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What Is the Most Popular Garth Brooks Song?

  1. 1

    Friends in Low Places

    Garth Brooks
    This song is considered as Garth Brooks' signature hit and is a crowd favorite at his concerts. It was released in 1990 and has become a timeless classic.
    Friends in Low Places is a country song performed by Garth Brooks. It was released in 1990 as the lead single from his second studio album, No Fences. The song quickly became one of Brooks' signature songs and is considered one of his most popular and iconic hits. Friends in Low Places features a catchy melody, memorable lyrics, and classic country instrumentation.
    • Release Year: 1990
    • Album: No Fences
    • Genre: Country
    • Song Length: 4 minutes and 18 seconds
    • Writers: Dewayne Blackwell, Earl Bud Lee
  2. 2
    The Dance
    Alanisfan2002 (talk) · Public domain

    The Dance

    Fleetwood Mac
    This song is known for its poignant lyrics and emotional melody. It was released in 1990 and has since become a staple in country music.
    The Dance is a live album by the band Fleetwood Mac, released in 1997. It captures the reunion of the classic lineup of the band and showcases their iconic performance during their 1997 concert tour. The album features a blend of their greatest hits, including songs from their landmark 1977 album 'Rumours'. The Dance received critical acclaim and was a commercial success, resonating with both longtime fans and new audiences alike.
    • Release Date: August 19, 1997
    • Genre: Rock
    • Label: Reprise
    • Duration: 74:53
    • Live Recording Location: Warner Brothers Studios, Burbank, California
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  3. 3

    Thunder Rolls

    Garth Brooks
    This song is a powerful ballad that tells the story of a cheating spouse. It was released in 1991 and is considered one of Garth Brooks' best songs.
    The Thunder Rolls is a popular country song by Garth Brooks that was released in 1991. It tells a story of infidelity and the consequences that follow. The song's lyrics use thunderstorms as a metaphor for the turmoil and emotional intensity of a relationship on the brink of breaking down. With its powerful and evocative narrative, The Thunder Rolls became one of Garth Brooks's signature songs.
    • Release Date: 1991
    • Genre: Country
    • Album: No Fences
    • Songwriter(s): Garth Brooks and Pat Alger
    • Length: 3 minutes and 40 seconds
  4. 4
    This song is a beautiful love song that was released in 1989. It is a timeless classic that has been covered by many artists.
    If Tomorrow Never Comes is a country song recorded by American singer Garth Brooks. It was released in August 1989 as the second single from his self-titled debut album. The song, written by Brooks and Kent Blazy, speaks about the importance of expressing love and not taking anything for granted, because tomorrow is never guaranteed.
    • Genre: Country
    • Release Date: August 1989
    • Album: Garth Brooks
    • Songwriter(s): Garth Brooks, Kent Blazy
    • Length: 3 minutes and 37 seconds
  5. 5

    Unanswered Prayers

    Garth Brooks
    This song is a heartfelt ballad that tells the story of a man who is grateful for the prayers that went unanswered. It was released in 1990 and has become a fan favorite.
    Unanswered Prayers is a country ballad song performed by Garth Brooks. It was released as the second single from his 1990 album No Fences. The song explores the theme of gratitude for the blessings in life and reflects on the concept that sometimes unanswered prayers can lead to better outcomes in the long run.
    • Album: No Fences
    • Release Year: 1990
    • Genre: Country
    • Songwriter(s): Pat Alger, Larry Bastian, and Garth Brooks
    • Length: 3 minutes and 23 seconds
  6. 6
    This song is an uplifting anthem about taking risks and living life to the fullest. It was released in 1993 and is considered one of Garth Brooks' most inspirational songs.
    Standing Outside the Fire is a song recorded by American country music artist Garth Brooks. It was released in 1993 as the second single from his album 'In Pieces'. The song encourages the listener to take risks and embrace life fully, rather than simply watching from the sidelines.
    • Release Date: 1993
    • Album: In Pieces
    • Genre: Country
    • Length: 4 minutes 5 seconds
    • Songwriters: Jenny Yates, Garth Brooks
  7. 7
    The River
    MKFI · Public domain

    The River

    Bruce Springsteen
    This song is a beautiful ballad about the journey of life. It was released in 1992 and has become a beloved classic.
    The River is a song by American musician Bruce Springsteen. It was released in 1980 as the title track of his fifth studio album. The song is a poignant and introspective ballad that tells the story of a young couple dealing with the hardships of blue-collar life and the challenges of young love. Springsteen's heartfelt vocals and the song's evocative lyrics make it a timeless classic in his discography.
    • Album: The River
    • Year: 1980
    • Genre: Rock
    • Length: 5:01
    • Label: Columbia
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  8. 8

    Two Pina Coladas

    Garth Brooks
    This song is a fun, upbeat song about letting loose and having a good time. It was released in 1998 and has become a popular party anthem.
    Two Pina Coladas is a popular country song by Garth Brooks. It was released in 1997 as the second single from his seventh studio album 'Sevens'. The song tells the story of a person who is trying to drown their sorrows by ordering two Pina Coladas at a beachside bar. It is a lighthearted and catchy tune that has become a fan favorite at Brooks' concerts.
    • Release Date: 1997
    • Album: Sevens
    • Genre: Country
    • Length: 3 minutes and 34 seconds
    • Writer(s): Shawn Camp, Benita Hill, Sandy Mason
  9. 9
    This song is a high-energy, up-tempo song that is perfect for dancing. It was released in 1993 and is considered one of Garth Brooks' most fun songs.
    Ain't Goin' Down ('Til the Sun Comes Up) is a country music song by Garth Brooks. It was released as the lead single from his 1993 album, 'In Pieces'. The song describes a fast-paced, high-energy lifestyle that doesn't slow down even when the sun goes down.
    • Album: 'In Pieces'
    • Year: 1993
    • Genre: Country
    • Length: 4:19
    • Label: Liberty Records
  10. 10

    Callin' Baton Rouge

    Garth Brooks
    This song is a cover of a song originally recorded by The Oak Ridge Boys. It was released in 1994 and has become a fan favorite at Garth Brooks' concerts.
    Callin' Baton Rouge is a country song performed by Garth Brooks. It was released in 1994 as a single from his album The Hits. The song tells the story of a man who is desperately missing his lover from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and he tries to reach out to her through a phone call. It is an uptempo track with a catchy melody and infectious energy that became one of Garth Brooks' signature songs.
    • Album: The Hits
    • Release Year: 1994
    • Genre: Country
    • Length: 2:38
    • Label: Capitol Nashville

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