark red shade with hints of plum and black, lending it a mysterious and elegant vibe. The color has become iconic and is often associated with sophistication, making it a favorite among fashion enthusiasts and beauty lovers alike.
    • Color: Deep, dark red with hints of plum and black
    • Finish: Glossy
    • Opacity: Opaque
    • Application: Smooth and even
    • Drying Time: Quick drying
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    This neutral taupe shade is a must-have for any chic and understated look. It has been popular since its launch in 2010 and has been worn by celebrities like Kate Middleton.
    Particulière is a highly coveted Chanel nail polish that has gained immense popularity. It is a sophisticated and versatile shade that exudes elegance and refinement. Particulière has a muted taupe hue with a hint of gray, making it a unique and timeless color choice for any occasion.
    • Color: Muted taupe with a hint of gray
    • Finish: Creamy
    • Opacity: Opaque
    • Application: Smooth and streak-free
    • Coverage: Full coverage in two coats
  3. 3


    This classic red shade is a true icon in the world of nail polish. It is a bright and bold statement color that never goes out of style.
    Pirate is a highly coveted and popular shade of nail polish by Chanel. It is a bold and rich classic red color that exudes elegance and sophistication. The vibrant shade adds a touch of glamour to any look.
    • Color: Classic red
    • Finish: Glossy
    • Opacity: Opaque
    • Application: Smooth and even
    • Drying Time: Quick drying
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    This soft and feminine pink shade is perfect for a subtle and sophisticated look. It is a popular choice for weddings and other formal events.
    Chanel's Ballerina nail polish is a timeless and elegant shade that exudes understated femininity. It is a soft, delicate pink color with a sheer finish, reminiscent of ballet slippers. The Ballerina shade enhances the natural beauty of nails, providing a polished and refined look.
    • Color: Soft pink
    • Finish: Sheer
    • Shade type: Delicate
    • Overall look: Polished and refined
    • Inspiration: Ballet slippers
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    Black Satin

    This jet black shade is a favorite among those who love to make a bold statement with their nails. It is a classic and edgy color that has been seen on the runway and in fashion magazines.
    Black Satin is a highly iconic and timeless nail polish color by Chanel. It is a bold, deep black shade with a satin finish that exudes sophistication and elegance. This polish has become a cult favorite among fashion enthusiasts and has remained a staple in the Chanel nail polish collection for years.
    • Color: Black
    • Finish: Satin
    • Opacity: Full coverage in two coats
    • Glossiness: Slightly subdued, satin finish
    • Longevity: Chip-resistant and long-wearing
  6. 6
    This neutral beige shade is a versatile and elegant choice for any occasion. It is a popular choice for everyday wear and has been worn by celebrities like Jennifer Aniston.
    Beige is a popular epoxy floor color that exudes warmth and elegance. It is a neutral shade that adds a touch of sophistication to any space. Its soft tone creates an atmosphere of tranquility and harmony, making it a versatile choice for various interior styles and designs.
    • Color Family: Neutral
    • Appearance: Soft and warm
    • Mood: Tranquil and sophisticated
    • Versatility: Suitable for various interior styles
    • Applications: Residential, commercial, and industrial spaces
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    Blue Satin

    This deep blue shade is a unique and striking color that has been seen on the fingertips of fashion-forward women all over the world. It is perfect for making a statement and adding a pop of color to any outfit.
    Blue Satin is a highly coveted and iconic shade of nail polish from Chanel. It is known for its luxurious deep blue color with a subtle shimmer, resembling the mesmerizing midnight sky.
    • Color: Deep blue with shimmer
    • Finish: Satin
    • Opacity: Full coverage in 2 coats
    • Application: Smooth and even
    • Drying time: Quick drying
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    ZorroIII · CC BY-SA 3.0


    This dark and mysterious shade was first released in 1994 and quickly became a cult favorite. It is a deep, almost-black shade that is perfect for a bold and edgy look.
    Chanel's 'Vamp' is a highly renowned nail polish color that exudes elegance and mystery. It is a deep, dark burgundy shade with a hint of black, often described as a 'black-red'. The rich and intense color of Vamp is highly pigmented, providing excellent coverage and a luxurious, glossy finish.
    • Color: Deep burgundy with black undertones
    • Finish: Glossy
    • Formula: Highly pigmented
    • Opacity: Opaque with one coat
    • Application: Smooth and effortless
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    This muted gray shade is a popular choice for those who want a more subtle and sophisticated look. It is a versatile color that can be worn with any outfit.
    Chanel Frenzy is a highly sought-after nail polish shade that has become one of the most popular choices amongst beauty enthusiasts. Its neutral yet chic color makes it versatile for any occasion, whether it's a casual day out or an elegant evening event. Frenzy exudes a sophisticated and modern vibe that complements a wide range of skin tones.
    • Color: Taupe-gray
    • Finish: Creamy
    • Opacity: Opaque
    • Application: Smooth and streak-free
    • Drying Time: Quick
  10. 10
    Simon Eugster --Simon 17:50, 11 April 2006 (UTC) · CC BY-SA 3.0


    This unique and vibrant green shade was a limited edition release in 2009 and quickly sold out. It has since become a highly sought-after collector's item and is still popular among nail polish enthusiasts.
    Chanel Jade is a highly sought-after nail polish known for its unique green shade. It was released as part of Chanel's Spring 2009 collection and quickly gained popularity among fashion enthusiasts. The color of Jade is a delicate blend of teal and mint, evoking a fresh and vibrant feel.
    • Formula: 3-Free
    • Limited Edition: No
    • Color: Green
    • Finish: Cream
    • Opacity: Opaque
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Ranking factors for popular polish

  1. Ratings and reviews
    Reading customer ratings and reviews on online shopping platforms and beauty forums can help determine which Chanel nail polish shades are popular. A higher number of positive reviews and ratings can indicate increased customer satisfaction and popularity.
  2. Color trends and seasonal preferences
    Nail polish trends often change with the seasons, and some colors become more popular during specific times of the year. Taking into account current color trends and understanding which shades are fashionable will help determine the popularity of various Chanel nail polishes.
  3. Celebrity endorsements and influences
    Popular celebrities and influencers who publicly wear or promote certain Chanel nail polish colors can significantly impact the popularity of the shades they endorse. Tracking such endorsements and influencer mentions can help identify popular Chanel nail polishes.
  4. Limited Edition releases
    Limited edition or special edition Chanel nail polishes are often sought after by collectors and fans of the brand. These exclusive releases may have a higher demand and could be considered more popular than other shades.
  5. Social media engagement
    Analyzing social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube for Chanel nail polish content, and tracking likes, shares, and comments can provide insight into popular shades.
  6. Awards and recognition
    Chanel nail polishes that have received accolades or have been featured in top beauty magazine articles can indicate their popularity among beauty experts and customers alike.
  7. Shelf presence and availability
    The availability of a specific Chanel nail polish shade across different retail outlets can also determine its popularity. Popular shades may have a more prominent shelf presence in stores or higher stock levels online.
  8. Longevity in the market
    The length of time a specific Chanel nail polish shade has been in continuous production and available for purchase can be an indicator of its popularity.
  9. Recommendations from industry experts
    Beauty bloggers, makeup artists, and fashion influencers who recommend specific Chanel nail polish shades can also contribute to their popularity among customers.

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Chanel is a luxury fashion brand that has been in the industry for over a century. The brand is known for its timeless designs, high-quality craftsmanship, and exquisite products. Chanel nail polishes are no exception. The brand offers a range of shades that are both classic and trendy, making it a popular choice for nail enthusiasts. Chanel nail polishes are known for their long-lasting formula and high shine finish. The brand's nail polish line includes a variety of colors, from soft pastels to bold and bright hues. Chanel nail polishes are also known for their unique names, which often reflect the inspiration behind the color. With so many shades to choose from, it's no surprise that Chanel nail polishes are a popular choice among beauty enthusiasts. From the iconic "Rouge Noir" to the chic "Particulière," there's a shade for every occasion and personal style. So, what is the most popular Chanel nail polish? Let's find out!