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Updated on Oct 3, 2023 09:01
Step into the mystical realm of Deepwood, where legends and lore intertwine, as we embark on an enchanting quest to unveil the most popular race in this magical world! StrawPoll proudly presents a captivating ranking that brings together the diverse and fascinating inhabitants of Deepwood, from the swift-footed Elves to the mighty Dwarves, the enigmatic Fairies to the cunning Goblins, and beyond. We invite you, brave adventurer, to cast your vote and make your voice heard, or even suggest a missing race to expand our ever-growing list. So grab your quill and ready your parchment, for it's time to dive into a whirlwind of wonder and excitement as we uncover the true champions of Deepwood's heart. Cast your vote now and let the thrilling journey unfold!

What Is the Most Popular Race in Deepwood? (October 2023)

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    Haberichter · Public domain
    Often depicted as the most magical and graceful creatures in Deepwood, Elves are a popular choice for many fantasy fans. They are typically associated with nature, beauty, and wisdom, and are often skilled in archery and magic.
    Elves are a race of humanoid creatures in Sonaria's Creatures. They are known for their graceful appearance and magical abilities. With pointed ears, slender bodies, and ethereal beauty, elves captivate the imagination of many. Although they are generally portrayed as tall and elegant beings, their physical characteristics can vary depending on different adaptions and interpretations.
    • Lifespan: Several centuries
    • Height: Average between 5'5" to 6'2"
    • Weight: Average between 100 to 180 pounds
    • Ears: Pointed and often more elongated than humans
    • Magic Affinity: Highly skilled in magic, especially nature-based and elemental magic
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    Grue · CC BY 3.0
    Dwarves are known for their strength, toughness, and expertise in mining and crafting. They are often depicted as gruff, stubborn, and loyal, and their beards are a defining feature.
    Dwarves are a race known for their short stature and incredible craftsmanship. They are renowned for their skill with metal and stone, making them excellent blacksmiths, miners, and engineers. Dwarves are known to live in vast underground civilizations, delving deep into the earth to mine precious resources. They have a strong sense of community and honor, valuing loyalty and tradition above all else. Dwarves are also famous for their long beards, which they consider a symbol of pride and wisdom.
    • Average Height: 4 - 5 feet
    • Lifespan: 200 - 250 years
    • Physical Strength: Exceptional
    • Mining Proficiency: Expert
    • Crafting Skill: Masterful
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    As the most common race in many fantasy worlds, humans are a versatile and adaptable race. They are often depicted as ambitious, resourceful, and courageous, and can be found in all walks of life.
    Humans are highly advanced primates belonging to the Homo sapiens species. They are characterized by their complex cognitive abilities, advanced communication skills, and extensive use of tools and technology. Humans have a diverse range of physical appearances, cultural practices, and social structures, making them a remarkably adaptable and successful species.
    • Brain size: The average adult human brain weighs around 1.4 kilograms.
    • Intelligence: Humans possess high levels of intelligence and are capable of advanced problem-solving, abstract reasoning, creativity, and innovative thinking.
    • Language: Humans have evolved complex language systems that enable them to communicate a wide range of ideas, emotions, and knowledge.
    • Bipedal locomotion: Humans walk upright on two legs, allowing for efficient long-distance travel and freeing up the hands for tool manipulation.
    • Tool use: Humans exhibit a remarkable ability to create, modify, and utilize tools, which has been instrumental in their survival and success.
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    Half-Elves are the offspring of humans and elves and often have the best traits from both races. They are often seen as outsiders, struggling to find their place in a world that doesn't fully accept them.
    Half-Elves are the product of the union between humans and elves, inheriting traits from both races. They often possess the graceful beauty and longevity of elves, along with the adaptability and versatility of humans. Half-Elves are known for their unique blend of physical and magical abilities.
    • Dual Heritage: Half-Elves inherit traits from both humans and elves, giving them a diverse range of abilities and skills.
    • Adaptability: Half-Elves are known for their ability to adapt to various environments and situations, making them versatile in their skills and professions.
    • Graceful Beauty: They often possess a natural grace and beauty, similar to that of elves, which makes them appealing to many.
    • Longevity: Half-Elves have a longer lifespan compared to humans, although not as long as pure-blooded elves.
    • Enhanced Senses: They have heightened senses, including exceptional low-light vision and acute hearing, inherited from their elven ancestors.
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    Half-Orcs are the offspring of humans and orcs and are often depicted as fierce warriors. They are typically larger and stronger than humans and possess a natural talent for combat.
    The Half-Orcs are a race in Deepwood, characterized by their mixed heritage of humans and orcs. They possess physical traits and abilities from both races, making them formidable warriors and capable leaders.
    • Strength: Half-Orcs are known for their exceptional physical strength, allowing them to excel in combat and other physically demanding tasks.
    • Endurance: They have a remarkable endurance, enabling them to withstand hardships and push beyond their limits.
    • Intimidating Presence: Their orcish heritage manifests in their appearance, exuding an intimidating aura that can discourage foes.
    • Agility: Half-Orcs possess above-average agility, making them agile combatants and capable of quick reflexes.
    • Darkvision: They have the ability to see in darkness, inherited from their orc ancestors, which aids them in low-light environments.
  6. 6
    Gnomes are small, clever, and mischievous creatures that are often skilled in tinkering and invention. They are typically associated with technology, magic, and humor.
    Gnomes are whimsical lawn ornaments that resemble small humanoid creatures typically wearing pointy hats, often associated with folklore and mythology. They are commonly used to decorate gardens and outdoor spaces, adding a touch of charm and playfulness to the environment.
    • Height: Usually between 6 to 12 inches (15 to 30 cm)
    • Material: Typically made of durable weather-resistant resin or ceramic
    • Colors: Vibrant and varied, including red, blue, green, and earth tones
    • Design: Adorned with pointed hats, long beards, and expressive painted faces
    • Features: Some gnomes hold various props like shovels, lanterns, or fishing rods
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    Antoine Glédel · CC BY-SA 3.0


    J.R.R. Tolkien
    Halflings are small, friendly creatures that are often associated with farming and cooking. They are typically depicted as cheerful, curious, and loyal.
    Halflings are a diminutive race renowned for their cheerful and friendly nature. They are often described as having childlike wonder and a love for simplicity. Halflings have a deep connection to nature and excel at living harmoniously with their surroundings. They are typically around 3 to 4 feet tall, with round features, curly hair, and often have a plump build. Halflings have an innate ability to blend seamlessly into their environment and possess remarkable agility and dexterity.
    • Travelers: Enjoy exploration and wanderlust
    • Height: 3-4 feet
    • Appearance: Round features, curly hair, and often plump
    • Nature affinity: Deep connection to nature
    • Agility: Remarkable agility and dexterity
  8. 8
    Dragonborn are humanoid creatures with dragon-like features and abilities. They are often seen as proud and honorable, with a strong sense of justice and duty.
    The Dragonborn is a prominent race in the world of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D). They are humanoid beings that exhibit draconic traits, such as scales, reptilian eyes, and occasionally small horns or frills. Dragonborn are known for their incredible power and connection to dragon ancestry, which manifests in various ways. They possess an innate breath weapon related to the elemental type of their draconic heritage. Dragonborn are fiercely proud, often valuing honor and loyalty, and their origins can be traced back to the various metallic and chromatic dragons that exist in the D&D universe.
    • Powerful Breath Weapon: Dragonborn can unleash a potent breath attack once per short or long rest.
    • Dragon Ancestry: They have a connection to a specific type of dragon, which grants them resistance to a specific damage type and influences their breath weapon.
    • Draconic Scales: Dragonborn have reptilian scales that offer natural armor protection.
    • Languages: They can speak, read, and write Common and Draconic languages.
    • Ability Score Increase: They gain a bonus to their Strength and Charisma scores.
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    Tieflings are the offspring of humans and demons, and are often seen as outcasts in society. They possess a natural talent for magic and are typically associated with darkness and temptation.
    Tieflings are a popular race in Deepwood known for their infernal heritage. They are descended from human bloodlines that were infused with the essence of demons or other evil extraplanar beings.
    • Appearance: Tieflings have various demonic features such as horns, pointed tails, and fiery, glowing eyes.
    • Infernal Legacy: Tieflings possess innate magical abilities due to their demonic bloodline, including the ability to cast spells such as Hellish Rebuke and Darkness.
    • Alignment: Tieflings often struggle with their heritage and can range from chaotic neutral to lawful evil.
    • Resistance: Tieflings have resistance to fire damage.
    • Ability Score Increase: Tieflings typically have a charisma score increase.
  10. 10
    Aasimar are the offspring of humans and angels, and possess a natural talent for healing and protection. They are often seen as holy and righteous, with a strong sense of duty and purpose.
    Aasimar is a race in Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) that is descended from celestial beings, giving them a divine heritage. They possess both mortal and angelic qualities, manifesting as brightly colored eyes, radiant skin, and sometimes even feathery wings.
    • Luminous Soul (optional): They gain the ability to access their inner radiant power.
    • Alignment: Typically tend towards a lawful good alignment, but can vary.
    • Ability Score Increase: Charisma score increases by 2.
    • Celestial Resistance: Resistance to necrotic and radiant damage.
    • Healing Hands: They can use their healing touch to restore hit points to others.
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Ranking factors for popular race

  1. Population
    The number of representatives of each race living in Deepwood. A higher population could indicate greater popularity or acceptance among other races. 2. Cultural influence: The extent to which a race's customs, beliefs, and practices have been adopted by others in Deepwood. A strong cultural presence may signify popularity.
  2. Economic impact
    The contribution of each race to Deepwood's economy through trade, industry, and services. A race with a significant economic impact could be considered more popular.
  3. Political power
    The influence each race has in governing Deepwood or participating in important decision-making processes. A race with a strong political presence may be seen as popular.
  4. Cooperation and alliances
    The ability of the race to work together with other races and form alliances for the common good of Deepwood. A race that is known for its good relationships with others may be considered more popular.
  5. Reputation
    The general perception or image of each race in Deepwood, which could be influenced by their history, achievements, or notable individuals. A positive reputation could contribute to a race's popularity.
  6. History and longevity
    The length of time each race has been present in Deepwood and its historical significance. Long-standing or deeply rooted races may be considered more popular.
  7. Adaptability and resilience
    The ability of each race to adapt to changes in Deepwood, such as new environments or challenges, and maintain their presence. Races that demonstrate these qualities could be seen as more popular.
  8. Integration and acceptance
    How well each race is able to integrate with other races in Deepwood and the level of acceptance they receive. A race that is widely accepted and integrated may be considered more popular.
  9. Unique characteristics and abilities
    The distinct qualities, skills, or abilities that set each race apart and may contribute to their popularity in Deepwood. A race with unique and desirable traits may be more popular.

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Deepwood is a beautiful and diverse land known for its stunning landscapes and rich culture. It is home to a wide range of races, each with its unique history, traditions, and customs. From the proud and noble humans to the cunning and elusive elves, Deepwood is a melting pot of different races and ethnicities. Over the years, many polls have been conducted to determine the most popular race in Deepwood. While the results vary, there is no denying that humans are one of the most dominant and influential races in the region. They have a long and storied history in Deepwood, and their influence can be seen in everything from the language to the architecture. Other popular races in Deepwood include the elves, who are known for their grace, beauty, and magical abilities. Many people are also drawn to the dwarves, who are renowned for their craftsmanship, strength, and resilience. Whether you are a human, an elf, a dwarf, or any other race, Deepwood is a place where everyone can find a home. With its diverse population and rich culture, it is no wonder that so many people are drawn to this vibrant and enchanting land.