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Author: Gregor Krambs
Updated on Mar 1, 2024 06:03
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What Is the Most Popular Enneagram Test?

  1. 1

    The Enneagram Institute

    Don Richard Riso & Russ Hudson
    This website provides a comprehensive Enneagram test that is used by many professionals in the Enneagram community. The test is thorough and provides detailed information about each personality type.
    The Enneagram Institute is a renowned organization that offers various resources on the Enneagram, a popular personality typing system. It was founded by Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson, who are highly respected Enneagram teachers and authors. The institute provides in-depth insights into the nine Enneagram types and their interconnectedness, as well as workshops, training programs, and publications. Their offerings aim to support personal growth, enhance relationships, and promote self-awareness. The Enneagram Institute is widely recognized for their comprehensive and accurate Enneagram assessments, which help individuals discover their primary Enneagram type. Their tests provide valuable insights into motivations, fears, and patterns of behavior for each type. The Enneagram Institute's resources are utilized by individuals, therapists, coaches, and organizations worldwide.
    • Comprehensive Enneagram Analysis: Yes
    • Multiple Enneagram Tests: Yes
    • Accurate Typing: Yes
    • In-depth insights into Enneagram types: Yes
    • Workshops and Training programs: Yes
  2. 2
    Truity offers a free Enneagram test that is popular among those who are new to the Enneagram system. The test is easy to take and provides a brief overview of each personality type.
    Truity is an online psychometric testing platform that offers a popular Enneagram test. It aims to provide individuals with insights into their personality traits, behavioral patterns, and motivations based on the Enneagram system. The Truity Enneagram test assesses respondents' core fears, desires, and motivations to determine their Enneagram type.
    • Test Length: Approximately 10-15 minutes
    • Type Coverage: Offers all nine Enneagram types
    • Scoring Method: Scoring based on respondent's answers
    • Detailed Results: Provides in-depth type descriptions
    • User-Friendly Interface: Simple and intuitive design
  3. 3

    Eclectic Energies

    This Enneagram test is popular among those who prefer a more spiritual approach to the Enneagram. It provides a detailed analysis of each personality type and offers insights into the spiritual journey of each type.
    Eclectic Energies is a popular Enneagram test that provides individuals with insights into their personality type based on the Enneagram system. This test is designed to help individuals understand their motivations, fears, and patterns of behavior. It is widely used for personal growth, self-discovery, and enhancing relationships.
    • Number of Enneagram Types: 9
    • Test Format: Online questionnaire
    • Length of Test: 20-30 minutes
    • Language Availability: Multiple languages
    • Accuracy: Highly regarded
  4. 4
    This Enneagram test is popular among those who are looking for a quick and easy way to determine their Enneagram type. The test is relatively short and provides a brief overview of each type.
    Enneagram Central is one of the most popular Enneagram tests available online. It provides a comprehensive and accurate analysis of an individual's Enneagram type, helping them gain insights into their core motivations, desires, and fears. The test is designed to evaluate the test-taker's personality traits and identify their dominant Enneagram type, which falls into one of the nine distinct categories.
    • Test Length: Approximately 15 minutes
    • Number of Questions: Approximately 100
    • Accuracy: Highly Accurate
    • Question Format: Multiple-choice
    • Enneagram Types: Includes all nine Enneagram types
  5. 5
    This Enneagram test is popular among those who are looking for a more comprehensive analysis of their Enneagram type. The test is thorough and provides detailed information about each type.
    The Enneagram Personality Test is a popular personality assessment tool based on the Enneagram model. It aims to help individuals gain self-awareness and understand their motivations, behaviors, and core fears in order to support personal growth and development.
    • Type System: The Enneagram Personality Test categorizes individuals into one of nine distinct personality types.
    • Motivation Focus: It explores and highlights the underlying motivations that drive each personality type.
    • Core Fears: It identifies the core fears associated with each personality type.
    • Growth Paths: It provides insights into the potential growth paths and development areas for each personality type.
    • Self-Reflection: The test encourages individuals to engage in self-reflection and introspection.
  6. 6
    This Enneagram test is popular among those who are interested in the intersection of personality and astrology. The test provides insights into each type's strengths and weaknesses based on their astrological sign.
    Crystal is an Agile framework that promotes simplicity and flexibility in software development projects. It aims to adapt to the unique needs and characteristics of each project team, allowing for tailored practices and processes. The framework emphasizes human interaction and communication to achieve project goals.
    • Team Size: Up to 6 members
    • Communication: Frequent face-to-face communication
    • Roles: Limited set of defined roles
    • Rituals: Regular and lightweight meetings
    • Artifacts: Few formal documents
  7. 7

    The Enneagram User Guide

    Dr. David Daniels
    This Enneagram test is popular among those who are looking for a more in-depth analysis of their Enneagram type. The test provides detailed information about each type's core motivations and fears.
    The Enneagram User Guide is a comprehensive and popular Enneagram test designed to provide individuals with insights into their personality type. It delves into the nine core types of the Enneagram framework, helping users gain a deeper understanding of their motivations, fears, and patterns of behavior.
    • Number of questions: Approximately 120
    • Test format: Multiple-choice
    • Scoring system: Likert Scale
    • Result interpretation: Detailed descriptions of each type
    • Result accuracy: Highly reliable and valid
  8. 8

    Your Enneagram Coach

    Beth McCord
    This Enneagram test is popular among those who are seeking a personalized approach to understanding their Enneagram type. The test provides a detailed analysis of each type and offers insights into how to use the Enneagram in daily life.
    Your Enneagram Coach is a popular Enneagram test designed to help individuals discover their Enneagram types and explore the deeper aspects of their personality. It provides valuable insights into personal growth and understanding relationships.
    • Number of questions: 60
    • Test duration: Approximately 15 minutes
    • Test format: Online questionnaire
    • Price: Free basic test, additional paid resources available
    • Enneagram types covered: All 9 types
  9. 9

    Enneagram Worldwide

    Enneagram Worldwide
    This Enneagram test is popular among those who are looking for a comprehensive analysis of their Enneagram type. The test provides detailed information about each type's core motivations and fears, as well as insights into the Enneagram's spiritual journey.
    Enneagram Worldwide is an organization that focuses on promoting and teaching the Enneagram system of personality types. It offers various resources, workshops, and certification programs to help individuals understand and apply the Enneagram in their personal and professional lives.
    • Test Accuracy: The Enneagram Worldwide test is considered to be highly accurate in identifying an individual's primary Enneagram type.
    • Comprehensive: The test assesses all nine Enneagram types, providing a detailed understanding of an individual's personality.
    • Type Descriptions: Enneagram Worldwide provides thorough descriptions for each Enneagram type, helping individuals gain insight into their motivations and behaviors.
    • Resources: The organization offers a wide range of resources, including books, articles, and online materials, to support individuals in their Enneagram journey.
    • Workshops: Enneagram Worldwide conducts workshops led by experienced facilitators, allowing participants to deepen their understanding of the Enneagram.
  10. 10
    This Enneagram test is popular among those who are looking for a detailed analysis of their Enneagram type. The test provides a thorough analysis of each type's strengths and weaknesses, as well as insights into how to use the Enneagram in daily life.
    The Enneagram Test by RHETI (Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator) is a widely recognized and popular Enneagram test used for self-discovery and personal growth. It is designed to assess an individual's personality type and provides insights into their motivations, fears, and desires.
    • Length: Approximately 144 questions
    • Type Coverage: Provides results for all nine Enneagram personality types
    • Scoring Method: Uses a rating scale from 'Strongly Disagree' to 'Strongly Agree'
    • Detailed Report: Provides a detailed report on the individual's Enneagram type, including core motivations, fears, desires, and potential growth areas
    • Compatibility Analysis: Offers insights into relationship compatibility between different Enneagram types

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Ranking factors for popular test

  1. Reliability
    The test should yield consistent results for individuals when taken multiple times under similar conditions. The outcome should not vary significantly over time, indicating the test's stability.
  2. Validity
    The test should measure what it claims to measure, with the results corresponding to the individual's actual Enneagram type. The test's validity can be assessed by comparing results with other well-established assessments or through expert evaluation.
  3. Comprehensiveness
    The test should cover all nine Enneagram types and provide a detailed analysis of each. It should discuss the individual's strengths, weaknesses, and potential areas of growth based on their type.
  4. Accessibility
    The test should be easily available and user-friendly, with clear instructions for completion. It should accommodate various age groups, language preferences, and cultural backgrounds.
  5. Length and Time
    The test should be of an appropriate length to provide accurate results without being overly time-consuming or exhausting. The time needed to complete the test should be reasonable, considering the participant's attention span and the test's comprehensiveness.
  6. Popularity
    The test should be recognized and endorsed by experts in the Enneagram community or wider psychological assessment field. It should have a large user base, with reliable testimonials or reviews for reference.
  7. Cost
    The test should be reasonably priced or free of charge, making it accessible to people from various financial backgrounds.
  8. Clarity of results
    The test should provide concise and easy-to-understand results accompanied by explanations of the individual's Enneagram type and its characteristics.
  9. Support and follow-up
    The test should offer some form of support or guidance for people searching for understanding or growth opportunities based on their results. This could include additional resources, workshops, or coaching services.
  10. Data privacy and security
    The test should respect the user's privacy and handle their data with care, with measures in place to protect participants' information from misuse or unauthorized access.

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