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Welcome to StrawPoll, where your opinion shapes the rankings! We've put together the ultimate list of the most popular places in Hong Kong, and it's time for you to weigh in. From the soaring heights of Victoria Peak to the bustling streets of Mong Kok, this vibrant city offers a plethora of iconic attractions and hidden gems. So, what's your favorite Hong Kong hotspot? Cast your vote, share your thoughts, and discover which locations top our leaderboard. Can't find your go-to spot on the list? Don't worry - you can suggest a missing option and help your fellow voters explore Hong Kong's countless wonders. Dive in and let the voting frenzy begin!

What Is the Most Popular Place in Hong Kong?

  1. 1

    Victoria Peak

    Sir Richard MacDonnell
    Victoria Peak is offering a stunning panoramic view of Hong Kong Island and Victoria Harbour, it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Hong Kong.
    Victoria Peak, also known as Mount Austin, is the highest mountain on Hong Kong Island, standing at an elevation of 552 meters (1,811 feet). It offers breathtaking panoramic views of the Hong Kong skyline, Victoria Harbour, and the surrounding islands. The Peak is a popular tourist attraction and a prominent symbol of Hong Kong's vibrant cityscape.
    • Location: Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong
    • Elevation: 552 meters (1,811 feet)
    • Prominence: 399 meters (1,309 feet)
    • Year of creation: 1888
    • Peak Tram: A historic funicular railway
  2. 2
    Disneyland Hong Kong
    Ngchikit · CC BY-SA 4.0

    Disneyland Hong Kong

    The Walt Disney Company
    Disneyland Hong Kong is a world-class theme park that attracts millions of visitors each year with its thrilling rides, colorful parades, and Disney characters.
    Disneyland Hong Kong is a magical theme park located on Lantau Island in Hong Kong. The park combines the enchantment of Disney stories and characters with unique aspects of Chinese culture, making it a truly unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages.
    • Location: Lantau Island, Hong Kong
    • Size: 27.5 hectares
    • Opening Date: September 12, 2005
    • Attractions: Over 30 attractions including themed lands, rides, and shows
    • Main Street, U.S.A.: A charming street that captures the essence of a small American town
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    The Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery is located on Lantau Island, it is one of the most famous Buddhist landmarks in Hong Kong, featuring a giant bronze Buddha statue and a serene monastery.
    The Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery is a famous tourist attraction located in Hong Kong. It is situated on Lantau Island and is one of the most popular landmarks in the region. The main highlight of the site is the Tian Tan Buddha statue, also known as the Big Buddha. The bronze statue stands at a height of 34 meters (112 feet) and weighs around 250 metric tons. Apart from the statue, the nearby Po Lin Monastery is a significant religious center for Buddhists.
    • Location: Lantau Island, Hong Kong
    • Height: 34 meters (112 feet)
    • Weight: 250 metric tons
    • Material: Bronze
    • Symbolism: Represents the harmonious relationship between man and nature
  4. 4
    The Avenue of Stars is a promenade along the Victoria Harbour waterfront that honors Hong Kong's film industry, featuring handprints of famous actors and actresses, and breathtaking views of the skyline.
    The Avenue of Stars is a waterfront promenade located along the Victoria Harbour in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. It is a popular tourist attraction that pays tribute to the Hong Kong film industry.
    • Location: Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
    • Size: Over 440 meters long
    • Opening: October 28, 2004
    • Design: Designed as a tribute to the Hong Kong film industry
    • Handprints: Features handprints and signatures of renowned Hong Kong film stars
  5. 5
    The Peak Tram
    LN9267 · CC BY-SA 4.0

    The Peak Tram

    Alexander Findlay Smith
    The Peak Tram is the iconic cable car that takes visitors on a steep ride up to Victoria Peak, offering a unique and thrilling experience of Hong Kong's landscape.
    The Peak Tram is a historic and iconic mode of transportation in Hong Kong that takes passengers up to the popular tourist destination of Victoria Peak. It is a funicular railway system that offers stunning views of the city skyline and Victoria Harbour as it ascends to the highest point on Hong Kong Island.
    • Inauguration: 1888
    • Length: 1.4 kilometers
    • Gradient: 27 degrees
    • Capacity: 120 passengers per tram
    • Travel time: 7 minutes
  6. 6
    The Hong Kong Museum of History is a comprehensive museum that showcases Hong Kong's rich history and culture, featuring exhibits on archaeology, ethnography, and natural history.
    The Hong Kong Museum of History is a comprehensive museum that showcases the rich history and heritage of Hong Kong. It offers an engaging and educational experience for visitors of all ages, providing insights into the past, present, and future of the city.
    • Location: Chatham Road South, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
    • Exhibitions: The museum houses numerous permanent exhibitions covering Hong Kong's natural history, archaeology, ethnography, local history, and more.
    • Size: The museum occupies a total floor area of approximately 17,500 square meters.
    • Collection: The museum boasts a collection of over 90,000 historical and cultural items, including artifacts, models, photographs, and multimedia displays.
    • Highlights: Key highlights of the museum include the gallery on the history of Hong Kong from prehistoric times to the handover, as well as the permanent exhibition on the early days of Kowloon and New Territories.
  7. 7
    Temple Street Night Market is a lively and bustling marketplace that sells a wide range of goods, from souvenirs and clothing to street food and fortune-telling services, providing an authentic taste of Hong Kong's street life.
    Temple Street Night Market is a bustling and vibrant street market located in the heart of Hong Kong's Kowloon area. It is renowned as one of the most popular and iconic places in the city, attracting both locals and tourists alike. The market opens in the evening and stretches along Temple Street in Jordan, offering a unique shopping and dining experience that beautifully showcases the vibrant culture and heritage of Hong Kong.
    • Location: Jordan, Kowloon, Hong Kong
    • Operating hours: Daily from 6:00 PM to midnight
    • Products: Wide variety of goods including clothing, accessories, electronics, souvenirs, antiques, and traditional Chinese products
    • Food stalls: Numerous street food stalls offering local delicacies and international cuisines
    • Fortune tellers: Presence of fortune tellers providing palm reading and other divination services
  8. 8

    Lan Kwai Fong

    Allan Zeman
    Lan Kwai Fong is a vibrant nightlife district that offers a plethora of bars, restaurants, and clubs, attracting both locals and tourists who want to party and socialize in Hong Kong.
    Lan Kwai Fong is a popular and vibrant nightlife district located in the Central area of Hong Kong. It is renowned for its bustling atmosphere, entertainment options, and a wide array of bars, restaurants, and clubs. The district is often referred to as LKF and has become a prime destination for locals and tourists alike seeking a vibrant nightlife experience in Hong Kong.
    • Location: Central, Hong Kong
    • Type: Nightlife district
    • Atmosphere: Bustling and vibrant
    • Entertainment options: Numerous bars, restaurants, and clubs
    • Visitor demographic: Popular among both locals and tourists
  9. 9
    The Hong Kong Observation Wheel
    Ceeseven · CC BY-SA 3.0
    The Hong Kong Observation Wheel is a giant Ferris wheel that offers a bird's-eye view of Hong Kong's skyline and Victoria Harbour, providing a romantic and memorable experience for couples and families.
    The Hong Kong Observation Wheel is a famous tourist attraction that offers stunning panoramic views of the city's skyline. It is a giant Ferris wheel located in the heart of Hong Kong, specifically in the Central Harbourfront area. The Wheel provides visitors with a unique vantage point to appreciate the bustling metropolis and its iconic landmarks.
    • Height: 60 meters (197 feet)
    • Cabin Capacity: 8 people per cabin
    • Number of Cabins: 42 cabins in total
    • Duration of Ride: Approximately 15 minutes
    • Operating Hours: 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM
  10. 10
    Wong Tai Sin Temple
    Gzdavidwong · CC BY-SA 4.0

    Wong Tai Sin Temple

    Leung Renyan
    Wong Tai Sin Temple is a famous Taoist temple that attracts many devotees who come to pray for good luck, health, and fortune, featuring colorful decorations, fragrant incense, and lively rituals.
    Wong Tai Sin Temple is a famous Taoist temple located in Wong Tai Sin district of Hong Kong. It is a popular place of worship and an important cultural destination for locals and tourists alike. The temple is dedicated to Wong Tai Sin, a legendary Taoist deity believed to bring good luck and grant wishes.
    • Location: Wong Tai Sin, Hong Kong
    • Year of Construction: 1921
    • Architectural Style: Traditional Chinese
    • Area: 18,000 square meters
    • Main Buildings: Hall of Three Saints, Good Wish Garden, Nine Dragon Wall

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