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Step right up and cast your vote in the ultimate ranking showdown of the most popular Marilyn Monroe movies! At StrawPoll, we're hosting a dazzling display of Marilyn's iconic filmography, where fans like you get to decide which of her unforgettable roles reigns supreme. From the sultry performance in "Some Like It Hot" to the endearing charm of "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes," we've gathered the best of Marilyn for you to indulge in and make your choice. And if you think we've missed a hidden gem, don't worry! You can suggest a missing option and rally support for your pick. The battle for the top spot is on, so don't miss your chance to be a part of cinematic history and vote for your favorite Marilyn Monroe movie now!

What Is the Most Popular Marilyn Monroe Movie?

  1. 1
    This film is often regarded as Monroe's best performance and is considered one of the greatest comedies of all time. It showcases Monroe's comedic talent and her iconic rendition of "I Wanna Be Loved By You".
    Some Like It Hot (1959) is a classic American romantic comedy film. It follows the story of two musicians who witness a murder and go on the run, disguising themselves as women to join an all-female band. As they navigate their new identities while trying to avoid being caught by the mob, hilarious situations and romantic complications arise.
    • Release Date: March 29, 1959
    • Runtime: 121 minutes
    • Genre: Comedy, Romance
    • Language: English
    • Country: United States
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    This movie cemented Monroe's status as a sex symbol and features her iconic performance of "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend". It's a classic musical comedy that has stood the test of time.
    Gentlemen Prefer Blondes is a classic comedy musical film released in 1953. It tells the story of Lorelei Lee and Dorothy Shaw, two best friends and showgirls who embark on a transatlantic voyage, navigating their way through love, wealth, and unexpected adventures.
    • Release Date: July 15, 1953
    • Genre: Comedy, Musical
    • Runtime: 91 minutes
    • Production Company: 20th Century Fox
    • Box Office: $5.3 million
  3. 3
    This film features the iconic scene of Monroe's white dress blowing up over a subway grate. It's a romantic comedy that showcases Monroe's charm and beauty.
  4. 4
    This film is a suspense thriller that showcases Monroe's dramatic talent. She plays a troubled wife who plots to kill her husband. It's a departure from her usual comedic roles and shows her range as an actress.
    Niagara (1953) is a film noir thriller directed by Henry Hathaway. The movie tells the story of a troubled young couple, Rose and George Loomis, who go on vacation to Niagara Falls. Their trip takes a dark turn when Rose becomes involved with another man and plots to murder her husband. As tensions escalate, the stunning backdrop of Niagara Falls becomes a symbol of both beauty and danger.
    • Release Date: January 21, 1953
    • Genre: Film Noir, Thriller
    • Running Time: 92 minutes
    • Starring: Marilyn Monroe, Joseph Cotten, Jean Peters
    • Cinematography: Joseph MacDonald
  5. 5
    Bus Stop (1956)
    Suikotei · CC BY-SA 4.0

    Bus Stop (1956)

    Directed by Joshua Logan
    This film is a romantic drama that features Monroe's performance of "That Old Black Magic". It's a poignant story of love and heartbreak that showcases Monroe's dramatic talent.
    Bus Stop is a 1956 American romantic comedy-drama film, based on the 1955 play of the same name by William Inge. The film was directed by Joshua Logan and stars Marilyn Monroe, Don Murray, Arthur O'Connell, Betty Field, and Eileen Heckart. It tells the story of a naive young woman, Chérie, who dreams of becoming a famous singer and is pursued by a smitten cowboy, Bo. The film explores themes of love, aspirations, and personal growth against the backdrop of a small-town bus stop in Kansas.
    • Release date: August 31, 1956
    • Running time: 96 minutes
    • Produced by: Buddy Adler
    • Screenplay by: George Axelrod
    • Cinematography: Milton R. Krasner
  6. 6
    How to Marry a Millionaire (1953)
    Trailer screenshot · Public domain
    This film is a romantic comedy that features Monroe alongside Lauren Bacall and Betty Grable. It's a fun and entertaining movie that showcases Monroe's comedic talent.
    How to Marry a Millionaire (1953) is a romantic comedy film that follows the lives of three women who scheme to find wealthy husbands. The film explores their humorous adventures, romantic entanglements, and the realization that love is more important than money. It is known for its comedic performances and iconic fashion.
    • Release Year: 1953
    • Genre: Romantic comedy
    • Director: Jean Negulesco
    • Producer: Nunnally Johnson
    • Screenplay: Nunnally Johnson
  7. 7
    The Misfits (1961)
    IllaZilla · CC BY-SA 3.0

    The Misfits (1961)

    Director: John Huston
    This film is often regarded as Monroe's last great performance. She stars alongside Clark Gable and Montgomery Clift in a drama about a group of misfits. It's a powerful and emotional film that showcases Monroe's range as an actress.
    The Misfits (1961) is a drama film that revolves around a recently divorced woman named Roslyn, played by Marilyn Monroe, who becomes friends with a group of misfits. The movie explores themes of loneliness, love, and the struggle to find meaning in life. Directed by John Huston, the film is notable for being the last completed one for both Monroe and Clark Gable.
    • Release Date: February 1, 1961
    • Genre: Drama
    • Runtime: 124 minutes
    • Country: United States
    • Language: English
  8. 8
    This film is a Western adventure that features Monroe alongside Robert Mitchum. It's a fun and entertaining movie that showcases Monroe's singing talent.
    River of No Return is a popular Marilyn Monroe movie released in 1954. It is a Western adventure film set against the backdrop of the American frontier during the Gold Rush era. The film follows a gambler, played by Robert Mitchum, who joins forces with a saloon singer, played by Marilyn Monroe, to protect her son and navigate the treacherous path down the 'River of No Return' after their raft capsizes. The movie combines elements of action, romance, and suspense.
    • Release Date: April 30, 1954
    • Genre: Western, Adventure
    • Runtime: 91 minutes
    • Production Company: 20th Century Fox
    • Screenplay: Frank Fenton
  9. 9
    This film is a romantic comedy that features Monroe in a supporting role. It's an early example of Monroe's talent and charm.
    Love Nest (1951) is a romantic comedy film that revolves around a married couple, Jim and Connie Scott, who decide to turn the basement of their home into an apartment complex to generate extra income. The film explores the challenges they face as they navigate the trials and tribulations of managing their tenants while also balancing their own relationship.
    • Release Date: November 16, 1951
    • Running Time: 84 minutes
    • Genre: Romantic comedy
    • Writer: I.A.L. Diamond
    • Cinematography: Joseph LaShelle
  10. 10
    This film is a screwball comedy that features Monroe alongside Cary Grant. It's a fun and entertaining movie that showcases Monroe's comedic talent.
    Monkey Business (1952) is a comedy film that showcases the iconic Marilyn Monroe. The movie follows the escapades of a timid chemist who accidentally invents a formula that reverses the aging process. Chaos ensues when he and his wife test the formula on themselves and become young again. The plot thickens as they face various hilarious situations, including encounters with gangsters and mistaken identities.
    • Release Date: September 5, 1952
    • Genre: Comedy
    • Running Time: 97 minutes
    • Starring: Cary Grant, Ginger Rogers, Marilyn Monroe
    • Production Company: Twentieth Century Fox

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Ranking factors for popular movie

  1. Box office success
    One key factor in determining the popularity of a Marilyn Monroe movie is its financial success at the box office. Higher grossing films usually indicate a larger audience and greater interest in the film.
  2. Critical reception
    Another factor to consider is the critical response to the movie. Positive reviews from respected critics can influence a movie's popularity and indicate its overall quality.
  3. Cultural impact
    A truly popular Marilyn Monroe movie should have a lasting cultural impact. This could be demonstrated through the film's influence on fashion, pop culture, or popular quotes and scenes that have stood the test of time.
  4. Awards and nominations
    A movie's accolades, such as wins or nominations for prestigious awards like the Academy Awards or Golden Globes, can be an indication of its popularity and quality.
  5. Audience reception
    The opinions of the general public also play a significant role in the popularity of a movie. You can gauge audience reception through viewer ratings on websites like IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes, or from general conversations about the film among fans and moviegoers.
  6. Star power
    Marilyn Monroe's own popularity and charisma can affect the popularity of her movies. Assessing her performance and presence in a film can help to determine the film's overall popularity.
  7. Legacy and rewatchability
    Movies that have maintained their popularity over time and are still enjoyed by new generations can be considered more popular than films that may have been successful at the time but have since faded from public consciousness. The rewatchability of a film and its ability to maintain its appeal can contribute to its ranking as a popular Marilyn Monroe movie.
  8. Genre and subject matter
    The genre of the film and its subject matter can also play a role in its popularity. Some genres, like comedies or romances, might have more universal appeal and therefore be more likely to be popular among a broad range of viewers.

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Marilyn Monroe is a Hollywood icon who captivated audiences with her beauty, charm, and talent. She starred in numerous movies throughout her career, but which one is the most popular among fans? One of Marilyn Monroe's most famous movies is "Some Like It Hot" (1959), in which she played the lead role of Sugar Kane Kowalczyk. The movie is a classic comedy that tells the story of two musicians who witness a mob hit and have to go into hiding disguised as women in an all-female band. Monroe's performance in this film is often cited as one of her best, and the movie itself has become a beloved classic. Another popular Marilyn Monroe movie is "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" (1953), in which she starred alongside Jane Russell. The movie is a musical comedy that follows two showgirls on a quest to find wealthy husbands. Monroe's iconic performance of "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" has become one of the most memorable scenes in movie history. Other notable Marilyn Monroe movies include "The Seven Year Itch" (1955), "Niagara" (1953), and "Bus Stop" (1956). Each of these films showcases Monroe's unique talents and charisma, making her a true Hollywood legend.

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