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Updated on Feb 19, 2024 06:32
Welcome to StrawPoll, where your opinions take center stage! Today, we're diving into the fascinating world of astrology with a burning question that needs your input: "What is the most popular sign?" Whether you're a fierce Aries, a balanced Libra, or a mysterious Scorpio, we want to know which zodiac sign reigns supreme in the hearts and minds of our community. So, step into our cosmic arena and cast your vote for your favorite sign, or suggest a missing option, to help us create the ultimate ranking of celestial popularity. Join thousands of fellow stargazers and let's uncover the true stars of the zodiac!

What Is the Most Popular Sign?

  1. 1

    The Peace Sign

    Gerald Holtom
    The peace sign has become a universal symbol for peace and is recognized globally. It was popularized in the 1960s during anti-war protests and has since been used in various movements for peace and nonviolence.
    The Peace Sign, also known as the peace symbol or the CND symbol, is a widely recognized symbol for peace and unity. It is represented by a circle with three vertical lines extending downwards from the center, creating a composite image resembling a combination of the semaphore signals for the letters 'N' and 'D', standing for Nuclear Disarmament. The peace sign has become a powerful symbol representing various movements and campaigns advocating for peace, anti-war sentiments, and global harmony.
    • Year Created: 1958
    • Shape: Circular
    • Lines: Three vertical lines
    • Color: Usually black on a white background
    • Symbolism: Nuclear Disarmament
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    The heart sign is a popular symbol of love and affection. It is commonly used in social media, text messaging, and in greeting cards.
    The Heart Sign, also known as the Heart Symbol, is a widely recognized symbol representing love, affection, and romance. It is an iconic representation of the human heart shape, typically depicted as two symmetrical curves meeting at the bottom and creating a point at the top. The Heart Sign is often used in various contexts, from expressing emotions to symbolizing unity and compassion.
    • Shape: Two symmetrical curves meeting at the bottom, creating a point at the top
    • Meaning: Love, affection, romance, compassion
    • Usage: Expressing emotions, representing unity
    • Symbolism: Heart shape representing the human heart
    • Popularity: One of the most recognized and used symbols worldwide
  3. 3

    The Stop Sign

    Allen H. Mogensen
    The stop sign is a globally recognized symbol of traffic control. It is used to signal drivers to come to a complete stop and proceed only when it is safe to do so.
    The Stop Sign is a type of traffic sign used to indicate that drivers must come to a complete stop before proceeding. It is a red octagon-shaped sign with a white border and the word 'STOP' written in white capital letters. The sign plays a vital role in maintaining road safety by controlling intersections and ensuring the orderly flow of traffic.
    • Shape: Octagon
    • Color: Red with a white border
    • Text: White capital letters 'STOP'
    • Size: 30 inches (76 cm) across
    • Material: Reflective sheeting or metal
  4. 4

    The Recycling Sign

    Gary Anderson
    The recycling sign is a widely recognized symbol of environmental awareness. It is used to indicate materials that can be recycled and is commonly found on products made from recycled materials.
    The Recycling Sign is an internationally recognized symbol used to represent recycling and encourage the proper disposal of waste materials.
    • Shape: Three chasing arrows forming a triangle
    • Color: White arrows enclosed in a blue circle
    • Arrow Direction: Clockwise rotation
    • Meaning: Encourages recycling and proper waste disposal
    • Universal Recognition: Used worldwide as the symbol of recycling
  5. 5

    The Smiley Face

    Harvey Ball
    The smiley face is a symbol of happiness and positivity. It is commonly used in text messaging, social media, and as a decorative element on clothing and accessories.
    The Smiley Face is a simple and iconic sign that depicts a happy facial expression. It consists of a yellow circle with two black dots for eyes and a curved black line for a smiling mouth. It is widely recognized as a universal symbol of happiness, positivity, and friendliness.
    • Year of Creation: 1963
    • Color: Yellow circle, black eyes, black mouth
    • Facial Features: Two dots for eyes, one curved line for mouth
    • Meaning: Happiness, positivity, friendliness
    • Global Recognition: Highly recognizable worldwide
  6. 6

    The WiFi Sign

    Roger Carranza
    The WiFi sign is a symbol of connectivity and access to the internet. It is commonly found in public places such as airports, coffee shops, and hotels.
    The WiFi Sign is a universal symbol that represents the presence of a Wi-Fi network. It is used to identify locations, establishments, or devices that offer wireless internet connectivity.
    • Universal recognition: The WiFi Sign is recognized worldwide as the symbol for Wi-Fi availability.
    • Simplified design: The sign consists of three curved lines, forming a stylized representation of radio waves.
    • Distinctive color: The sign is commonly depicted in black on a bright yellow background for enhanced visibility.
    • Scalable and adaptable: The symbol can be displayed at various sizes and resolutions, ensuring legibility across different contexts.
    • Iconic and intuitive: The design quickly and easily conveys the concept of wireless internet access to users.
  7. 7
    The power on/off sign is a symbol of control over electronic devices. It is commonly used on televisions, computers, and other electronic devices to indicate whether they are turned on or off.
    The Power On/Off Sign is a widely recognized symbol used to indicate the state of power supply. It consists of a circle with a horizontal line near the top representing a button or switch. When the line is filled, it indicates that the power is on, and when it is empty, it signifies that the power is off.
    • Shape: Circle with horizontal line
    • Color: Typically black on white or white on black
    • Size: Varies depending on the application
    • Placement: Usually located on the device or control panel
    • Usage: Universal symbol for power on/off
  8. 8
    The no smoking sign is a symbol of health and safety. It is used to indicate areas where smoking is not allowed and has become a common sight in public places such as restaurants, airports, and hospitals.
    The No Smoking Sign is a widely recognized symbol used to prohibit smoking in public areas and private establishments. It usually consists of a circular shape with a bold red border and a black pictogram of a cigarette or tobacco in the center, crossed out with a diagonal line from the upper left to the lower right. The symbol is easy to understand and serves as a clear indication that smoking is not allowed in the designated area.
    • Shape: Circular
    • Border Color: Red
    • Pictogram Color: Black
    • Symbol: Cigarette crossed out
    • Line Orientation: Diagonal from upper left to lower right
  9. 9
    The hand sign for OK is a symbol of approval or agreement. It is commonly used in social settings and has become a popular emoji on social media and text messaging platforms.
    The Hand Sign for OK is a gesture made by joining the thumb and index finger to create a small circle, while the remaining three fingers are extended and slightly apart.
    • Gesture: Joining the thumb and index finger to create a small circle
    • Hand Position: The remaining three fingers extended and slightly apart
    • Meaning: Traditionally used to indicate approval, agreement, or to symbolize that everything is fine or okay
    • Usage: Widely used in various cultures and contexts, both offline and online
    • Popularity: One of the most commonly recognized hand gestures globally
  10. 10
    The dollar sign is a symbol of currency and wealth. It is commonly used to indicate prices and is a familiar sight on currency, financial documents, and in advertising.
    The Dollar Sign is a widely recognized symbol used to represent currency and monetary transactions, particularly the United States dollar. It is a simple glyph resembling the letter 'S' with either one or two vertical lines running through it.
    • Use: Representation of currency
    • Shape: Glyph resembling an 'S' with vertical lines
    • Universality: Used globally to denote currency
    • Variations: Different countries have variant symbols for their respective currencies
    • ASCII Code: The ASCII code for the Dollar Sign is 36

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