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Welcome to StrawPoll, where your opinions matter! Are you a rum aficionado or a casual cocktail enthusiast? Either way, we need your help to determine the ultimate rum cocktail! Dive into our ever-growing oasis of flavors and join thousands of others in ranking "What is the most popular rum cocktail?" from a carefully curated list of tropical delights and classic concoctions. Will the iconic Mojito reign supreme, or will the swashbuckling Dark 'n' Stormy steal the limelight? Or perhaps, you have a hidden gem up your sleeve that's missing from our list? Don't hesitate to suggest your favorite rum cocktail, and together, let's embark on a quest to uncover the reigning rum champion! Cast your vote now and be a part of this exciting journey, only on StrawPoll! Cheers!

What Is the Most Popular Rum Cocktail?

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    This classic cocktail is a refreshing blend of rum, lime, mint, sugar, and soda water. It is a popular choice because of its light and crisp taste.
    The Mojito is a refreshing and popular cocktail that originated in Cuba. It is made with a combination of rum, lime juice, sugar, mint leaves, and soda water. This iconic cocktail has a vibrant and zesty flavor profile with a hint of sweetness.
    • Primary Alcohol: Rum
    • Citrus Element: Lime Juice
    • Sweetener: Sugar
    • Herb/Spice: Mint Leaves
    • Carbonation: Soda Water
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    Piña Colada
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    This tropical drink is a sweet and creamy blend of rum, pineapple, and coconut. It is a popular choice because of its refreshing and indulgent taste.
    Piña Colada is a creamy and tropical cocktail that originated in Puerto Rico but has become popular in Argentina and worldwide. It is made with ingredients like rum, coconut cream, pineapple juice, and served over ice. The combination of these flavors creates a refreshing and sweet drink, perfect for hot summer days or to transport yourself to a tropical paradise. The Piña Colada is typically garnished with a pineapple wedge or cherry.
    • Alcoholic Content: The Piña Colada is an alcoholic cocktail typically made using rum. The level of alcoholic content can vary based on the type and amount of rum used.
    • Coconut Cream: The cocktail utilizes coconut cream, which adds a rich and creamy texture to the drink.
    • Pineapple Juice: Fresh or canned pineapple juice is an essential ingredient that gives the Piña Colada its distinct tropical flavor.
    • Ice: The cocktail is traditionally served over ice, which helps to chill the drink and further enhance its refreshing qualities.
    • Blending Method: To create the perfect consistency, the Piña Colada is typically prepared using a blender to combine the ingredients into a smooth and frothy drink.
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    This simple yet classic cocktail is a blend of rum, lime juice, and sugar. It is a popular choice because of its balance of sweet and tart flavors.
    The Daiquiri is a classic cocktail that is both refreshing and delicious. It features a simple yet delightful combination of rum, lime juice, and sugar, served in a chilled cocktail glass. The drink has a perfect balance of sweet and tart flavors, making it a popular choice for cocktail enthusiasts around the world.
    • Base liquor: Rum
    • Citrus component: Fresh lime juice
    • Sweetening agent: Simple syrup or granulated sugar
    • Glassware: Chilled cocktail glass
    • Serving method: Shake and strain
  4. 4

    Mai Tai

    Victor J. Bergeron
    This exotic cocktail is a blend of rum, orange curaçao, lime juice, and orgeat syrup. It is a popular choice because of its fruity and tropical taste.
    The Mai Tai is a classic tiki cocktail known for its delightful combination of fruity and tropical flavors. It is a rum-based drink that is both refreshing and complex, making it a favorite among cocktail enthusiasts.
    • Base Liquor: Rum
    • Citrus: Lime juice
    • Orgeat Syrup: Almond syrup
    • Orange Curacao: Orange liqueur
    • Sweetener: Simple syrup or rock candy syrup
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    This simple cocktail is a combination of rum and Coca-Cola. It is a popular choice because of its easy-to-make and easy-to-drink nature.
    Rum and Coke is a popular mixed drink in Argentina that combines rum and Coca-Cola. It is a simple yet refreshing cocktail that is enjoyed by many people.
    • Alcohol Type: Rum
    • Mixer: Coca-Cola
    • Glass Type: Highball glass
    • Garnish: Lime wedge
    • Ingredients: 2 oz of rum, Coca-Cola, lime wedge for garnish, ice cubes
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    This fruity cocktail is a blend of rum, fruit juice, and sugar. It is a popular choice because of its fruity and refreshing taste.
    Rum Punch is a popular cocktail in the Bahamas known for its refreshing and tropical flavors. It is made using a combination of rum, fruit juices, and various sweeteners. The drink is often enjoyed at beach bars, parties, and during social gatherings in the Bahamas.
    • Main Ingredients: Rum, fruit juices (often include orange, pineapple, and lime), sweeteners (such as grenadine or simple syrup)
    • Alcohol Content: Varies depending on the recipe, typically ranging from 15-25% ABV (alcohol by volume)
    • Serving Style: Usually served over ice in a tall glass or sometimes in a coconut shell for an extra tropical touch
    • Garnish: Garnished with a slice of fruit (such as lime or orange) and sometimes a cherry or mint sprig
    • Flavor Profile: Sweet, fruity, and tropical with a hint of rum
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    This spicy cocktail is a blend of dark rum and ginger beer. It is a popular choice because of its bold and spicy flavors.
    The Dark and Stormy is a classic highball cocktail that originated in Bermuda. It is known for its bold and refreshing combination of dark rum and ginger beer, creating a drink that is both sweet and spicy. The cocktail derives its name from its appearance, as the dark rum floats on top of the ginger beer, creating a layered effect that resembles a stormy sky.
    • Base spirit: Dark rum
    • Mixer: Ginger beer
    • Glass: Highball glass
    • Garnish: Lime wedge
    • Ice: Cubed
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    This fruity cocktail is a blend of rum, passion fruit juice, and lime juice. It is a popular choice because of its sweet and tropical taste.
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    This simple cocktail is a combination of rum, Coca-Cola, and lime juice. It is a popular choice because of its easy-to-make and easy-to-drink nature.
    Cuba Libre is a classic cocktail drink that originated in Cuba and later became popular in Punta Cana. It is a refreshing and simple mixed drink that combines rum, cola, and lime juice, typically served over ice. The Cuba Libre is known for its smooth and sweet flavor profile with a hint of citrusy tanginess.
    • Primary Alcohol: Rum
    • Mixer: Cola
    • Citrus Component: Lime juice
    • Glassware: Highball glass
    • Garnish: Lime wedge
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    This strong cocktail is a blend of rum, lime juice, grapefruit juice, falernum, grenadine, and absinthe. It is a popular choice because of its potent and complex flavors.
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  6. Visual appeal and presentation
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