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Step into the magical world of StrawPoll and have your voice heard in the enchanting realm of wizardry! We're brewing up a mystical ranking of the most popular Harry Potter spells and we need your magical expertise to help determine which incantation will reign supreme. Will it be the swish and flick of "Wingardium Leviosa" that lifts your spirits, or the stupefying power of "Stupefy" that leaves you spellbound? Perhaps there's an obscure charm or hex we've missed that only true Potterheads would know. So grab your wands, don your robes, and head over to our enchanted poll to cast your vote or suggest a missing spell. Let's see which magical incantation will rise to the top and which will vanish into thin air. Lumos, and let the spellbinding begin!

What Is the Most Popular Harry Potter Spell?

  1. 1
    This spell is used to disarm an opponent and is one of the most commonly used spells in the entire Harry Potter series. It is used by both good and evil characters and has become a fan favorite.
    Expelliarmus is a defensive spell from the Harry Potter series. It is used to disarm opponents by forcefully causing their wand to fly out of their hand. The spell is non-destructive and does not cause harm to the target, making it a preferred choice in non-lethal duels or when the aim is to immobilize rather than harm the opponent.
    • Type: Defensive Spell
    • Effect: Disarms and knocks the opponent's wand out of their hand
    • Purpose: Defense and disarmament
    • Usage: Used against opponents, particularly in duels
    • Incantation: Expelliarmus
  2. 2
    This spell is used to create light and is often used by Harry and his friends to navigate dark areas. It is also popular among fans because it is one of the first spells introduced in the series.
    Lumos is a spell in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter that produces a bright beam of light at the tip of the caster's wand.
    • Incantation: Lumos
    • Function: Produces light at the wand's tip
    • First Appearance: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
    • Usage: Used to illuminate dark areas or as a signaling tool
    • Variations: Lumos Solem (produces a beam of concentrated sunlight)
  3. 3
    This spell is used to conjure a protective creature called a Patronus, which can ward off Dementors and other dark creatures. It is a powerful spell that requires a strong happy memory to be effective.
    Expecto Patronum is a powerful defensive charm used in the wizarding world of Harry Potter. It manifests as a silver-white guardian animal, which acts as a shield against Dementors and other dark creatures. The charm is primarily used to repel these creatures and protect oneself and others from their draining effects.
    • Incantation: Expecto Patronum
    • Type: Defensive charm
    • Effect: Creates a spirit guardian
    • Purpose: Protection against Dementors
    • Appearance: Silver-white animal form
    Expecto Patronum in other rankings
  4. 4
    This spell is used to levitate objects and is famously mispronounced by Ron in the first book/movie. It is a popular spell among fans because it is often used by Hermione to showcase her intelligence and skill.
    Wingardium Leviosa is a charm spell in the wizarding world of Harry Potter. It allows the caster to levitate and control the movement of objects with their wand. The spell is often used to lift and move objects that are too heavy or out of reach by ordinary means.
    • Incantation: Wingardium Leviosa
    • Effect: Levitates and controls the movement of objects
    • Difficulty Level: Beginner
    • Hand Movement: Swish and flick
    • Wand Movement: Pointed towards the object being levitated
    Wingardium Leviosa in other rankings
  5. 5
    This spell is used to unlock doors and is often used by Harry and his friends to gain access to restricted areas. It is a popular spell among fans because it is simple but effective.
    Alohomora is a spell in the Harry Potter universe that is primarily used to open and unlock doors, as well as certain other locked objects. It is a useful spell for overcoming obstacles or gaining access to restricted areas.
    • Incantation: Alohomora
    • Type: Unlocking spell
    • Effect: Opens and unlocks doors and certain locked objects
    • Usage: Used by tapping one's wand on the target object while saying the incantation
    • Difficulty level: Low
  6. 6
    This spell is one of the most powerful and dangerous spells in the Harry Potter series, as it is used to kill opponents. It is a popular spell among fans because of its dark and ominous nature.
    Avada Kedavra is one of the three Unforgivable Curses, widely known as the Killing Curse in the Harry Potter series. It is an extremely dangerous and deadly spell that causes instantaneous death to the target. The curse manifests itself as a jet of green light, making it distinctive and easily recognizable. It is considered an unforgivable offense to use this spell on another human being.
    • Type: Dark Arts spell
    • Incantation: Avada Kedavra
    • Effect: Instantaneous death
    • Color: Green light
    • Popularized by: Lord Voldemort
  7. 7
    This spell is used to summon objects and is often used by Harry and his friends to retrieve items from a distance. It is a popular spell among fans because it is useful and versatile.
  8. 8
    This spell is used to stun opponents and is often used by Harry and his friends when they need to incapacitate an opponent without causing harm. It is a popular spell among fans because it is effective but less dark than other spells.
    Stupefy is a defensive spell in the Harry Potter series that renders the target unconscious momentarily. It is one of the most widely used spells and is commonly used during combat or to immobilize opponents.
    • Incantation: Stupefy
    • Type: Defensive spell
    • Effect: Temporarily renders the target unconscious
    • Intended target: Living beings
    • Usage: Commonly used during combat or to immobilize opponents
  9. 9
    This spell is used to erase memories and is often used by the Ministry of Magic to keep the wizarding world a secret from Muggles. It is a popular spell among fans because of its unique and powerful nature.
    Obliviate is a powerful memory modification spell in the world of Harry Potter. It is an enchantment that allows the caster to erase specific memories from the mind of the target individual, causing them to forget the specific event or information. The spell is primarily used by witches and wizards to maintain the secrecy of the magical world by removing any evidence or recollection of magical events from the minds of Muggles (non-magical people).
    • Incantation: Obliviate
    • Type: Memory modification spell
    • Effect: Erases specific memories
    • Target: Individual whose memories are to be modified
    • Usage: Used by witches and wizards
  10. 10
    This spell is used to create a shield that can protect the caster from spells and other attacks. It is a popular spell among fans because it is a defensive spell that can be used in a variety of situations.
    Protego is a magical spell used for creating a protective shield that defends the caster against incoming spells, curses, and hexes.
    • Type: Defensive spell
    • Incantation: Protego
    • Effect: Creates an invisible shield to block incoming spells
    • Usage: Used by waving the wand and casting the incantation
    • Difficulty Level: Intermediate

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Ranking factors for popular spell

  1. Frequency of use in the books and movies
    How often is the spell mentioned or used by the characters in the books or shown in the movies? Spells that appear more frequently are likely to be more popular.
  2. Impact on the story
    How crucial is the spell to the plot or character development? Spells that have a significant impact on the story may be more memorable and popular.
  3. Fan-favorite moments
    Are there any standout fan-favorite moments where a particular spell was used? Memorable scenes can contribute to the popularity of a spell.
  4. Practicality and usefulness
    Is the spell practical and useful in the context of the wizarding world? Spells that have more real-world or in-universe applications may be favored by fans.
  5. Iconic quotes or phrases
    Are there any iconic quotes or phrases associated with the spell, such as "Wingardium Leviosa" or "Expecto Patronum"? Popular and recognizable phrases can contribute to the overall popularity of a spell.
  6. Aesthetic appeal
    Does the spell have a visually appealing or unique effect in the movies? Spells with impressive visual effects may be more popular among fans.
  7. Emotional resonance
    Does the spell have any emotional significance or personal relevance for the characters or the reader? A spell that holds emotional weight may be more popular.
  8. Difficulty level
    Is the spell considered challenging or easy to cast? Spells that are challenging to cast might gain popularity for being impressive, while easier spells can become popular due to their accessibility to a wider range of characters.
  9. Merchandising and marketing
    Has the spell been associated with any merchandise, such as wands or clothing items? The popularity of these products can influence the popularity of the spell.

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