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Welcome to StrawPoll's ultimate ranking of the most popular styles of jeans! With countless trends and preferences, it can be challenging to find the perfect pair that suits your tastes. That's where you come in! We've curated an exciting list of iconic jeans styles – from timeless classics like straight-leg and bootcut to modern favorites like skinny and boyfriend jeans. So, it's time to make your voice heard and vote for your top pick, or even suggest a missing option. Let's band together to unravel the denim debate and crown the undisputed champion of jeans styles. Unleash your inner fashionista, join the conversation, and let the denim showdown begin!

What Is the Most Popular Style of Jeans?

  1. 1

    Skinny Jeans

    Hedi Slimane
    Skinny jeans have been popular since the early 2000s and continue to be a popular style for both men and women. They are form-fitting and flattering, and can be dressed up or down.
    Skinny jeans are a popular style of jeans characterized by their snug fit through the thighs, knees, and calves. They are known for their sleek and tapered profile, giving the illusion of a slim and elongated silhouette while accentuating the curves of the wearer.
    • Legs: Fitted through thighs, knees, and calves
    • Silhouette: Slim and elongated
    • Waist: Usually mid-rise or high-rise
    • Fit: Snug
    • Profile: Sleek and tapered
  2. 2

    Straight Leg Jeans

    Levi Strauss & Co.
    Straight leg jeans are a classic style that never goes out of fashion. They are versatile and can be worn by anyone, regardless of body shape or size.
    Straight Leg Jeans refers to a classic style of denim pants that have a straight, uniform width from the thigh down to the ankle. They are known for providing a timeless and versatile look, suitable for various occasions.
    • Fit: Straight, with consistent width from thigh to ankle
    • Rise: Mid to high rise
    • Waist Style: Regular waistband with belt loops
    • Closure: Button or zipper fly
    • Material: Denim fabric, usually cotton-based
  3. 3
    Bootcut jeans are a popular style that flares out slightly at the ankle. They are flattering on most body types and can be dressed up or down.
    Bootcut jeans are a style of denim pants that are slim-fitting through the thighs and then gradually widen from the knee down, creating a slight flare that can accommodate wearing boots. They are a popular choice for those wanting a versatile pair of jeans that can be worn with various footwear options.
    • Fit: Slim through thighs, slight flare from knee down
    • Leg opening: Wider than straight or skinny jeans
    • Fabric: Denim or other durable cotton blend
    • Waist rise: Varies (high, mid, low)
    • Length: Various inseam lengths available
  4. 4
    Boyfriend jeans are a relaxed and comfortable style that are meant to look like they were borrowed from a boyfriend. They are usually looser in the hips and thighs, and can be rolled up at the ankle.
    Boyfriend jeans are a popular style of jeans that are known for their relaxed and oversized fit. They are designed to mimic the look and feel of a pair of jeans borrowed from a boyfriend. These jeans typically have a low waist, a loose fit through the hips and thighs, and a straight or tapered leg. They are often rolled or cuffed at the hem for a more casual and effortless look. Boyfriend jeans are versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.
    • Fit: Relaxed and oversized
    • Waist: Low
    • Hip and thigh fit: Loose
    • Leg shape: Straight or tapered
    • Hem: Rolled or cuffed
  5. 5

    High-Waisted Jeans

    Freddy's Jeans
    High-waisted jeans have become increasingly popular in recent years. They sit higher on the waist and can be either skinny or wide-legged. They are flattering on most body types and can be worn with crop tops or tucked-in shirts.
    High-waisted jeans are a style of denim pants that sit above the natural waistline, typically reaching or covering the belly button area. They are a trendy and flattering option that has gained immense popularity in recent years.
    • Fit: Slimming, fitted through the waist and hips
    • Rise: High rise, sitting above the natural waist
    • Waistband: Wide waistband for added support and structure
    • Closure: Usually features a zip fly and button closure
    • Leg Style: Varies from skinny to flare, offering different silhouettes
  6. 6

    Flared Jeans

    Stella McCartney
    Flared jeans are a throwback to the 70s and have made a comeback in recent years. They are fitted at the waist and thighs and flare out at the bottom. They are perfect for those who want to make a statement with their jeans.
    Flared jeans are a style of denim pants that have a fitted waist and hips, and gradually widen from the knees down to the hem. This creates a flared or bell-bottom-like shape. They were popularized in the 1970s and have made a comeback in recent years as a retro fashion trend.
    • Fit: Fitted waist and hips with a gradual widening from the knees to hem
    • Leg style: Flared or bell-bottom-like shape
    • Length: Usually covers the entire leg, but various lengths are available
    • Rise: Can be high-waisted or mid-rise
    • Material: Typically made from denim fabric
  7. 7
    Mom jeans are a high-waisted and relaxed style that were popular in the 90s. They have made a comeback in recent years and are a comfortable and casual option.
    Mom Jeans are a popular style of jeans that originated in the 1980s and gained significant popularity in the 1990s. They are characterized by their high waistline and loose, relaxed fit. Mom Jeans are often associated with a casual and comfortable aesthetic, making them a go-to choice for everyday wear.
    • Waistline: High
    • Fit: Loose and relaxed
    • Leg Shape: Tapered or straight
    • Rise: Higher than traditional jeans
    • Pockets: Usually front and back pockets
  8. 8
    Jeggings are a combination of leggings and jeans. They are form-fitting and comfortable, and are perfect for those who want the look of jeans but the comfort of leggings.
    Jeggings are a hybrid style of jeans that combine the tight fit and stretchy fabric of leggings with the look and silhouette of traditional denim jeans. They are designed to provide the comfort and flexibility of leggings while still offering the appearance of jeans.
    • Fabric: Usually made of a combination of denim and spandex or elastane, providing the stretch and flexibility needed for a snug fit.
    • Fit: Skin-tight and form-fitting, similar to leggings, with a high level of stretch to accommodate different body shapes and sizes.
    • Closure: Most jeggings feature a faux fly and button detailing for an authentic jeans look, but without the functional elements.
    • Pockets: Just like traditional jeans, jeggings often have functional back pockets and sometimes front pockets as well.
    • Style: Jeggings offer the appearance of jeans, including various washes, colors, and even distressed or ripped details.
  9. 9
    Distressed jeans are a popular style that have been intentionally ripped, torn, or faded to give them a worn-in look. They are perfect for those who want a more casual and edgy look.
    Distressed jeans are a fashionable type of denim pants that have intentionally been made to look worn, torn, or aged. These jeans are designed to give a unique, rugged and casual appearance. They have become a popular choice among fashion enthusiasts seeking a laid-back and edgy style.
    • Rips and Tears: They feature deliberately placed rips and tears across the fabric.
    • Frayed Edges: The edges of distressed jeans are purposefully frayed and often have a worn-out look.
    • Fading: Distressed jeans usually have fading effects to give them a worn-in appearance.
    • Whiskering: These jeans often have whiskering around the front pockets, giving them a worn and faded look at the hips.
    • Abrasions: Distressed jeans may feature abrasions or scuffs, mimicking natural wear and tear.
  10. 10

    Skinny Straight Jeans

    Levi Strauss & Co.
    Skinny straight jeans are a hybrid between skinny jeans and straight leg jeans. They are fitted through the thigh and calf, but don't taper as much as skinny jeans. They are a comfortable and flattering option for those who want a more relaxed look.
    Skinny Straight Jeans are a popular style of jeans that are known for their slim fit and straight leg. These jeans provide a sleek and streamlined look, hugging the body from the waist to the ankle. They are highly versatile and can be worn with both casual and dressy outfits.
    • Fit: Slim
    • Leg Shape: Straight
    • Waist Rise: Mid-rise
    • Closure: Zipper fly with button closure
    • Fabric: Denim

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Ranking factors for popular style

  1. Comfort
    Comfort is also an essential factor in determining the popularity of jeans. Jeans that are comfortable to wear are more likely to be popular among consumers.
  2. Style and design
    Jeans that are trendy, stylish, and have unique designs are usually more popular than plain, basic styles.
  3. Brand reputation
    The reputation of a brand plays a significant role in the popularity of jeans. Brands that have a history of producing high-quality jeans are more likely to be popular.
  4. Price
    The price of jeans is also a critical factor in determining popularity. Jeans that are reasonably priced and offer good value for money are more likely to be popular among consumers.

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More information on most popular style of jeans

Jeans have been a staple in fashion for decades, and their popularity doesn't seem to be fading anytime soon. With so many different styles and fits available, it can be hard to determine which one is the most popular. However, according to recent polls and surveys, skinny jeans are currently the most popular style among both men and women. This form-fitting style has been in trend for several years and continues to be a go-to option for many fashion-savvy individuals. Other popular styles include bootcut, straight leg, and boyfriend jeans. Regardless of the style, jeans are a versatile and timeless fashion statement that will never go out of style.

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