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Updated on Feb 26, 2024 06:03
Are you a fashion enthusiast, always on the lookout for the latest trends and styles? If so, we've got the perfect ranking for you! At StrawPoll, we've compiled a list of the most popular fashion blogs that have taken the world by storm. These blogs showcase the crème de la crème of fashion, inspiring readers with their cutting-edge style tips, stunning visuals, and insider knowledge. We invite you to explore, vote for your favorite, and even suggest a missing option to make the list even more comprehensive. So, it's time to put on your most stylish ensemble and dive into the fabulous world of fashion blogging. Remember, your vote counts in crowning the ultimate fashion blog! Let the ranking begin!

What Is the Most Popular Fashion Blog?

  1. 1

    The Blonde Salad

    Chiara Ferragni
    Founded by Italian influencer Chiara Ferragni, The Blonde Salad is one of the most popular fashion blogs in the world, with a massive following on social media platforms. Its eclectic mix of high-end and affordable fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content has made it a go-to for fashion lovers all over the globe.
    The Blonde Salad is a highly popular fashion blog that offers a mix of personal style, trends, beauty tips, and lifestyle content. It provides inspiration and guidance to fashion enthusiasts worldwide.
    • Founded: 2009
    • Blog Type: Fashion
    • Monthly Visits: over 2 million
    • Social Media Followers: 10 million+
    • Languages: Available in multiple languages
  2. 2

    Man Repeller

    Leandra Medine
    Founded by Leandra Medine in 2010, Man Repeller is a fashion blog that celebrates fashion and personal style, while also poking fun at the industry's sometimes ridiculous trends and expectations. Its witty writing, bold fashion choices, and relatable voice have made it a favorite among fashion insiders and enthusiasts alike.
    The Man Repeller is a popular fashion blog that celebrates self-expression through style and encourages women to embrace fashion choices that may not necessarily appeal to the opposite sex.
    • Year of Creation: 2010
    • Website URL:
    • Social Media Followers: 1.7 million on Instagram
    • Focus: Fashion, self-expression, and embracing unique styles
    • Content Types: Articles, editorials, style inspiration, and fashion trend analysis
  3. 3
    The Coveteur is a fashion blog that takes readers inside the closets and homes of stylish celebrities, influencers, and fashion industry insiders. Its gorgeous photography and insider access have made it a must-read for fashion lovers who want a glimpse into the lives of their favorite style icons.
    The Coveteur is a widely recognized fashion blog that offers an intimate glimpse into the personal lives and closets of some of the world's most stylish individuals. Through captivating photography and in-depth interviews, the blog showcases the fashion industry's insiders, including designers, models, stylists, and celebrities.
    • Founded: 2011
    • Website:
    • Social Media Presence: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest
    • Content Focus: Fashion, style, and lifestyle
    • Interviews: In-depth interviews with industry insiders
  4. 4
    Fashionista is a fashion news site and blog that covers everything from runway shows to street style, celebrity fashion, and industry news. Its comprehensive coverage and authoritative voice have made it a go-to for fashion industry insiders and enthusiasts alike.
    Fashionista is a renowned fashion blog that covers the latest trends, style tips, and industry news. It is a go-to platform for fashion enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.
    • Launch year: 2006
    • Headquarters: New York City
    • Categories: Fashion, Style, Trends, News
    • Website:
    • Social media followers: 1.2 million+ on Instagram
  5. 5
    Who What Wear is a fashion blog and e-commerce site that features trend reports, celebrity style, and shopping guides. Its accessible, relatable content and affordable fashion picks have made it a favorite among fashion lovers of all ages and backgrounds.
    Who What Wear is one of the most popular fashion blogs that provides style inspiration, trend reports, and fashion news to its readers. It covers a wide range of topics including clothing, accessories, beauty, and celebrity fashion.
    • Launch Year: 2006
    • Website:
    • Social Media Followers: 3.7 million on Instagram
    • Monthly Visitors: Over 10 million
    • Categories: Fashion, Beauty, Celebrity Style
  6. 6
    Refinery29 is a lifestyle and fashion blog that covers everything from beauty and wellness to fashion, culture, and politics. Its diverse, inclusive content and commitment to social justice issues have made it a favorite among millennial and Gen Z readers.
    Refinery29 is a popular fashion blog that provides the latest trends, style advice, and fashion news for women. With a focus on inclusivity and diversity, it aims to empower and inspire readers to express their personal style. The blog covers various categories including clothing, accessories, beauty, and lifestyle.
    • Founded: 2005
    • Location: New York City, United States
    • Monthly Visitors: over 25 million
    • Topics Covered: Fashion, Style, Beauty, Lifestyle
    • Audience: Primarily women
  7. 7

    Into The Gloss

    Emily Weiss
    Into The Gloss is a beauty and fashion blog that features interviews with industry insiders, product reviews, and beauty tutorials. Its insider access and expert advice have made it a go-to for beauty enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.
    Into The Gloss is a popular fashion blog that provides a curated platform for beauty and style enthusiasts. It offers a blend of informative articles, interviews with industry experts, and product recommendations.
    • Founded: 2010
    • Website:
    • Focus: Beauty and style
    • Coverage: Fashion, skincare, makeup, haircare
    • Articles: Informative articles, interviews, product recommendations
  8. 8

    Gal Meets Glam

    Julia Engel
    Gal Meets Glam is a fashion and lifestyle blog founded by blogger and influencer Julia Engel. Its feminine, romantic aesthetic and affordable fashion picks have made it a favorite among readers who love classic, timeless style.
    Gal Meets Glam is a popular fashion blog that offers daily style inspiration, beauty tips, and travel advice. With a focus on feminine and classic fashion, the blog provides a platform for women to explore their personal style. Founded in 2011 by Julia Engel, Gal Meets Glam has become a go-to destination for fashion enthusiasts worldwide.
    • Website:
    • Launch Year: 2011
    • Fashion Focus: Feminine and classic style
    • Content: Daily style inspiration, beauty tips, travel advice
    • Audience: Fashion enthusiasts
  9. 9

    Song of Style

    Aimee Song
    Song of Style is a fashion and lifestyle blog founded by influencer Aimee Song. Its mix of high-end and affordable fashion, beauty, and travel content has made it a go-to for fashion lovers who want to stay on top of the latest trends while also getting a glimpse into Aimee's glamorous life.
    Song of Style is a highly popular fashion blog that showcases the personal style of its creator Aimee Song. Known for her effortless, chic and eclectic fashion choices, Aimee's blog has become a go-to source for fashion inspiration and trend updates. With a focus on both high-end fashion and affordable finds, Song of Style appeals to a wide range of fashion enthusiasts.
    • Blog Launch Year: 2008
    • Monthly Pageviews: over 1 million
    • Instagram Followers: over 5 million
    • YouTube Subscribers: over 1 million
    • Fashion Categories Covered: outfits, street style, beauty, lifestyle, travel
  10. 10

    The Sartorialist

    Scott Schuman
    The Sartorialist is a fashion blog founded by photographer Scott Schuman. Its street style photography and focus on personal style rather than trends have made it a favorite among fashion lovers who want inspiration from real people rather than just celebrities and models.
    The Sartorialist is a popular fashion blog that showcases street style photography
    • Launch Year: 2005
    • Location: Based in New York
    • Photography Style: Street style
    • Target Audience: Fashion enthusiasts, industry professionals
    • Frequency of Posts: Regularly updated

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Ranking factors for popular fashion blog

  1. Social media presence
    Check the number of followers, likes, shares, and comments across popular social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. A strong social media presence is a good indication of a blog's popularity and influence.
  2. Content quality and relevance
    Evaluate the quality, uniqueness, and relevance of the content being shared on the blog. Well-written and well-researched articles, along with high-quality photos and visuals, can make a fashion blog stand out from the competition.
  3. Consistency and frequency of updates
    Blogs that are regularly updated with new content are more likely to have a loyal readership and rank higher in search engines. The frequency of updates also plays a role in retaining visitor interest.
  4. Brand collaborations and partnerships
    Fashion blogs that partner with well-known or niche fashion brands are often considered more influential in the industry. These collaborations can help to establish the blog as a reputable source of information and style inspiration.
  5. Awards and recognition
    Any awards or recognitions received by the blog or its owner can offer another measure of the blog's popularity and credibility.
  6. Target audience and niche
    Consider the blog's target audience and market niche. A highly popular blog catering to a specific demographic or focusing on a particular fashion subculture may be more influential within that community than a general fashion blog.
  7. User experience and design
    A beautifully designed and easy-to-navigate blog can help attract and retain readers, contributing to the blog's popularity. Responsive design, quick page load times, and mobile optimization all play a role in overall user experience.
  8. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    Check how well the blog is optimized for search engines. A blog ranking for relevant fashion-related keywords is likely to have more organic traffic and higher popularity.
  9. Reader testimonials and reviews
    Look at the blog's comments section and any available testimonials or reviews to see if readers are engaged and enjoy the content. This can provide further insight into the blog's popularity and impact.

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