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Updated on Feb 26, 2024 06:23
Are you a photography enthusiast always on the lookout for the latest trends, tips, and stunning visuals? Then you're in the right place! Here at StrawPoll, we're excited to present our latest ranking for the "Most Popular Photography Magazine." We've curated a list of the most sought-after magazines that capture the essence of photography, inspire awe, and provide invaluable advice for photographers of all levels. But we need your help to determine the ultimate winner! Cast your vote for your favorite or suggest a missing option, and be a part of this thrilling quest to discover the top photography magazine that rules the hearts and lenses of shutterbugs worldwide. Don't miss out on this captivating opportunity – join the vote and share your passion for photography with our community!

What Is the Most Popular Photography Magazine?

  1. 1
    National Geographic is one of the most popular photography magazines, known for its stunning visuals and in-depth coverage of nature, wildlife, and cultures around the world. It has been in publication for over 130 years and has a loyal following of photography enthusiasts.
    National Geographic is a renowned magazine that focuses on exploring the world through stunning photography, compelling stories, and in-depth reporting. It covers a wide range of topics including nature, science, archaeology, culture, and travel. The magazine aims to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of our planet and its diverse inhabitants.
    • Frequency: Monthly
    • First Published: 1888
    • Format: Print and digital
    • Language: English
    • Number of Issues: 12 per year
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    Popular Photography
    Stanley Young · Public domain
    Bonnie Goodlof
    Popular Photography is a popular magazine that focuses on technical aspects of photography, including gear reviews, tutorials, and industry news. It has been in publication since 1937 and is a staple for photographers looking to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and technology in the field.
    Popular Photography is a renowned magazine that focuses on all aspects of photography, including techniques, equipment reviews, and inspirational images. It serves as a valuable resource for both professional photographers and enthusiasts, providing expert advice and showcasing stunning visuals. With its long-standing history in the industry, Popular Photography continues to be a trusted publication.
    • Frequency: Monthly
    • First Issue: May 1937
    • Final Issue: March/April 2017
    • Language: English
    • Publisher: Bonnier Corporation
  3. 3

    Outdoor Photographer

    Werner Publishing Corporation
    Outdoor Photographer is a popular photography magazine that focuses on landscape, nature, and wildlife photography. It features stunning images from around the world and provides tips and techniques for capturing the beauty of the outdoors.
    Outdoor Photographer is a highly acclaimed photography magazine that caters to nature, landscape, and adventure photography enthusiasts. It provides a platform for photographers to explore and showcase their work in the great outdoors.
    • Frequency: Monthly
    • First Published: 1985
    • Language: English
    • Circulation: Approximately 150,000
    • Target Audience: Nature and landscape photographers
  4. 4
    Digital Photo
    Espinete1 · CC BY-SA 4.0
    Digital Photo is a magazine that focuses on digital photography, providing tips and techniques for shooting, editing, and sharing digital images. It covers a wide range of topics, from beginner-level tutorials to advanced techniques for professionals.
    Digital Photo is a popular photography magazine that caters to both amateur and professional photographers. It covers a wide range of topics including camera gear, techniques, post-processing, and photo editing software. The magazine provides valuable tips, tutorials, and inspiring articles to help photographers improve their skills and stay updated with the latest trends in digital photography.
    • Frequency: Monthly
    • Publication Date: First day of each month
    • Language: English
    • Number of pages: Varies, typically around 80-100 pages
    • Available Formats: Print and digital (e.g., PDF, Kindle, digital editions)
  5. 5
    Shutterbug is a photography magazine that covers a wide range of topics, including gear reviews, travel photography, and creative techniques. It has been in publication since 1973 and is known for its high-quality content and beautiful visuals.
    Shutterbug is a widely recognized photography magazine that caters to both amateur and professional photographers around the world. It provides informative content on various photography techniques, gear reviews, industry news, and showcases exceptional photography work. With its diverse range of topics, Shutterbug appeals to photography enthusiasts of all levels.
    • Frequency: Monthly
    • Established: 1973
    • Format: Print and online
    • Distribution: Worldwide
    • Page Count: Varies, typically around 100+ pages
  6. 6
    Aperture is a photography magazine that focuses on contemporary photography and the art of photography. It features in-depth interviews with photographers, critical essays, and exhibition reviews.
    Aperture is a highly regarded photography magazine that covers a wide range of topics, from contemporary photography to historical archives. It features in-depth articles, interviews with renowned photographers, and showcases exceptional visual works. With a focus on artistic expression and critical exploration, Aperture aims to inspire and educate photographers, collectors, and enthusiasts alike.
    • Publication Frequency: Quarterly
    • First Issue: 1952
    • Language: English
    • Format: Print and digital
    • Number of Pages: ~100
  7. 7

    American Photo

    Bonnie Yochelson
    American Photo is a magazine that focuses on the art and culture of photography. It features profiles of photographers, reviews of exhibitions, and showcases of the latest trends in photography.
    American Photo is a widely recognized photography magazine that focuses on showcasing the best of American photography. It features stunning images, expert reviews, interviews with photographers, and articles on various photography techniques, trends, and equipment. The magazine appeals to both professional photographers and enthusiasts alike, providing a wealth of inspiration and knowledge.
    • Frequency: Bi-monthly
    • First Published: 1992
    • Language: English
    • Editorial Focus: American photography, techniques, trends, equipment
    • Circulation: Approximately 50,000
  8. 8

    Photo District News

    PDN Publishing
    Photo District News is a photography magazine that focuses on the professional photography industry. It provides news and analysis of industry trends, as well as profiles of successful photographers and their work.
    Photo District News (PDN) is a leading photography magazine that focuses on industry news, trends, and inspiration. It caters to professional photographers, enthusiasts, and creative professionals. PDN covers a wide range of photography genres, including fashion, commercial, documentary, and fine art photography.
    • Frequency: Monthly
    • Publication Year: 1979
    • Circulation: Approximately 30,000
    • Target Audience: Professional photographers and creative professionals
    • Content: Industry news, latest trends, features, profiles, and interviews
  9. 9
    Black & White Photography
    Dietmar Rabich · CC BY-SA 4.0

    Black & White Photography

    Aperture Publishing
    Black & White Photography is a magazine that focuses on the art of black and white photography. It features stunning black and white images from around the world, as well as articles on technique and gear.
    Black & White Photography is a renowned photography magazine focused on the art and technique of black and white photography. It showcases exceptional black and white images along with insightful articles, interviews with notable photographers, and tutorials to inspire and educate its readers.
    • Frequency: Bi-monthly
    • First issue: 2001
    • Language: English
    • Format: Print and digital
    • Average pages per issue: 80
  10. 10

    Photography Week

    Photography Week Publishing
    Photography Week is a weekly digital magazine that provides news, tips, and inspiration for photographers of all levels. It covers a wide range of topics, from gear reviews to photo essays.
    Photography Week is a weekly magazine that focuses on providing photography enthusiasts with the latest news, techniques, and inspiration. It covers a wide range of topics, including camera gear reviews, tips for improving photography skills, interviews with professional photographers, and showcases of stunning images from around the world.
    • Frequency: Weekly
    • Publisher: Photography Week Publishing
    • First published: 2012
    • Language: English
    • Format: Print and digital

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Ranking factors for popular photography magazine

  1. Content Quality
    The quality of articles, tutorials, interviews, and other material published in the magazine, as well as the relevance and usefulness of the content for the target audience.
  2. Visual Appeal
    The overall design, layout, and presentation of the magazine, including the quality and creativity of the images, typography, and other visual elements.
  3. Reputation and Credibility
    The publication's standing within the industry and among readers, and the experience and expertise of its editorial staff, contributing photographers, and other collaborators.
  4. Circulation and Readership
    The number of print and digital copies distributed and the overall size and engagement of the magazine's readership.
  5. Frequency and Consistency
    The regularity with which the magazine is published (e.g., monthly, quarterly, etc.) and the degree to which it maintains a consistent aesthetic, voice, and focus across issues.
  6. Online Presence and Digital Integration
    The strength of the magazine's online presence, including its website, social media channels, and the availability of additional digital content (such as video tutorials, podcasts, etc.).
  7. Innovation and Adaptability
    The ability of the magazine to evolve, adapt to new trends and technologies, and remain relevant and fresh in a constantly changing industry.
  8. Diversity and Inclusivity
    The degree to which the magazine showcases and supports photographers and work from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives.
  9. Awards and Recognition
    Any industry awards or accolades the magazine has received for its content, design, or other achievements.
  10. Reader Engagement and Community
    The level of interaction and connection the magazine has with its readers, including reader-submitted content, social media engagement, and reader events or competitions.

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