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Deck the halls and jingle those bells, because it's time to cast your vote in our most festive ranking yet! At StrawPoll, we're on a mission to find the most popular decoration for Christmas and we need your help. From twinkling lights and magical ornaments to dazzling tinsel and enchanting snow globes, we've got a sleigh-full of options for you to choose from. But wait, do you have a yuletide favorite that's missing from our list? Fear not, simply suggest your beloved decoration and join the festive fun. So, let your inner elf loose and vote for the ultimate Christmas adornment that brings joy to your world and makes your holiday season truly sparkle. Ready, set, vote!

What Is the Most Popular Decoration for Christmas?

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    The Christmas tree is the most popular decoration for Christmas in many countries. It is a symbol of life and is often decorated with lights, ornaments, and tinsel.
    The Christmas tree is a decorative tree, usually an evergreen, that is traditionally associated with the celebration of Christmas. It is commonly adorned with various ornaments and lights to create a festive ambiance.
    • Height: Varies, typically ranging from 4 to 8 feet
    • Type: Most commonly evergreen trees, such as fir, pine, or spruce
    • Branches: Numerous branches arranged in a conical shape
    • Needles: Vary in color from dark green to silvery-blue
    • Ornaments: Hung on the branches, including baubles, tinsel, garlands, and lights
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    Wreaths are circular decorations made of evergreen branches, holly, and other materials. They are often hung on doors and windows to welcome visitors and symbolize the circle of life.
    A wreath is a circular arrangement of various materials, typically foliage or evergreen branches, ornaments, flowers, fruits, and sometimes ribbons. It is most commonly used as a decorative ornament during the Christmas season and symbolizes unity, eternity, and the cycle of life. The circular shape represents a never-ending journey and a welcoming embrace. Wreaths can be displayed on doors, walls, or as centerpieces.
    • Material: Typically made from foliage, evergreen branches, or artificial materials.
    • Size: Varies, but commonly ranges from 12 to 36 inches in diameter.
    • Shape: Circular, although some wreaths may have asymmetrical or stylized designs.
    • Decoration: Ornaments, flowers, fruits, pinecones, bows, ribbons, and various other decorative elements can be added.
    • Symbolism: Represents unity, eternity, and the cycle of life.
  3. 3

    Christmas Lights

    Thomas Edison
    Christmas lights add a festive touch to homes, trees, and streets during the holiday season. They represent the hope and joy of the season and are often used in displays and competitions.
    Christmas lights, also known as fairy lights or holiday lights, are decorative lights that are commonly used during the Christmas season. They consist of a string of small bulbs that emit colorful or white light, and are often hung on Christmas trees, along windows, or around houses to create a festive and joyful ambiance. The lights are typically electrically powered and come in various designs and styles to suit different preferences and decorations.
    • Bulb Type: Incandescent or LED
    • Colors: Multi-color or single-color (e.g. warm white, red, green)
    • Length: Various lengths available (e.g. 25ft, 50ft, 100ft)
    • Wire Color: Green, white, or transparent
    • Power Source: Electricity from mains or batteries
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    Nativity Scene
    Yvonne Bentele · CC BY-SA 4.0

    Nativity Scene

    Saint Francis of Assisi
    A nativity scene depicts the birth of Jesus and is a popular decoration during Christmas. It includes figures of Mary, Joseph, the baby Jesus, and other characters from the story.
    The Nativity Scene is a popular decoration for Christmas that depicts the birth of Jesus Christ. It typically includes figurines arranged in a stable or cave-like setting, portraying the Holy Family of Mary, Joseph, and the infant Jesus, along with other characters such as the shepherds, the wise men, angels, and animals.
    • Origin: Created in 1223 in Greccio, Italy
    • Purpose: To visually portray and honor the nativity or birth of Jesus Christ
    • Materials: Traditionally made of wood or clay, but can be found in various materials today
    • Figurines: Includes the Holy Family, shepherds, wise men, angels, and animals like sheep and oxen
    • Setting: Usually displayed in a stable or cave-like structure to represent the birthplace of Jesus in Bethlehem
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    Christmas ornaments are small decorations that are hung on a Christmas tree. They can be made of glass, plastic, or other materials and often represent holiday themes such as snowflakes, angels, and reindeer.
    Christmas ornaments are decorative items that are used to adorn Christmas trees and other festive displays during the Christmas season. They are typically made from a variety of materials, including glass, metal, wood, and plastic. Christmas ornaments come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and designs, and often feature traditional Christmas symbols such as Santa Claus, reindeer, snowflakes, and angels. They are attached to the branches of the Christmas tree using hooks, strings, or clips.
    • Materials: Glass, metal, wood, plastic
    • Shapes: Varies (e.g., balls, stars, bells, angels)
    • Sizes: Varies (ranging from small miniatures to large hanging ornaments)
    • Designs: Traditional Christmas symbols, patterns, and motifs
    • Attachment: Hooks, strings, or clips
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    Tinsel is a shiny, metallic decoration that is often used to decorate Christmas trees and other holiday displays. It adds a touch of sparkle and glamour to the season.
    Tinsel is a decorative material typically used as a Christmas ornament to create shimmering effects. It is made of thin strands or strips of shiny material, such as metallic foil or plastic, that are usually silver or gold in color. Tinsel is known for its ability to reflect light and add sparkle to Christmas trees or other holiday decorations.
    • Material: Metallic foil or plastic
    • Color: Silver or gold
    • Length: Varies, typically a couple of inches to a few feet
    • Thickness: Thin, ranging from approximately 0.5mm to 2mm
    • Reflectivity: High, capable of reflecting light
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    Advent Calendar
    Andrea Schaufler · CC BY 2.5
    An Advent calendar is a special calendar used to count down the days until Christmas. It usually has 24 or 25 doors that are opened one at a time, each revealing a small gift or treat.
    An Advent Calendar is a popular Christmas decoration that counts down the days from December 1st until Christmas Day, typically used to mark the anticipation of the birth of Jesus Christ. The calendar consists of small numbered doors or windows, behind which small gifts, images, or scriptures are hidden. Each day, a door is opened, revealing a surprise, with the final door being opened on December 24th or 25th.
    • Origin: Germany
    • Year of Invention: Early 1900s
    • Purpose: Counting down the days until Christmas
    • Components: Numbered doors or windows
    • Content: Small gifts, images, or scriptures
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    Stockings are large socks that are often hung by the fireplace during Christmas. They are filled with small gifts and treats for children and adults.
    Stockings are a common Christmas decoration typically made of cloth or sock-shaped materials. They are often hung by the fireplace or on a mantle as part of holiday traditions. Stockings are often associated with Santa Claus, who is believed to fill them with small gifts and treats during Christmas. They add a festive touch to the holiday season and are often personalized with names or decorative embellishments.
    • Material: Cloth or sock-shaped materials
    • Function: Used for holding small gifts and treats during Christmas
    • Location: Hung near the fireplace or on a mantle
    • Association: Often connected to Santa Claus
    • Personalization: Can be personalized with names or decorative embellishments
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    Santa Claus
    Michael Rivera · CC BY-SA 4.0
    Santa Claus is a popular figure during Christmas. He is often depicted as a jolly, rotund man in a red suit who brings gifts to children on Christmas Eve.
    The Santa Claus ornament is a classic and beloved Christmas decoration that represents the iconic figure of Santa Claus. It is typically made of painted ceramic or glass and features a jolly and rosy-cheeked Santa in his signature red suit, hat, and white beard. The ornament often includes intricate details such as Santa holding a sack of gifts, riding a sleigh, or surrounded by reindeer. It is commonly hung on Christmas trees or displayed on mantels and brings a festive and joyful ambiance to any holiday decor.
    • Material: Ceramic or glass
    • Color: Red, white, and various other colors
    • Dimensions: Varies, typically around 3-6 inches in height
    • Features: Santa Claus in red suit, hat, and white beard
    • Details: Includes intricate designs like Santa holding a sack of gifts, riding a sleigh, or surrounded by reindeer
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    Mistletoe is a plant that is often used as a decoration during Christmas. It is believed to bring good luck and is often hung in doorways. It is also associated with kissing traditions.
    Mistletoe is a plant that is commonly used as a decoration during Christmas festivities. It is known for its distinctive green leaves and small, white berries. The plant is native to Europe and can be found growing on various trees, particularly deciduous ones like apple, oak, and maple.
    • Plant Type: Parasitic plant
    • Foliage: Green, thick, and leathery leaves
    • Berries: Small, white, and translucent berries
    • Symbolism: Traditionally associated with love, romance, and fertility
    • Hanging Tradition: It is hung from a doorway or ceiling, and a kiss is exchanged under it when two people find themselves standing beneath it

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Ranking factors for popular decoration

  1. Global appeal and popularity
    Consider decorations that are well-liked and widely used across various cultural and geographical backgrounds. This ensures a fair evaluation of what decorations are genuinely popular among Christmas celebrators worldwide.
  2. Traditional significance
    The significance of the decoration in the traditional Christmas celebrations should be taken into account. Classic decorations have been loved for generations and will have a higher ranking on the popularity scale.
  3. Visual appeal
    Decorations that are visually appealing and instantly recognizable as Christmas-themed items are likely to score higher in popularity.
  4. Versatility
    Factor in the versatility and adaptability of the decoration, whether it can be used in various settings, such as indoors or outdoors, alone or as part of a larger arrangement.
  5. Ease of use and durability
    Decorations that are easy to set up and can be reused over the years might be preferred by users and thus can be ranked higher in popularity.
  6. Representation of the Christmas spirit
    The more closely a decoration represents the essential values and themes of Christmas (peace, joy, family togetherness, and charitable giving), the higher it can rank in terms of popularity.
  7. Affordability
    Decorations that are widely available and affordable may be more popular as they can be accessed by a larger number of people.
  8. Customization options
    Decorations that can be personalized for individual tastes, such as color, size, and material options may rank higher in popularity.
  9. Trendiness
    Consider how well the decoration aligns with current trends, as trendy decorations will likely be more popular during a specific Christmas season.
  10. Emotional connection
    The connection people have with certain decorations that bring back happy memories or evoke a sense of nostalgia can also influence their popularity ranking.

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