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Updated on Apr 18, 2024 07:17
Get ready to cast your vote in the ultimate showdown of the most popular LOL toys! At StrawPoll, we've gathered the coolest, the cutest, and the most sought-after LOL collectibles for you to rank and vote on. Which one will reign supreme? Will it be the dazzling Glitter Queen or the adorable Unicorn? Perhaps a hidden gem waiting to be discovered? You decide! Join thousands of toy enthusiasts and let your voice be heard in this epic battle for LOL toy supremacy. Don't see your favorite on the list? No worries! You can easily suggest a missing option and rally support for your top pick. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of LOL fun, and let the ranking begin!

What Is the Most Popular LOL Toy?

  1. 1

    LOL Surprise! Dolls

    MGA Entertainment
    These are the original LOL toys that started the craze. They come in several different series and include a surprise doll, accessories, and often a water surprise feature.
    LOL Surprise! Dolls are a popular line of collectible dolls that come in a surprise package. Each doll is wrapped in multiple layers of packaging, creating an element of surprise and anticipation. The dolls are known for their vibrant and trendy clothing, accessories, and hairstyles. Each doll belongs to a different club, such as the Glam Club, Opposites Club, or Glee Club, adding to the collectibility factor. With different series and limited edition releases, LOL Surprise! Dolls have become a sensation among kids and collectors alike.
    • Series: Multiple series available
    • Packaging: Wrapped in layers of surprise packaging
    • Clothing: Vibrant and trendy attire
    • Accessories: Varied accessories matching each doll's theme
    • Hairstyles: Dolls with different hairstyles
  2. 2

    LOL Surprise! Pets

    MGA Entertainment
    These are mini versions of the dolls that come with their own little accessories and surprises.
    LOL Surprise! Pets is a popular line of collectible toys part of the LOL Surprise! series. Created by MGA Entertainment, it offers a unique unboxing experience for kids, combining the excitement of unwrapping with the surprise element of discovering the pet inside.
    • Series: LOL Surprise! Pets
    • Unboxing Experience: Surprise pets inside
    • Collectible: Part of the LOL Surprise! collection
    • Design: Adorable animal-themed dolls
    • Accessories: Includes themed accessories for the pets
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  3. 3

    LOL Surprise! Hairgoals

    MGA Entertainment
    These dolls come with real hair that can be styled and accessorized.
    LOL Surprise! Hairgoals is one of the most popular LOL Surprise Dolls, loved by kids worldwide. It offers a unique unboxing experience with surprises at every step. Each doll comes with beautiful, colorful hair which can be styled in various ways. The surprise factor and the collectible nature of these dolls make them highly sought after by young doll enthusiasts.
    • Product Type: Collectible Doll
    • Recommended Age: 3 years and up
    • Unboxing Experience: Surprises at every step
    • Hair Type: Colorful and stylable
    • Accessories: Includes different hair accessories
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  4. 4

    LOL Surprise! O.M.G. Dolls

    MGA Entertainment
    These are larger dolls with more detailed features and outfits.
    LOL Surprise! O.M.G. Dolls are a popular line of fashion dolls that are part of the LOL Surprise! toy brand. These dolls are known for their stylish and trendy outfits, accessories, and intricate details. They are designed to be a larger and more glamorous version of the original LOL Surprise dolls.
    • Size: Approximately 10 inches tall
    • Articulation: Multiple points of articulation for posing and play
    • Fashion: Comes with fashionable clothing and accessories
    • Hair: Features long, styled hair
    • Makeup: Dolls have intricate makeup designs
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  5. 5

    LOL Surprise! Boys

    MGA Entertainment
    These are the male counterparts to the original LOL dolls, with their own unique accessories and surprises.
    LOL Surprise! Boys is a popular line of dolls that offers a fun and exciting twist to the traditional LOL Surprise Dolls. These dolls are designed specifically for boys, allowing them to join in on the fun and collect their own unique characters.
    • Target Audience: Boys
    • Character Options: Multiple unique characters
    • Surprise Elements: Each doll comes with a surprise accessory or feature
    • Size: Approximately 3.75 inches tall
    • Articulation: Posable with movable arms, legs, and heads
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  6. 6

    LOL Surprise! Fuzzy Pets

    MGA Entertainment
    These pets have a fuzzy texture and come with their own mini surprises.
    LOL Surprise! Fuzzy Pets is a popular toy from the LOL Surprise! franchise. It is designed to provide children with a fun and interactive unboxing experience. The toy features a cute and fuzzy animal figure that is hidden inside a surprise ball. As children unwrap each layer of the ball, they discover unique accessories, including outfits, shoes, and other fun surprises. The fuzzy pet can be washed to reveal its true colors and features a stylish and collectible design. With over 45 different pets to collect, this toy offers endless opportunities for imaginative play and customization.
    • Type: Interactive Toy
    • Recommended Age Range: 5 years and up
    • Includes: Fuzzy pet figure, outfits, shoes, accessories
    • Unboxing Layers: Multiple layers of surprises to unwrap
    • Washable: Yes, reveals true colors after washing
  7. 7

    LOL Surprise! Lils

    MGA Entertainment
    These are smaller versions of the dolls that come with their own accessories and surprises.
    LOL Surprise! Lils are a popular toy line that is part of the larger LOL Surprise! collection. They are miniature versions of the iconic LOL dolls, designed to be small and cute. Each LOL Surprise! Lils toy comes in a blind bag, adding an element of surprise and excitement for children. When opened, the bag reveals a small doll or pet, complete with its own accessories and unique features. The dolls can be mixed and matched with other LOL Surprise! toys, allowing kids to create their own imaginative play scenarios and collect a variety of characters.
    • Size: Miniature
    • Packaging: Blind bag
    • Contents: Doll or pet, accessories
    • Customization: Mix and match with other LOL Surprise! toys
    • Collectability: Multiple characters to collect
  8. 8

    LOL Surprise! Glitter Series

    MGA Entertainment
    These dolls have a glittery finish and come with their own surprises.
    LOL Surprise! Glitter Series is a popular toy collection that combines the excitement of unboxing with the surprise element of a doll inside. Each LOL Surprise! Glitter Series toy comes in a brightly colored ball, which serves as both packaging and a storage container for the doll. The creator of LOL Surprise! Glitter Series is MGA Entertainment, a California-based toy company.
    • Unboxing Experience: Each toy provides a unique unboxing experience, with multiple layers to unwrap and surprises to discover
    • Sparkly Dolls: Each doll in the Glitter Series collection is covered in glitter, adding a touch of shimmer to the fun
    • Collectible Dolls: There are over 45 dolls to collect in the Glitter Series, including rare and ultra-rare dolls
    • Variety of Accessories: The dolls come with a range of accessories, including outfits, shoes, and bottles
    • Mix and Match: Dolls from different series can be mixed and matched to create unique outfits and styles
  9. 9

    LOL Surprise! Amazing Surprise

    MGA Entertainment
    This is a larger set that includes both dolls and pets, as well as several different surprises and activities.
    LOL Surprise! Amazing Surprise is a large playset that offers a fun and exciting unboxing experience for kids. It includes multiple layers of surprises, accessories, and exclusive dolls to discover.
    • Unboxing Experience: Offers a multi-layered unboxing experience with surprises at each level
    • Large Playset: Comes in a big box with a variety of compartments and accessories
    • Exclusive Dolls: Includes exclusive LOL Surprise! dolls that can't be found in other sets
    • Accessories: Comes with a wide range of accessories, including outfits, shoes, and more
    • Theme Variety: Features different themes for each layer, providing a unique and exciting experience
  10. 10

    LOL Surprise! Remix

    MGA Entertainment
    This series features dolls and pets with a music theme, including accessories like microphones and headphones.
    LOL Surprise! Remix is a popular toy line that combines fashion, music, and surprises. Each toy in the series comes in a stylish package that resembles a cassette tape case, adding to its nostalgic appeal. The Remix line focuses on the theme of music, with various dolls and accessories inspired by different musical genres and styles. With each package, children can unbox surprises, such as outfits, accessories, and collectible stickers, to create their own mix-and-match fashion looks. The toy is a hit among kids and collectors alike.
    • Package Design: Resembles a cassette tape case
    • Theme: Music-inspired dolls and accessories
    • Surprises: Unbox outfits, accessories, and collectible stickers
    • Fashion: Mix-and-match fashion looks
    • Audience: Kids and collectors

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The LOL Surprise! dolls have taken the toy industry by storm since their release in 2016. These toys, made by MGA Entertainment, are miniature dolls that come wrapped in layers of surprises, including clothes, accessories, and stickers. The concept of unboxing and the element of surprise have made these toys incredibly popular among children and collectors alike. The LOL Surprise! dolls have since expanded to include various series, including Pets, Hairgoals, and Boys. Each series has its unique theme and characters, adding to the excitement of collecting these toys. With an ever-growing fan base, it's no surprise that the question of what the most popular LOL toy is on the minds of many.

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