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Jun 16, 2023 10:18 (Updated on Dec 6, 2023 08:26)
Step right up and join the cinematic showdown of the century! At StrawPoll, we're hosting an epic ranking to determine the most popular line from a movie, and we need your help to settle the score! From timeless classics to modern masterpieces, thousands of unforgettable moments are etched in our memories, but only one line can reign supreme. So, are you ready to make your voice heard? Vote for your all-time favorite movie quote or suggest a missing gem that deserves the spotlight! This is your chance to be part of the ultimate movie-lover's debate, and together, we'll uncover the iconic line that truly stands the test of time. Ready, set, action!

What Is the Most Popular Line from a Movie?

  1. 1
    This line is iconic and has become a catchphrase for Star Wars fans around the world. It is used to wish someone good luck or to show support.
  2. 2
    This line is often used to express affection or admiration towards someone. It has become a classic romantic line.
    The line 'Here's looking at you, kid' is one of the most iconic quotes from the classic movie Casablanca (1942). It is spoken by the character Rick Blaine, played by Humphrey Bogart, to his love interest Ilsa Lund, played by Ingrid Bergman.
    • Movie: Casablanca (1942)
    • Character: Rick Blaine
    • Actor: Humphrey Bogart
    • Love Interest: Ilsa Lund
    • Actress: Ingrid Bergman
  3. 3
    "I'll be back" - The Terminator (1984)
    Klapi · CC BY-SA 3.0
    This line has become synonymous with Arnold Schwarzenegger and his tough-guy roles. It is often used to express confidence or determination.
  4. 4
    This line is often used to express frustration or disbelief towards someone who is not willing to accept the truth. It has become a popular meme and catchphrase.
    'You can't handle the truth!' is a famous line from the movie 'A Few Good Men' released in 1992. It is a dramatic moment in the film where Colonel Nathan R. Jessup, played by Jack Nicholson, expresses his frustration when being questioned by Lieutenant Daniel Kaffee, played by Tom Cruise. The line has become iconic and is often quoted and referenced in popular culture.
    • Movie title: A Few Good Men
    • Release year: 1992
    • Director: Rob Reiner
    • Writer: Aaron Sorkin
    • Lead actors: Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, Demi Moore
  5. 5
    This line is often used to express excitement or a feeling of accomplishment. It has become a popular catchphrase and meme.
    The line 'I'm the king of the world!' is a memorable quote from the movie Titanic (1997). It is exclaimed by the character Jack Dawson, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, as he stands on the bow of the ship. The line represents Jack's exhilaration and youthful spirit, as he feels a sense of freedom and endless possibilities.
    • Movie: Titanic (1997)
    • Character: Jack Dawson
    • Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio
    • Context: Jack is standing on the bow of the ship
    • Emotion: Exhilaration
  6. 6
    This line is often used to express enthusiasm or a sense of adventure. It has become a popular catchphrase among children and adults alike.
    The iconic quote 'To infinity and beyond!' is a catchphrase used by the character Buzz Lightyear in the animated movie Toy Story (1995). It reflects Buzz's adventurous spirit and his belief in limitless possibilities. The line has become synonymous with the film and has gained immense popularity among both children and adults.
    • Movie: Toy Story (1995)
    • Character: Buzz Lightyear
    • Genre: Animated/Adventure/Comedy
    • Director: John Lasseter
    • Production Company: Pixar Animation Studios
  7. 7
    This line is often used to express a problem or a difficult situation. It has become a popular catchphrase and has been referenced in many other movies and TV shows.
    The famous line 'Houston, we have a problem' is spoken by astronaut Jim Lovell (played by Tom Hanks) in the movie Apollo 13 (1995). The film is a gripping retelling of the real-life Apollo 13 space mission that encountered a near-fatal disaster in 1970. This iconic line symbolizes the critical moment when the astronauts inform Mission Control about their life-threatening situation, an oxygen tank explosion that jeopardizes their chances of returning safely to Earth.
    • Movie Title: Apollo 13
    • Year: 1995
    • Director: Ron Howard
    • Lead Actor: Tom Hanks
    • Character: Jim Lovell
  8. 8
    This line is often used to express the desire for financial gain or success. It has become a popular catchphrase and has been referenced in many other movies and TV shows.
    The famous line 'Show me the money!' is from the movie Jerry Maguire released in 1996. It is a comedy-drama film that follows the story of a sports agent named Jerry Maguire who experiences a moral crisis and tries to rebuild his career from scratch. The line becomes a catchphrase as Jerry expresses his demand for financial success and his determination to secure a lucrative deal for his clients.
    • Release Year: 1996
    • Genre: Comedy-Drama
    • Director: Cameron Crowe
    • Writer: Cameron Crowe
    • Main Cast: Tom Cruise, Cuba Gooding Jr., RenĂ©e Zellweger
  9. 9
    This line is often used to express the importance of knowing your enemies and keeping them close to you. It has become a popular catchphrase and has been referenced in many other movies and TV shows.
    "Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer" is a famous quote from the movie The Godfather Part II (1974). It is spoken by Michael Corleone, played by Al Pacino, during a conversation about strategy and power. The line has become widely recognized and is often quoted in various contexts, symbolizing the importance of vigilance and understanding one's adversaries. As a powerful statement in the film, it captures the essence of the complex relationships and power dynamics within the mafia world.
    • Movie Title: The Godfather Part II
    • Year: 1974
    • Character: Michael Corleone
    • Actor: Al Pacino
    • Context: Conversation about strategy and power
  10. 10
    This line is often used to express excitement or surprise. It has become a popular catchphrase and has been referenced in many other movies and TV shows.
    "Here's Johnny!" is a famous line from the movie The Shining (1980). It is uttered by the character Jack Torrance, played by Jack Nicholson, as he breaks down a bathroom door with an axe to attack his wife.
    • Movie Title: The Shining
    • Release Year: 1980
    • Character: Jack Torrance
    • Actor: Jack Nicholson
    • Scene: Bathroom door

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Ranking factors for popular line

  1. Memorability
    The line should be memorable and easily recalled by the audience. It should have a lasting impact and be easily recognizable as a quote from the movie.
  2. Popularity
    The line should be widely known and quoted by moviegoers, regardless of the specific demographic. This may be gauged by its presence in popular culture, such as references on television shows, social media, and everyday conversation.
  3. Emotional Impact
    The line should evoke a strong emotional response, whether it be happiness, sadness, laughter, or any other emotion that contributes to its resonance with the audience.
  4. Significance to the Movie's Plot
    The line should play a crucial role in the movie's narrative, often serving as a turning point or conveying a powerful message that encompasses the film's themes.
  5. Relevance to Real Life
    The line should also have some level of relatability or applicability to real-life situations, which often adds to its popularity and memorability.
  6. Originality
    The line should be unique and stand out from other quotes within the movie or from other films. An original and well-crafted line will often be more memorable.
  7. Acting and Delivery
    The performance of the actor delivering the line plays a significant role in its popularity. A powerful and well-executed delivery can make a line even more memorable and impactful.
  8. Cultural Impact
    The line should have had an impact on popular culture and society, transcending the movie itself and becoming an iconic phrase in its own right.
  9. Timelessness
    The line should remain popular and relevant, even as time goes by and the movie ages. A timeless line will continue to resonate with audiences and maintain its status as a popular quote from the film.
  10. Audience Appeal
    The line should appeal to a wide range of people, from casual moviegoers to die-hard fans, making it more likely to be frequently quoted and remembered.

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