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Welcome to StrawPoll's exciting ranking of "What is the most popular street in New Orleans?" - the ultimate showdown of the city's most iconic and beloved streets! With a city that boasts a rich history, vibrant culture, and lively atmosphere, it's time for you to cast your vote for your favorite street or suggest one that we may have missed. Will Bourbon Street's legendary nightlife reign supreme or will Magazine Street's charming boutiques steal the show? Perhaps the historic elegance of Royal Street will take the crown? The choice is yours! Dive into the captivating stories, unique vibes, and hidden gems that these famous streets have to offer and help us determine the true heart and soul of the Crescent City! Cast your vote now and join the thrilling conversation!

What Is the Most Popular Street in New Orleans?

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    This is perhaps the most famous street in New Orleans, known for its lively nightlife, jazz clubs, and Mardi Gras celebrations.
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    Known for its historic architecture, antique shops, art galleries, and street performers.
    Royal Street is a historic and vibrant street located in the heart of the French Quarter in New Orleans. It is known for its charming atmosphere, unique architecture, and diverse cultural offerings. The street is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike, offering a mix of art galleries, antique stores, boutique shops, restaurants, and lively street performances. Royal Street is often referred to as the artistic and cultural center of New Orleans.
    • Location: French Quarter, New Orleans
    • Length: 1.5 miles (2.4 kilometers)
    • Architecture: Diverse range of historic buildings, including Creole townhouses, Victorian mansions, and French Colonial-style buildings
    • Art Galleries: Numerous art galleries showcasing local and international artists
    • Antique Stores: Abundance of antique stores specializing in unique pieces and collectibles
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    Decatur Street

    City of New Orleans
    Located in the French Quarter, this street is known for its cafes, bars, and restaurants, as well as the French Market.
    Decatur Street is one of the most popular and vibrant streets in New Orleans, known for its rich history and lively atmosphere. Located in the French Quarter, it stretches from Canal Street to Esplanade Avenue, running parallel to the Mississippi River.
    • Length: Approximately 1 mile
    • Age: Established in 1718
    • Architecture: Mix of historic Creole townhouses and commercial buildings
    • Pedestrian-friendly: Sidewalks lined with shops, cafes, and local vendors
    • Cultural diversity: Showcasing various cultures, including French, Spanish, and African influences
  4. 4
    A popular shopping destination with a variety of boutique shops, art galleries, and restaurants.
    Magazine Street is a vibrant and eclectic street located in the heart of New Orleans, Louisiana. Stretching over 6 miles, it is known for its historic charm, unique architecture, and diverse range of shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues.
    • Length: 6 miles
    • Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
    • Historic Charm: Rich with historical significance
    • Architecture: Variety of architectural styles
    • Shops: Numerous boutiques and specialty stores
  5. 5

    St. Charles Avenue

    City of New Orleans
    This street is famous for its streetcar line, historic mansions, and the annual Mardi Gras parade.
    St. Charles Avenue is one of the most popular and historic streets in New Orleans, Louisiana. It stretches for approximately 5.5 miles from Uptown to the Central Business District, lined with grand oak trees and historic mansions. The avenue is famous for its role in Mardi Gras parades, as well as its streetcar line which has been operating since 1835.
    • Length: Approximately 5.5 miles
    • Location: From Uptown to the Central Business District
    • Features: Lined with grand oak trees and historic mansions
    • Mardi Gras: Plays a significant role in Mardi Gras parades
    • Streetcar Line: Operational since 1835
  6. 6
    A popular destination for live music, with numerous jazz clubs and bars.
    Frenchmen Street is a vibrant and lively street located in the Faubourg Marigny neighborhood of New Orleans. It is renowned for its vibrant live music scene, rich cultural heritage, and energetic nightlife.
    • Live Music Venues: Frenchmen Street is home to numerous music clubs and bars that showcase an eclectic mix of jazz, blues, funk, and other traditional New Orleans music styles.
    • Local Artists: The street is a haven for local artists who showcase their talents through street performances and art displays.
    • Food and Drinks: Frenchmen Street offers a diverse range of dining options, from food trucks serving delicious street food to upscale restaurants offering delectable cuisines.
    • Street Markets: Visitors can explore vibrant street markets on Frenchmen Street, where they can find unique crafts, jewelry, and other local products.
    • Historical Importance: Frenchmen Street is steeped in history, with many buildings dating back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries, adding to its charming and authentic atmosphere.
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    Canal Street
    Pacific Coast Highway · CC BY-SA 3.0

    Canal Street

    Barthelemy Lafon
    A major thoroughfare in New Orleans, known for its historic theaters and shopping district.
    Canal Street is one of the most iconic and bustling streets in New Orleans, Louisiana. Running perpendicular to the Mississippi River, it serves as a major transportation and commercial hub in the city. Stretching for about 4 miles from the riverfront to the cemeteries, Canal Street is a vibrant and lively thoroughfare with a rich history and a diverse mix of shops, hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues.
    • Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
    • Length: Approximately 4 miles
    • Orientation: Perpendicular to the Mississippi River
    • Purpose: Transportation and commercial hub
    • Historical significance: Built in the early 19th century
    Canal Street in other rankings
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    Esplanade Avenue
    Infrogmation of New Orleans · CC BY-SA 4.0

    Esplanade Avenue

    City of New Orleans
    A scenic street known for its historic homes, gardens, and the New Orleans Museum of Art.
    Esplanade Avenue is one of the most popular and historic streets in New Orleans. This tree-lined avenue runs from the Mississippi River to City Park, offering a vibrant mix of architectural styles, cultural landmarks, and picturesque views. It is known for its beautiful residential mansions, vibrant shops and restaurants, and historical significance in the city.
    • Location: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
    • Length: 4.6 miles (7.4 km)
    • Orientation: Northeast–Southwest
    • Historical Significance: Part of the Esplanade Ridge Historic District
    • Architectural Styles: Greek Revival, Italianate, Victorian, Creole townhouses, and more
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    Chartres Street
    Briggs Dyer · Public domain
    A historic street in the French Quarter, known for its architecture, galleries, and antique shops.
    Chartres Street is one of the most iconic and vibrant streets in New Orleans. Located in the French Quarter, it showcases a unique blend of architecture, history, and lively atmosphere. With its rich cultural heritage and diverse offerings, Chartres Street is a must-visit destination for both locals and tourists alike.
    • Length: Approximately 0.8 miles
    • Architecture: Features a mix of Spanish Colonial, Creole, and Federal style buildings
    • Shops and Galleries: Home to numerous art galleries, antique shops, and boutiques
    • Restaurants and Cafes: Offers a variety of dining options ranging from traditional Creole to modern fusion cuisine
    • Street Performers: Known for its vibrant street performances, including jazz musicians, magicians, and dancers
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    Poydras Street

    New Orleans city planners
    A major business district in New Orleans, home to the Superdome and the Smoothie King Center.
    Poydras Street is one of the most popular and vibrant streets in New Orleans, Louisiana. It is located in the heart of the Central Business District (CBD) and stretches for approximately 1.2 miles, running parallel to the Mississippi River.
    • Length: Approximately 1.2 miles
    • Location: Central Business District (CBD)
    • Orientation: Parallel to the Mississippi River
    • Architecture: Mix of historic and modern buildings
    • Landmarks: Mercedes-Benz Superdome, Smoothie King Center, Poydras Center

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  3. Entertainment and nightlife
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  4. Community engagement
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  5. Safety and cleanliness
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    Does the street reflect New Orleans' rich cultural diversity and offer a range of experiences and attractions that appeal to a broad range of people?

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