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Step into the wacky and wonderful world of Springfield as we present to you the ultimate showdown – the most popular Simpsons episode! From the heartwarming to the hilarious, the satirical to the downright bizarre, StrawPoll brings you a ranking of the crème de la crème of Simpsons episodes, curated by fans just like you! Unleash your inner fan and cast your vote for your all-time favorite, or find that hidden gem that deserves its moment in the spotlight by suggesting a missing option. So grab a donut and a Duff beer, settle into your couch groove, and let's embark on a nostalgic journey through the iconic moments of this beloved animated family. It's time to decide: what is THE Simpsons episode that reigns supreme? Cast your vote now and make your voice heard!

What Is the Most Popular Simpsons Episode?

  1. 1
    IMDb rating of 9.0. Written by Conan O'Brien, the episode features a monorail system that is installed in Springfield, and the town's excitement leads to disaster.
    In "Marge vs. the Monorail," the town of Springfield falls for a monorail scam after Mr. Burns is fined for dumping nuclear waste. Marge becomes suspicious of the monorail and discovers it was poorly made. As chaos ensues, it is up to her to save the day.
    • Season: 4
    • Episode: 12
    • Original airdate: January 14, 1993
    • Length: 22 minutes
    • Guest stars: Leonard Nimoy, Phil Hartman, and Leonard Nimoy
  2. 2
    IMDb rating of 9.0. In this episode, Homer decides to skip church and enjoy a day without rules, leading to a life-changing experience.
    In the episode 'Homer the Heretic', Homer decides to skip church and spend a day doing whatever he wants, much to the disapproval of his family and the Springfield community. Written by George Meyer and directed by Jim Reardon, this episode showcases Homer's rebellious nature and his humorous misadventures throughout the day.
    • Season: 4
    • Episode: 3
    • Title: Homer the Heretic
    • Writer: George Meyer
    • Director: Jim Reardon
  3. 3
    IMDb rating of 8.9. This episode deals with issues of homophobia and tolerance, as Homer befriends a gay antique dealer and struggles to accept his sexuality.
    In the episode 'Homer's Phobia' from Season 8 of The Simpsons, Homer becomes friends with a flamboyant antique store owner named John, which makes Bart worry about his father's perception of homosexuality. The episode tackles themes of homophobia, acceptance, and the importance of empathy.
    • Season: 8
    • Episode: 15
    • Title: Homer's Phobia
    • Air Date: February 16, 1997
    • Running Time: 22 minutes
  4. 4
    IMDb rating of 8.9. In this episode, Homer takes a job at Globex Corporation in Cypress Creek and discovers the joys of working for a competent and friendly boss.
    You Only Move Twice is the second episode of the eighth season of The Simpsons. In this episode, the Simpson family relocates to Cypress Creek after Homer gets a new job at the Globex Corporation. However, they soon discover that their seemingly perfect new town and boss have dark secrets. The episode is widely regarded as one of the best and most popular in the series.
    • Season: 8
    • Episode: 2
    • Original air date: November 3, 1996
    • Directed by: Mike B. Anderson
    • Written by: John Swartzwelder
  5. 5
    IMDb rating of 8.8. This episode parodies the film Cape Fear, as Sideshow Bob is released from prison and seeks revenge on Bart for sending him there.
  6. 6
    IMDb rating of 8.7. This episode satirizes the process of creating a cartoon character, as the producers of Itchy & Scratchy introduce a new character named Poochie.
    In 'The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show', the writers of The Itchy & Scratchy Show decide to add a new character called Poochie to the series. When the episode airs, it receives mixed reviews from the audience. Homer Simpson unexpectedly becomes the voice of Poochie, leading to a series of wacky events and hilarious moments.
    • Episode Number: Season 8, Episode 14
    • Original Air Date: February 9, 1997
    • Main Characters: Homer Simpson, Bart Simpson, Marge Simpson
    • Guest Voice: Alex Rocco as Roger Meyers Jr.
    • Running Time: Approximately 22 minutes
  7. 7
    IMDb rating of 8.7. In this episode, Bart is caught shoplifting and tries to win back his mother's trust by buying her a special Christmas gift.
    Marge Be Not Proud is the eleventh episode of the seventh season of the popular animated TV show The Simpsons. It originally aired on December 17, 1995. The episode revolves around Bart Simpson and his attempt to shoplift a video game, leading to his strained relationship with his mother, Marge. It is known for its heartfelt story and exploration of the mother-son bond. The episode also tackles themes of disobedience, forgiveness, and the challenges of parenting.
    • Season: 7
    • Episode Number: 11
    • Original Airdate: December 17, 1995
    • Duration: 22 minutes
    • Genre: Comedy
  8. 8
    IMDb rating of 8.7. This episode deals with issues of loss and grief, as Lisa develops a close relationship with her substitute teacher, Mr. Bergstrom, who then leaves Springfield.
    In 'Lisa's Substitute', Lisa becomes infatuated with her substitute teacher, Mr. Bergstrom, who encourages her to embrace her intelligence and uniqueness. Meanwhile, Bart becomes jealous of Mr. Bergstrom's connection with Lisa. This emotional and heartwarming episode explores themes of mentorship, self-acceptance, and the bond between siblings.
    • Episode number: Season 2, Episode 19
    • Original airdate: April 25, 1991
    • Directed by: Rich Moore
    • Written by: Jon Vitti
    • Guest voice actor: Dustin Hoffman as Mr. Bergstrom
  9. 9
    IMDb rating of 8.6. In this episode, Homer joins a secret society called the Stonecutters and discovers the perks of being part of an exclusive club.
    In the episode 'Homer the Great', Homer joins the secretive Springfield organization known as the Stonecutters and rises through the ranks to become their leader. The episode explores themes of power, exclusivity, and friendship, using humor and satire to critique secret societies and their rituals.
    • Season: 6
    • Episode: 12
    • Original air date: January 8, 1995
    • Written by: John Swartzwelder
    • Directed by: Jim Reardon
  10. 10
    IMDb rating of 8.6. This episode features Homer starting his own snowplow business and becoming a local hero, but his success leads to jealousy from his best friend, Barney.
    In the episode 'Mr. Plow' from Season 4, Homer buys a snow plow and becomes a hero in Springfield by clearing the snow-covered streets. However, his success drives his best friend Barney to start a rival business with his own plow, leading to an intense competition between the two.
    • Episode Title: Mr. Plow
    • Season: 4
    • Episode Number: 9
    • Original Air Date: November 19, 1992
    • Director: Jim Reardon

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