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Welcome to StrawPoll's ultimate ranking of "What is the most popular Kids Bop song?" – where every vote counts and your opinion matters! Our vibrant community has handpicked a fantastic selection of Kids Bop tunes that have captured the hearts of children and parents alike. Now, it's your turn to make your voice heard and help us determine the top choice for the much-loved Kids Bop anthem. Cast your vote, share your thoughts, or even suggest a missing track that deserves a spot in our ever-growing list. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to be part of the ultimate Kids Bop fan community and let the world know which song truly deserves the crown! The stage is set, the microphone is on, and the countdown begins – so, let's get those votes rolling!

What Is the Most Popular Kids Bop Song?

  1. 1

    Old Town Road

    Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus
    This song was a massive hit for Kids Bop, as it was also a massive hit for the original artist Lil Nas X. The catchy melody and fun lyrics made it a favorite among kids.
    Old Town Road is a popular Kids Bop song that was released in 2019. It is a catchy hip-hop/country track that combines modern rap lyrics with a Western-themed sound. The song gained massive popularity on social media platforms like TikTok and quickly became a viral sensation among kids and adults alike.
    • Genre: Hip-hop/Country
    • Release Year: 2019
    • Length: 2 minutes and 38 seconds
    • Chart Performance: Reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100
    • Lyrics: Features themes of horses, riding, and living a carefree lifestyle
  2. 2
    This song by Marshmello and Bastille was a huge hit for Kids Bop, as it has a positive message of finding happiness in the midst of tough times.
    Happier is a popular Kids Bop song that gained widespread popularity among young audiences. It features catchy melodies and relatable lyrics that resonated with kids around the world. The song primarily focuses on the theme of finding happiness in oneself and cherishing moments of joy.
    • Genre: Pop
    • Release Date: August 17, 2018
    • Album: Joytime III
    • Length: 3 minutes, 34 seconds
    • Label: Joytime Collective
  3. 3

    Uptown Funk

    Mark Ronson
    This song by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars was a massive hit for Kids Bop, as it has a catchy melody and fun lyrics that are perfect for dancing.
    Uptown Funk is a funk-pop song that was released in 2014. It is known for its catchy and upbeat sound, combining elements of funk, pop, and R&B. The song features Bruno Mars as the lead vocalist and was produced by Mark Ronson.
    • Release Date: November 10, 2014
    • Genre: Funk-pop
    • Duration: 4 minutes and 30 seconds
    • Album: Uptown Special
    • Peak Chart Positions: No. 1 in multiple countries
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  4. 4
    This song by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper was a huge hit for Kids Bop, as it is a beautiful ballad with inspiring lyrics about love and overcoming fear.
  5. 5

    Just Dance

    Lady Gaga
    This song by Lady Gaga was a massive hit for Kids Bop, as it has a fun melody and upbeat lyrics that are perfect for dancing.
    Just Dance is a popular Kids Bop song that was originally created by Lady Gaga. It is an upbeat and catchy dance-pop track that encourages listeners to let loose and enjoy the rhythm. The song became a huge hit, particularly among kids and young teenagers, for its energizing melody and easy-to-follow dance moves. Released in 2008, Just Dance catapulted Lady Gaga's career into stardom, becoming her breakthrough single. It has since become a staple in her discography and a fan-favorite during her live performances.
    • Genre: Dance-pop
    • Release Year: 2008
    • Album: The Fame
    • Length: 4:02
    • Label: Interscope
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    Can't Stop the Feeling!
    Dreamworks · Public domain

    Can't Stop the Feeling!

    Justin Timberlake
    This song by Justin Timberlake was a huge hit for Kids Bop, as it is a fun and upbeat song that encourages kids to dance and have fun.
    Can't Stop the Feeling! is a popular Kids Bop song that was released in 2016. It is an upbeat and catchy pop song that appeals to kids and adults alike. The song celebrates the joy and happiness that comes from dancing and letting go of your worries. Can't Stop the Feeling! has a positive and energetic vibe that makes it a favorite among kids.
    • Release Date: May 6, 2016
    • Genre: Pop
    • Duration: 3 minutes, 56 seconds
    • Album: Trolls (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
    • Label: RCA Records
  7. 7
    This song by Justin Bieber was a massive hit for Kids Bop, as it has a catchy melody and relatable lyrics that kids can sing along to.
    Sorry is a popular Kids Bop song which was originally performed by Justin Bieber. It was released as a single in 2015 as a part of Bieber's album 'Purpose'. The song achieved worldwide success and has been widely loved by kids and teenagers. It has a catchy pop sound with relatable lyrics about apologizing for mistakes in a relationship.
    • Release Date: October 23, 2015
    • Album: Purpose
    • Genre: Pop
    • Length: 3:20
    • Label: Def Jam
  8. 8
    This song by Katy Perry was a huge hit for Kids Bop, as it has a positive message of strength and empowerment that is perfect for young girls.
    Roar is a popular song by Katy Perry that was released in 2013 as the lead single from her fourth studio album, Prism. It is an empowering anthem about finding strength and courage in oneself. The song features a combination of pop and rock elements, with catchy melodies and uplifting lyrics.
    • Release Date: August 10, 2013
    • Album: Prism
    • Genre: Pop, Rock
    • Length: 3 minutes and 42 seconds
    • Writers: Katy Perry, Dr. Luke, Max Martin, Bonnie McKee
  9. 9
    This song by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee was a massive hit for Kids Bop, as it has a catchy melody and fun lyrics that are perfect for dancing.
    Despacito is a popular Kids Bop song that gained massive popularity worldwide. It is a bilingual track with a mix of reggaeton and pop genres. The song has a catchy and energetic tune that appeals to both kids and adults. It features lively and playful lyrics which make it enjoyable for children. Despacito has a fun and vibrant music video that showcases various dance moves and vibrant visuals. The song is known for its Latin-infused rhythms and captivating melodies. It became a viral sensation and reached the top of music charts around the globe. Despacito was created by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, who are renowned Latin artists. With its immense popularity, the song became a cultural phenomenon and introduced many people to the world of Spanish-language music.
    • Genre: Reggaeton, Pop
    • Language: Bilingual (Spanish and English)
    • Music Video: Fun and vibrant visuals
    • Lyrics: Lively and playful
    • Chart Performance: Reached top of music charts worldwide
  10. 10

    Shape of You

    Ed Sheeran
    This song by Ed Sheeran was a huge hit for Kids Bop, as it has a catchy melody and fun lyrics that are perfect for dancing.
    The song 'Shape of You' is a pop and dancehall-infused track that was released by British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran. It is the lead single from his third studio album, '÷' (Divide), and has become one of his most popular and successful songs.
    • Genre: Pop, Dancehall
    • Album: ÷ (Divide)
    • Release Date: January 6, 2017
    • Length: 3:53
    • Writers: Ed Sheeran, Steve Mac, Johnny McDaid, Kandi Burruss, Tameka Cottle, Kevin Briggs
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  1. Number of streams/plays
    A key indicator of a song's popularity is the number of times it has been streamed or played on various platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, or other online music services.
  2. Sales figures
    You should consider how successful the song has been in terms of sales, not just downloads but also physical copies (if available). This may include album sales figures, if the song was part of an album.
  3. Billboard chart performance
    Checking the chart performance of the song on the Billboard Kid Albums Chart and the corresponding weeks on the charts can provide insight into the popularity of the Kids Bop song.
  4. Radio airplay
    Radio stations usually play popular songs more frequently, so consider how often the Kids Bop song was played on radio stations catering to children and family audiences. You can also check the airplay rankings for songs on various charts.
  5. Social media buzz
    Social media platforms can be another good indicator of a song's popularity. Track discussions, shares, and mentions of the song on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  6. Popularity during live performances
    If Kids Bop performs live concerts or shows, pay attention to how the audience reacts to the song during the performance. Also, consider how often the song is included in their setlists.
  7. Awards and recognition
    Popular songs may receive awards or accolades, so check if the Kids Bop song has received any awards (including nominations) for being a top song in children's music.
  8. Critical reception
    Music critics and reviewers can also offer insights into whether a song is popular or well-liked. Check for reviews of the song, album, or performance from reputable music sources.
  9. Longevity
    A song that remains popular over a longer period is likely more well-liked than a song that fades quickly from public attention. Consider how long the song has been popular or well-known.

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Kids Bop has been a household name since its inception in 2001. It is a series of compilation albums featuring children singing contemporary popular songs that have been edited to be more appropriate for younger audiences. Since its first release, Kids Bop has become a cultural phenomenon with millions of sales worldwide. The series has produced more than 40 albums to date, with each one featuring a selection of the latest chart-topping hits. With such a wide range of songs to choose from, it's no wonder that Kids Bop has become a go-to choice for parents looking for age-appropriate music for their children. But which Kids Bop song is the most popular amongst kids and parents alike? Let's take a closer look at some of the top contenders.

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