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Updated on Jan 31, 2024 06:17
Welcome to StrawPoll's exclusive ranking of the most popular Lululemon bags! As one of the leading athleisure brands in the market, Lululemon's stylish and functional bags have captured the hearts of fitness enthusiasts and fashionistas alike. But which one takes the crown as the ultimate fan-favorite? That's where you come in! Dive into our extensive list of chic and versatile Lululemon bags, and cast your vote for the one that you believe deserves the top spot. Can't find your go-to Lululemon bag among the options? No problem! You can also suggest a missing contender to make this ranking even more comprehensive. Join our community of fellow Lululemon lovers and let your voice be heard in this exciting race for the title of the most popular Lululemon bag!

What Is the Most Popular Lululemon Bag?

  1. 1
    This versatile backpack is perfect for everyday use and has multiple pockets and compartments to keep your belongings organized. It also features adjustable straps and a water-resistant exterior, making it a popular choice for commuters.
    The Lululemon City Adventurer Backpack is a sleek and functional bag designed for those with an active lifestyle. It offers ample storage space and various compartments to keep your belongings organized, making it perfect for everyday use or your next adventure.
    • Dimensions: H 43cm x W 31cm x D 20cm
    • Volume: 22L
    • Material: Water-resistant fabric
    • Laptop Sleeve: Fits up to a 15'' laptop
    • Pockets: Multiple interior and exterior pockets for organization
  2. 2
    This compact bag can be worn around the waist or across the body and is ideal for on-the-go activities like running or hiking. It has a sleek design and is available in a range of colors.
    The Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag is a versatile and stylish bag designed for on-the-go convenience. It can be worn around the waist or crossbody, making it suitable for various activities. The bag features multiple compartments and pockets to keep your belongings organized and easily accessible. It is made from durable and water-repellent fabric, ensuring durability and protection from the elements. The adjustable strap allows for a customized fit, and the compact size makes it ideal for carrying essentials while keeping your hands free.
    • Material: Water-repellent fabric
    • Wear: Can be worn around the waist or crossbody
    • Compartments: Multiple compartments and pockets
    • Size: Compact size
    • Strap: Adjustable strap
  3. 3
    This popular jacket is made with Lululemon's signature sweat-wicking fabric and has a slim fit that flatters the body. It's perfect for layering and comes in a variety of colors.
    The Lululemon Define Jacket is a versatile and popular activewear jacket designed for women. It is known for its sleek and slimming silhouette, making it a favorite among fitness enthusiasts and fashion-conscious individuals alike. The Define Jacket is made with Lululemon's signature Luon fabric, which is highly stretchy, sweat-wicking, and breathable, offering comfort and performance during workouts or everyday activities. It features a full front zipper, thumbholes on the sleeves, and a high neckline for added warmth and versatility. The jacket also includes zippered pockets for secure storage of essentials. The Lululemon Define Jacket is designed by Lululemon, a leading athletic apparel brand known for its high-quality and innovative activewear products.
    • Fabric: Luon
    • Closure: Full front zipper
    • Neckline: High
    • Sleeve Style: Long with thumbholes
    • Pockets: Zippered
  4. 4
    This yoga mat is reversible, meaning you can switch up the design to suit your mood. It's made with a grippy surface that helps you stay stable during your practice.
    The Lululemon Reversible Mat is a highly popular bag designed by Lululemon, a well-known athletic apparel brand. It is a versatile, reversible mat perfect for yoga, Pilates, and other fitness activities. The bag is made of high-quality materials to provide comfort, durability, and grip during workouts.
    • Dimensions: 71 inches (L) x 26 inches (W)
    • Thickness: 5mm
    • Weight: Approximately 5 pounds
    • Reversible Design: One side with a sticky textured surface, and the other with a smooth, natural rubber surface
    • Material: Natural rubber with a polyurethane coating
  5. 5
    These leggings are a staple in many people's wardrobes thanks to their comfortable fit and flattering design. They're perfect for yoga, running, or just lounging around.
    The Lululemon Wunder Under Leggings are a popular athletic clothing item designed for women. Made from a blend of high-quality fabric, these leggings provide a comfortable and flattering fit, making them suitable for various physical activities and everyday wear. They feature a wide waistband that sits securely on the waist and helps to provide extra support and coverage during movement. The leggings have a streamlined silhouette and come in various colors and patterns, allowing for versatile styling options. With their durable construction and moisture-wicking properties, they are known for their longevity and ability to keep you cool and dry during workouts. The Lululemon Wunder Under Leggings are a staple item in many women's athletic wardrobes and are favored for their combination of style, comfort, and performance.
    • Material: Blend of high-quality fabric
    • Waistband: Wide waistband for support and coverage
    • Fit: Flattering and comfortable
    • Versatility: Suitable for various physical activities and everyday wear
    • Silhouette: Streamlined
  6. 6

    The Lululemon Energy Bra

    Lululemon Athletica
    This sports bra is designed to provide support and comfort during high-intensity workouts. It's available in a range of colors and has a stylish criss-cross back design.
    The Lululemon Energy Bra is a popular sports bra designed by Lululemon Athletica. It is known for its supportive fit and stylish design, making it a favorite among fitness enthusiasts. The bra offers medium support and is made from Lululemon's signature sweat-wicking fabric to keep you comfortable during workouts. Its racerback design allows for a full range of motion, while the adjustable straps ensure a personalized fit. The Energy Bra also features a breathable mesh lining and removable cups for added support and customization. Available in a range of colors and patterns, this bra is both functional and fashionable.
    • Support Level: Medium
    • Fabric: Sweat-wicking
    • Design: Racerback
    • Strap Type: Adjustable
    • Lining: Breathable mesh
  7. 7
    This cozy hoodie is perfect for cooler weather and has a relaxed fit that's perfect for layering. It's made with Lululemon's signature fabric that wicks away sweat and moisture.
    The Lululemon Scuba Hoodie is a coveted, stylish hooded jacket designed for athleisure wear. It features a relaxed fit and is made from a soft, cozy fabric that provides warmth and comfort. The Scuba Hoodie has become a staple wardrobe item for many due to its versatility and trendy design.
    • Material: Cotton-blend fabric
    • Fit: Relaxed
    • Closure: Zipper front
    • Hood: Adjustable drawcord hood
    • Pockets: Front kangaroo pockets
  8. 8
    These leggings are made with Lululemon's buttery soft Nulu fabric, which makes them incredibly comfortable to wear. They're perfect for yoga or just lounging around the house.
    The Lululemon Align Pant is a highly sought-after yoga and athleisure legging designed for ultimate comfort and flexibility. It is known for its buttery soft, lightweight and four-way stretch fabric that moves with your body. The pant features a high-rise waistband that offers a secure and flattering fit, as well as a seamless construction that minimizes chafing and irritation during movement. With a minimal design, it can be easily styled for both workout and casual wear.
    • Fabric: Nulu fabric: 81% nylon, 19% Lycra elastane
    • Inseam: 25 inches
    • Rise: High-rise
    • Waistband: Wide, comfortable waistband
    • Fit: Compression fit
  9. 9
    This long-sleeve shirt is made with Lululemon's sweat-wicking fabric and has a slim fit that's perfect for layering. It's available in a range of colors and is great for running or other outdoor activities.
    The Lululemon Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve is a popular athletic top designed by Lululemon. It is a versatile long-sleeve shirt that is suitable for various activities, such as running, yoga, and gym workouts. It is made from lightweight, breathable, and sweat-wicking fabric that helps to keep you cool and dry during your workouts. The shirt has a slim fit and is designed to move with your body. It features thumbholes to keep the sleeves in place and provide extra coverage for your hands. The shirt is also seamless, which reduces chafing and increases comfort. With its sleek design and performance features, the Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve is a favorite among fitness enthusiasts and athletes.
    • Fabric: Lightweight, breathable, sweat-wicking
    • Fit: Slim fit
    • Activities: Running, yoga, gym workouts
    • Thumbholes: Yes
    • Seamless: Yes
  10. 10
    These joggers are made with Lululemon's cozy fabric that's perfect for lounging or running errands. They have a relaxed fit and are available in a range of colors.
    The Lululemon Scuba Jogger is a stylish and versatile bag designed for active individuals. It is part of Lululemon's popular Scuba collection, known for its high-quality materials and functional features. The Scuba Jogger is a combination of a gym bag and a traditional backpack, making it perfect for carrying workout gear, personal items, and even a laptop or tablet.
    • Material: Durable and water-repellent fabric
    • Size: Approximately 16 inches (height) x 12 inches (width) x 6 inches (depth)
    • Compartments: Multiple compartments and pockets for organized storage
    • Laptop/Tablet Sleeve: Padded sleeve to safely hold up to a 15-inch laptop or tablet
    • Shoe Compartment: Separate compartment to store shoes or dirty clothes

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Ranking factors for popular bag

  1. Functionality
    Consider the purpose and intended use of the bag. This includes factors like size, compartments, pockets, and additional features that may be useful for specific activities.
  2. Design and style
    Examine the overall design and aesthetic appeal of the bag. Lululemon often offers an array of color and pattern options for their bags, so customers may prioritize certain styles over others.
  3. Durability
    Research the materials and construction quality of the bag to ensure the bag can withstand regular use and wear and tear.
  4. Comfort
    Evaluate the bag's comfort, especially when worn for extended periods. Consider factors such as strap width, adjustability, and padding.
  5. Price
    Although Lululemon bags are typically priced on the higher side, it's essential to consider the value a bag offers relative to its price.
  6. Customer reviews
    Read through customer reviews and testimonials to determine the popularity of the bag among Lululemon customers.
  7. Brand reputation
    Lululemon is known for its high-quality products and customer satisfaction; however, specific bags may have received more favorable feedback than others.
  8. Versatility
    Assess whether the bag is versatile enough to be used for various activities, such as gym, work, travel, or daily use.
  9. Sustainability
    Environmentally-conscious customers may want to prioritize bags made from sustainable or recycled materials.
  10. Availability
    Consider whether the bag is currently available in-store or online, as limited availability could affect its popularity.

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