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Welcome to StrawPoll, where your opinions matter! Get ready to embark on a colorful and exciting journey as we explore the enchanting world of Hatchimals! We've gathered the most adorable and sought-after Hatchimal species to create the ultimate ranking of "What is the most popular Hatchimal?" Now it's your turn to make a difference—vote for your favorite or suggest a missing option. Unleash your inner Hatchi-fan and let your voice be heard in this magical showdown! Our ever-changing list is waiting for your valuable input, so don't let these cute creatures down. Join us now and help us determine which Hatchimal will emerge as the fan-favorite in the world of StrawPoll rankings!

What Is the Most Popular Hatchimal?

  1. 1

    Hatchimals Surprise

    Spin Master
    This is the newest Hatchimals toy that features twins and is more interactive than the previous versions. It has a high rating on Amazon.
    Hatchimals Surprise is a popular interactive toy that combines the joy of hatching with the excitement of discovering a surprise. Designed for children, it offers a unique hatching experience and the chance to discover not one, but two adorable plush characters inside.
    • Requires Batteries: Yes
    • Age Range: 5 years and up
    • Hatching Method: Interactive hatching through touch and nurturing
    • Number of Characters: 2
    • Variety of Characters: Multiple characters available
  2. 2
    This is a miniature version of Hatchimals that comes in an egg carton. Kids love to collect them and trade with friends.
    Hatchimals Colleggtibles are small, collectible toys that are part of the Hatchimals brand. They are miniature versions of the original Hatchimals, featuring adorable animal characters.
    • Series: Various series available
    • Size: Approximately 2.5 centimeters tall
    • Hatching Mechanism: Rub the heart on the egg to reveal the Colleggtible inside
    • Characters: Over 100 different characters available
    • Rarity Levels: Common, Rare, Ultra Rare, Special Edition, Limited Edition
  3. 3
    This is a sparkly version of Hatchimals that comes with a garden playset. It has a high rating on Amazon.
    The Hatchimals Glittering Garden is a popular Hatchimal toy that was released in 2017. It is known for its interactive and adorable features that captivate children's imaginations. This particular Hatchimal edition is covered in glitter which adds an extra sparkle to the hatching experience. It offers a unique and fun way for kids to nurture and care for their own virtual pet.
    • Year of Release: 2017
    • Glitter Coverage: Covered in glitter
    • Interactive Features: Responds to touch and sound
    • Virtual Pet: Allows kids to care for their own virtual pet
    • Hatching Experience: Egg hatches to reveal a surprise Hatchimal
  4. 4

    Hatchimals Pengualas

    Spin Master
    This was one of the first versions of Hatchimals that was released and features a penguin-like creature that hatches from an egg.
    Hatchimals Pengualas is a popular interactive toy that belongs to the Hatchimals series. It is a lovable creature that hatches from an egg and grows with the help of its owner's care and nurture. The Pengualas species of Hatchimals have a penguin-like appearance with colorful fur, big eyes, and adjustable wings. They can speak, dance, play games, and respond to touch and sound stimuli. With various features and interactions, Hatchimals Pengualas provide an enjoyable and educational experience for children.
    • Species: Pengualas
    • Appearance: Penguin-like with colorful fur and adjustable wings
    • Interactivity: Responds to touch, sound, and motion
    • Features: Speaking, dancing, playing games
    • Growth: Evolves and learns as it is nurtured
  5. 5

    Hatchimals Draggles

    Spin Master
    This version of Hatchimals is similar to Pengualas but features a dragon-like creature that hatches from an egg.
    The Hatchimals Draggles is one of the most popular Hatchimals toys. It is an interactive toy that hatches from an egg and features a cute dragon-like creature. The Draggles come in various colors and each has unique patterns on its body and wings. With their big eyes and colorful appearance, these Hatchimals are adored by kids of all ages.
    • Species: Dragon-like creature
    • Colors: Various
    • Pattern: Unique patterns on body and wings
    • Egg: Interactive egg that hatches
    • Interactive Features: Responds to touch and sound
  6. 6

    Hatchimals Burtles

    Spin Master
    This is a newer version of Hatchimals that features a turtle-like creature that hatches from an egg.
    The Hatchimals Burtles is one of the most popular Hatchimals toys. It is a small, interactive plush toy that hatches from its own egg and features various electronic features, making it an engaging toy for kids.
    • Egg Hatching: The Burtles starts as an egg, and with nurturing and care, it hatches to reveal the cute plush toy inside.
    • Interactive: The Hatchimals Burtles responds to touch and makes adorable sounds. It can repeat words and phrases, play games, and interact with its environment.
    • Aging Process: As kids continue to interact with the Burtles, it goes through different life stages including baby, toddler, and kid, adding excitement and exploration to the play.
    • Light-up Eyes: The Burtles has expressive eyes that light up in different colors, reflecting its mood and providing visual feedback during play.
    • Teachable: Kids can teach the Burtles to speak various words and phrases, allowing for personalized interactions and entertainment.
  7. 7

    Hatchimals Mystery

    Spin Master
    This is a mystery version of Hatchimals where you don't know which creature you will get until it hatches. It has a high rating on Amazon.
    Hatchimals Mystery is a popular toy that combines the excitement of hatching an egg with the mystery of not knowing which Hatchimal you will get. It offers a unique and interactive experience for kids, as they must care for the egg and nurture it until it hatches to reveal their new furry friend.
    • Age Range: 5+ years
    • Egg Types: 4 different types
    • Hatchimal Possibilities: Over 100 different Hatchimals to collect
    • Interactive Features: Lights, sounds, and movements
    • Hatching Time: Approximately 25 minutes
  8. 8

    Hatchimals Pixies

    Spin Master Ltd.
    This is a newer version of Hatchimals that features tiny pixie dolls that come with a Hatchimals egg.
    Hatchimals Pixies is a popular line of collectible toys that are part of the Hatchimals brand. These miniature dolls come in colorful egg-shaped containers and are known for their magical transformations.
    • Size: Approximately 2.5 inches tall
    • Egg Size: Approximately 2 inches in diameter
    • Available Characters: Multiple unique Pixies to collect
    • Special Features: Magical wings, poseable heads, and changing eye colors
    • Accessories: Each Pixie comes with themed accessories
  9. 9

    Hatchimals Hatchibabies

    Spin Master Ltd.
    This version of Hatchimals features a baby creature that hatches from an egg and has interactive features like feeding and rocking.
    Hatchimals Hatchibabies are interactive and loveable creatures that come hidden inside colorful speckled eggs. These adorable Hatchibabies need your love and care to hatch and grow. They feature interactive play, nurturing and feeding capabilities, and a unique gender reveal.
    • Egg: Colorful speckled egg
    • Interactive Play: Responds to touch and sound
    • Nurturing: Requires love and care to grow
    • Feeding: Bottle and interactive accessories included
    • Gender Revealing: Unique gender reveal feature
  10. 10
    This is a newer version of Hatchimals that features a mystical forest theme and comes with a playset.
    Hatchimals Fabula Forest is a popular toy line that combines the magic of hatching with interactive play. Each Hatchimal is housed within an egg and needs the love and care of its owner to hatch and grow. The Fabula Forest collection features unique, colorful creatures inspired by fantastic forest tales.
    • Age range: 5 years and up
    • Interactive features: Responds to touch, motion, and sound
    • Egg: Hatchimals are packaged inside an egg
    • Hatching process: Requires active participation from owner
    • Growth stages: Hatchimals grow through different life stages

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Ranking factors for popular Hatchimal

  1. Sales figures
    Look for the sales numbers of different Hatchimal models to determine their overall popularity among consumers. The higher the sales, the more popular the Hatchimal is.
  2. Online reviews and ratings
    Research customer reviews on e-commerce platforms and other relevant websites to understand how satisfied people are with their Hatchimals purchase. High ratings and positive reviews indicate a popular Hatchimal.
  3. Awards and recognition
    Check if any Hatchimal models have received industry awards or recognition as being top toys in the market. This can be a sign of popularity and high-quality among both consumers and experts.
  4. Availability and accessibility
    Popular Hatchimals should be widely available across various retail channels, both online and in physical stores. Additionally, they should be easy for consumers to acquire without excessive waiting periods or high price mark-ups due to demand.
  5. Unique features and innovations
    A popular Hatchimal should possess appealing features, design, and functionality that distinguish it from other models and enhance its attractiveness to consumers.
  6. Age-appropriateness and safety
    Popular Hatchimals should cater to a wide range of age groups while ensuring safety standards are maintained, making them suitable for children of various ages.
  7. Brand reputation and visibility
    The reputation and visibility of the brand producing Hatchimals can impact their popularity. A well-known, trusted brand with a history of producing exciting and innovative toys is more likely to have popular Hatchimal models.
  8. Celebrity or influencer endorsements
    If any celebrities or social media influencers have endorsed or shown their love for a specific Hatchimal model, it could contribute to the popularity and demand for that particular Hatchimal.
  9. Price
    A popular Hatchimal should offer good value for money, being reasonably priced without compromising on quality, design, or features.

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