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Updated on Apr 18, 2024 07:36
Step right up and join the coolest face-off on the internet! StrawPoll invites you to cast your vote in our latest ranking: "What is the most popular style of refrigerator?" With thousands of polls and rankings under our belt, we're now diving into the icy world of refrigeration to determine which design reigns supreme. Is it the classic top-freezer, the spacious side-by-side, or the sleek French door style that takes the crown? Or perhaps you have a hidden gem we haven't thought of yet? Come and explore the frosty battlefield, weigh in on your favorite design, and even suggest a missing option. Your vote counts, and the winner will be chilling in the limelight! Don't miss out on this refreshing opportunity to share your opinion and discover the reigning refrigerator royalty.

What Is the Most Popular Style of Refrigerator?

  1. 1

    French door refrigerator

    Samsung Electronics
    French door refrigerators have become increasingly popular due to their sleek design and spacious interior. They typically have two doors that open from the middle, with the refrigerator compartment on top and the freezer below. They are known for their energy efficiency, high-end features, and ease of use.
    A French door refrigerator is a popular style of fridge characterized by its unique configuration, which features two narrow doors on the top section and a bottom freezer drawer. This design provides easy access to the refrigerator compartment, maximizing storage space and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the appliance.
    • Capacity: Typically ranges from 20 to 30 cubic feet
    • Layout: Two narrow doors on the top section, bottom freezer drawer
    • Door Style: French doors for the refrigerator compartment, a single or double drawer for the freezer compartment
    • Temperature Control: Separate controls for the fridge and freezer sections
    • Energy Efficiency: Various energy-saving features, usually Energy Star certified
  2. 2

    Side-by-side refrigerator

    General Electric (GE)
    Side-by-side refrigerators are another popular style that have been around for many years. They feature two doors that run vertically, with the refrigerator on one side and the freezer on the other. They are popular for their convenience and versatility, as well as their ability to fit into smaller kitchens.
    The Side-by-side refrigerator is a popular style of refrigerator that features two vertically divided compartments, with the freezer on one side and the refrigeration compartment on the other. The design allows for easy access to both the freezer and the refrigerator sections.
    • Capacity: Ranges from 20 to 30 cubic feet
    • Layout: Vertical compartments divided by a center column
    • Freezer Placement: Located on one side of the refrigerator
    • Refrigeration Compartment Placement: Located on the other side of the refrigerator
    • Door Style: Double doors that open outward
  3. 3

    Top-freezer refrigerator

    GE Appliances
    Top-freezer refrigerators are a classic style that have been around for decades. They feature a single door that opens to reveal the refrigerator compartment on top and the freezer below. They are popular for their affordability and simplicity, as well as their ability to fit into small spaces.
    A top-freezer refrigerator is a style of refrigerator where the freezer compartment is located on the top, and the refrigerator compartment is positioned below it. It is a traditional and popular design that has been used for many years.
    • Capacity: Ranges from 10 cubic feet to over 30 cubic feet
    • Layout: Freezer on top, refrigerator on the bottom
    • Size: Available in various sizes to fit different kitchen spaces
    • Energy Efficiency: Most models are Energy Star certified
    • Shelves: Adjustable glass or wire shelves for easy organization
  4. 4

    Bottom-freezer refrigerator

    General Electric (GE)
    Bottom-freezer refrigerators are similar to top-freezer models, but with the freezer compartment located on the bottom. They are popular for their ease of use and accessibility, as well as their energy efficiency.
    A bottom-freezer refrigerator is a style of refrigerator where the freezer compartment is located at the bottom, underneath the main refrigeration compartment. This design allows for easy access to commonly used refrigerated items without needing to bend down.
    • Capacity: Ranges from 15 to 30 cubic feet
    • Energy Efficiency: Energy Star certified, typically more energy efficient than top-freezer models
    • Freezer Configuration: Pull-out drawer or sliding drawer design
    • Refrigerator Configuration: Shelving, drawers, and door storage
    • Temperature Control: Digital or manual temperature controls
  5. 5

    Compact refrigerator

    General Electric (GE)
    Compact refrigerators are small, portable models that are popular for use in dorm rooms, offices, and other small spaces. They are usually designed with a single door and a small freezer compartment, and are known for their affordability and convenience.
    A compact refrigerator is a small-sized refrigerator designed to fit in tight spaces or be easily portable. It is commonly used in dorm rooms, offices, or small apartments where space is limited. Despite its smaller size, it offers the convenience of storing food and beverages at a cool temperature without occupying much room.
    • Size: Typically ranges from 1.7 to 4.5 cubic feet
    • Design: Compact and space-saving
    • Dimensions: Varies, but often around 20-24 inches in height
    • Weight: Usually between 30 to 70 pounds
    • Capacity: Can hold approximately 25 to 130 cans of soda
  6. 6
    Counter-depth refrigerators are designed to be flush with kitchen cabinets and countertops, giving them a sleek, integrated look. They are popular for their space-saving design and high-end features, and are often more expensive than other models.
    A counter-depth refrigerator refers to a style of refrigerator that is designed to align with the depth of a standard kitchen countertop, providing a sleek and integrated appearance. It is a space-saving option that offers a built-in and seamless feel, making it a popular choice for modern kitchen designs.
    • Width: Typically around 35 to 36 inches
    • Depth: Around 24 to 26 inches to align with standard countertops
    • Height: Varies between models, usually around 68 to 70 inches
    • Capacity: Ranges between 18 to 24 cubic feet
    • Installation: Freestanding or built-in depending on the model
  7. 7
    Multi-door refrigerators are a newer style that feature multiple compartments and doors for easy organization and access. They are popular for their high-end features and convenience, but are often more expensive than other models.
    A multi-door refrigerator is a popular style of refrigerator that offers advanced storage capabilities and efficient cooling technology. It is designed to provide maximum convenience and organization of food items. The refrigerator features multiple compartments, each with its own individual door or drawer, allowing easy access to specific sections without affecting the temperature of the entire unit.
    • Capacity: Ranges from 20 to 30 cubic feet
    • Number of Doors: Ranges from 3 to 5 doors
    • Door Types: Includes French doors, bottom freezer drawers, and side-by-side doors
    • Energy Efficiency: Most models are Energy Star-certified
    • Water Dispenser: Many models come with built-in water dispensers and ice makers
  8. 8
    Smart refrigerators are a newer type of refrigerator that are designed to be connected to the internet and other smart devices. They often feature touchscreens, voice commands, and other high-tech features, and are popular for their convenience and connectivity.
    The Smart refrigerator is a cutting-edge appliance that combines advanced technology with everyday convenience. It is equipped with various features to revolutionize the way we store and manage our food, making it an essential item for modern homes.
    • Internet Connectivity: Smart refrigerators are connected to the internet, allowing users to control and monitor their fridge remotely.
    • Touchscreen Display: A built-in touchscreen display provides a user-friendly interface to interact with the refrigerator and access its features.
    • Voice Assistant Integration: Smart refrigerators often integrate with popular voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, enabling hands-free control.
    • Food Management: These refrigerators come with features to track food inventory, expiration dates, and even suggest recipes based on available ingredients.
    • Cameras: Integrated internal cameras allow users to peek inside their fridge remotely using a smartphone app.
  9. 9

    Beer refrigerator

    Various manufacturers
    Beer refrigerators are a type of compact refrigerator that are designed specifically for storing beer and other beverages. They often have adjustable shelves and temperature controls, and are popular for their convenience and portability.
    A beer refrigerator is a specialized type of refrigerator designed specifically for storing and chilling beer. It provides the ideal temperature and conditions to keep beers cold and refreshing. It often features convenient storage solutions and customizable cooling settings to cater to different beer preferences.
    • Capacity: Typically ranging from 50 to 200 liters
    • Temperature Range: Usually adjustable from 34°F to 50°F (1°C to 10°C)
    • Door Type: Most commonly equipped with glass doors for easy visibility
    • Shelves: Removable and adjustable shelves to accommodate different sizes and quantities of beer
    • Number of Doors: Can have single or double doors, depending on the size and style of the refrigerator
  10. 10
    Wine refrigerators are another type of compact refrigerator that are designed specifically for storing wine. They often have adjustable temperature controls and specialized shelving to keep wine bottles in optimal condition. They are popular for their convenience and ability to preserve the quality of wine.
    A wine refrigerator is a specialized type of refrigerator designed to store and chill wine bottles at optimal temperature and humidity levels, ensuring proper aging and preservation of the wine. It is a popular choice among wine enthusiasts, restaurants, and bars.
    • Temperature Range: Generally 40°F to 65°F (4°C to 18°C)
    • Capacity: Can range from 12 to over 300 wine bottles, depending on the model
    • Dual Temperature Zones: Allows simultaneous storage of red and white wines at different temperatures
    • UV Protection: Features UV-resistant glass or tinted doors to protect wine from harmful light
    • Humidity Control: Maintains optimum humidity levels to prevent corks from drying out or mold growth

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Ranking factors for popular style

  1. Capacity
    The size of the refrigerator is an important factor, as it determines how much food and drinks it can hold.
  2. Energy efficiency
    Energy efficiency is important as it can cut down on electricity bills and also reduce your carbon footprint.
  3. Features
    Modern refrigerators come with a range of features such as adjustable shelves, ice dispensers, water dispensers, smart technology, etc.
  4. Price
    The cost of purchasing and maintaining the refrigerator is important to many consumers.
  5. Style
    The style of the refrigerator is also a key consideration. Some people prefer the traditional top freezer style, while others prefer the newer French door or side-by-side styles.

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