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Updated on Apr 22, 2024 07:18
Welcome to StrawPoll, where your opinion matters! We're excited to present our latest ranking: "What is the most popular Maroon 5 song?" As a band that has been capturing hearts and dominating charts for nearly two decades, Maroon 5 has an extensive list of hits that have become anthems for fans worldwide. However, we need your help to decide which one reigns supreme! From the infectious groove of "Moves Like Jagger" to the soulful ballad "She Will Be Loved," and even the electrifying "Sugar," the choice is yours to make. Cast your vote now for your all-time favorite, or suggest a missing gem that you think deserves a spot in the rankings. Let's come together and celebrate the undeniable impact of Maroon 5's music on our lives!

What Is the Most Popular Maroon 5 Song?

  1. 1
    This song spent 20 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 and has over 3 billion views on YouTube, making it one of the band's most popular songs.
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  2. 2

    Girls Like You

    Maroon 5
    This song features Cardi B and spent seven weeks at number one on the Billboard Hot 100. It has over 3.9 billion views on YouTube.
    Girls Like You is a song by American pop-rock band Maroon 5. It was released in 2017 as part of their sixth studio album, Red Pill Blues. The song features guest vocals from American rapper Cardi B. Girls Like You became immensely popular, not only for its catchy melody and upbeat sound but also for its empowering lyrics celebrating the beauty and strength of women. The music video for the song, directed by David Dobkin, gained significant attention for its star-studded cast of influential women from various fields. The song quickly topped music charts worldwide and has received multiple awards and nominations.
    • Song Title: Girls Like You
    • Album: Red Pill Blues
    • Release Year: 2017
    • Featuring: Cardi B
    • Genre: Pop, Pop-rock
  3. 3
    This song features Christina Aguilera and spent four weeks at number one on the Billboard Hot 100. It has over 1.9 billion views on YouTube.
    Moves Like Jagger is a popular song by the American band Maroon 5 featuring Christina Aguilera. It was released in 2011 as a single from their third studio album, Hands All Over. The song's lyrics are about a man who is confident in his ability to move and dance like the legendary musician Mick Jagger, lead singer of The Rolling Stones. Moves Like Jagger combines catchy pop melodies, rock elements, and upbeat dance vibes, making it a hit on the charts worldwide.
    • Release Date: June 21, 2011
    • Album: Hands All Over
    • Genre: Pop rock, dance-pop
    • Length: 3:21
    • Writers: Adam Levine, Ammar Malik, Benjamin Levin, Shellback
  4. 4
    This song features Wiz Khalifa and spent eight weeks in the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100. It has over 500 million views on YouTube.
    Payphone is a pop rock song performed by Maroon 5. It was released as a single from their fourth studio album, Overexposed, in 2012. The song features American rapper Wiz Khalifa and explores themes of heartbreak and regret in a failing relationship. 'Payphone' gained worldwide success and topped the charts in several countries.
    • Album: Overexposed
    • Release Date: April 17, 2012
    • Genre: Pop rock
    • Featuring: Wiz Khalifa
    • Length: 3 minutes and 52 seconds
  5. 5
    This song was one of the band's breakout hits and spent 20 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100. It has over 1 billion views on YouTube.
    She Will Be Loved is a heartfelt pop-rock ballad by the American band Maroon 5. It was released as the third single from their debut studio album, Songs About Jane, in 2004. The song tells the story of unrequited love and longing for a girl who is in a troubled relationship. Its melodic verses, catchy chorus, and soulful vocals make it a fan favorite and a staple in the band's discography.
    • Length: 4:17
    • Album: Songs About Jane
    • Release Year: 2004
    • Genre: Pop-rock
    • Writers: Adam Levine, Jesse Carmichael, Ryan Dusick, James Valentine
  6. 6
    This song is a tribute to the band's late manager and has over 1.8 billion views on YouTube. It reached number two on the Billboard Hot 100.
    Memories is a tribute song released by the American pop-rock band Maroon 5. It serves as an emotional reflection on past events and people who have passed away. The song carries a nostalgic tone and emphasizes the importance of cherishing memories.
    • Release Date: September 20, 2019
    • Album: Single release
    • Genre: Pop
    • Length: 3 minutes and 9 seconds
    • Writers: Adam Levine, Stefan Johnson, Jordan Johnson, Michael Pollack, Jon Bellion, Vincent Ford
  7. 7

    Don't Wanna Know

    Maroon 5
    This song features Kendrick Lamar and reached number six on the Billboard Hot 100. It has over 1.1 billion views on YouTube.
    Don't Wanna Know is a popular song by the American band Maroon 5. It was released as a single in 2016 and featured American rapper Kendrick Lamar. The song portrays the feelings of regret and longing after a breakup, with lyrics expressing the desire to avoid any news or information about the ex-partner. It blends pop and R&B elements to create a catchy and relatable track.
    • Release Date: October 11, 2016
    • Featuring: Kendrick Lamar
    • Genre: Pop, R&B
    • Length: 3 minutes and 33 seconds
    • Album: Red Pill Blues
  8. 8

    One More Night

    Maroon 5
    This song spent nine weeks at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and has over 1 billion views on YouTube.
    One More Night is a popular song by the American pop-rock band Maroon 5. It was released as the second single from their fourth studio album, Overexposed, in 2012. The song is characterized by its catchy pop melody and relatable lyrics about a failing relationship where the protagonist wants one more night together. It became a major hit, reaching the top of the charts in several countries.
    • Album: Overexposed
    • Release Year: 2012
    • Genre: Pop-rock
    • Length: 3:39
    • Writers: Adam Levine, Shellback, Max Martin, Savan Kotecha
  9. 9
    This song reached number three on the Billboard Hot 100 and has over 700 million views on YouTube.
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  10. 10

    What Lovers Do

    Maroon 5
    This song features SZA and reached number nine on the Billboard Hot 100. It has over 600 million views on YouTube.
    What Lovers Do is a popular song by the American pop band Maroon 5 featuring American rapper SZA. It was released in 2017 as the lead single from their sixth studio album, Red Pill Blues. The song has a catchy and upbeat pop sound, with a blend of pop, funk, and electronic influences. It explores the theme of love and relationships, showcasing Maroon 5's signature style of combining catchy melodies with relatable lyrics. What Lovers Do has gained widespread popularity and has been well-received by both critics and fans alike.
    • Title: What Lovers Do
    • Artist: Maroon 5 featuring SZA
    • Album: Red Pill Blues
    • Genre: Pop
    • Release Date: August 30, 2017

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  3. Radio airplay
    Radio remains a significant source of music and exposure for artists. How often a song is played on the radio can indicate its popularity. Songs that receive heavy airplay are typically more popular.
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  7. Live performances
    The frequency with which Maroon 5 performs the song in their concerts and other special events can also contribute to the song's popularity. A song that is frequently performed live is likely to be more popular among fans.
  8. Longevity
    Take into account how long a song has remained popular, often referred to as its "staying power." Songs with lasting popularity can be considered more successful than songs that were only popular for a short time.
  9. Critical reception
    Although critical reception may not directly influence a song's popularity, positive reviews and recognition from music critics can contribute to the song's overall appeal and influence.

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Maroon 5 is an American pop rock band that was formed in Los Angeles, California in 1994. The band consists of lead vocalist Adam Levine, keyboardist and rhythm guitarist Jesse Carmichael, bassist Mickey Madden, lead guitarist James Valentine, drummer Matt Flynn, and keyboardist PJ Morton. Over the years, Maroon 5 has captured the hearts of millions of fans worldwide with their catchy tunes, soulful lyrics, and electrifying performances. With hit singles like "Sugar," "Girls Like You," "Payphone," and "Moves Like Jagger," Maroon 5 has become a household name in the music industry. In this poll, we aim to find out what the most popular Maroon 5 song is among fans. Will it be one of their earlier hits, or will one of their newer releases take the top spot? Only time will tell.

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