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Updated on Apr 14, 2024 07:40
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What Is the Most Popular TikTok Trend?

  1. 1

    The Renegade Dance Trend

    Jalaiah Harmon
    This dance trend was popularized by TikTok user @JalaiahHarmon and has been performed by millions of TikTok users worldwide. It involves a series of intricate moves set to the song "Lottery" by K Camp.
    The Renegade Dance Trend is one of the most popular dance trends on TikTok, characterized by fast-paced and intricate choreography.
    • Cultural impact: Played a significant role in the TikTok dance community, paving the way for future dance trends
    • Song: Lottery by K CAMP
    • Creator: Jalaiah Harmon
    • Choreography: A sequence of fast-paced moves, including arm swings, body isolations, and quick footwork
    • Hand movements: Involves intricate hand gestures and transitions
  2. 2

    The Duet Trend

    TikTok users
    This trend involves users creating a video and inviting others to duet with them, creating a split-screen video. It has become a popular way for users to collaborate and interact with each other on the app.
    The Duet Trend is a popular TikTok trend where users create videos by duetting with another user's video. It allows users to collaborate and respond to other content by adding their own video alongside the original video.
    • Popularization period: Started around 2019 and still ongoing
    • Engagement: High level of user engagement and interaction
    • Content type: Can be used with various types of content including dances, lip-syncing, challenges, comedy sketches, etc.
    • Dueting process: Users select a video they want to duet with, record their own video alongside it, and the resulting split-screen video is created
    • Responses and reactions: Allows users to respond, recreate, parody, or pay homage to other videos
  3. 3
    POV stands for "Point of View" and involves users creating videos as if they are living in a certain situation. This trend has become popular for its storytelling and acting elements.
    The POV (Point of View) trend on TikTok involves users creating videos where they take on the perspective of a character or situation. Through the use of creative editing techniques, users immerse viewers into their world, providing a unique and engaging experience.
    • Video duration: Typically around 15-60 seconds
    • Music: Often accompanied by popular songs or dialogue snippets
    • Camera movement: Frequent use of shaky handheld shots or smooth panning to enhance the immersive effect
    • Characterization: Users adopt diverse characters, ranging from protagonists to villains, or even inanimate objects
    • Creative storylines: Videos often feature fictional narratives, dramatic twists, or relatable everyday situations
  4. 4
    Lip-syncing to popular songs and movie clips has been a staple of TikTok since its inception. Users often use creative editing and costumes to make their videos stand out.
    The Lip-Sync Trend is a popular TikTok trend where users synchronize their lip movements with audio clips, showcasing their acting or performance skills.
    • First appeared: 2014 (as
    • Engagement: Involves millions of users globally
    • Description: Users select audio clips and lip-sync along, often adding creative camera angles and effects
    • Variations: Users may perform solo, duets, or in groups
    • Popularity: The trend gained massive popularity on TikTok
  5. 5
    Challenges involve users creating a video that meets certain criteria, often set by other users or TikTok itself. These challenges can range from dance challenges to comedy sketches.
    The Challenge Trend is a popular TikTok trend where users dare each other to perform various tasks or stunts and share their videos online. It encourages creativity and can range from simple challenges to complex and awe-inspiring feats.
    • 1: Engages users in daring and exciting activities
    • 2: Involves the use of props and creative setups
    • 3: Encourages users to showcase their skills and abilities
    • 4: Tends to involve a competitive element
    • 5: Challenges can be physical, mental, or creative in nature
  6. 6

    The Meme Trend

    Various TikTok users
    TikTok has become a hub for the creation and sharing of memes, with users often creating their own viral memes and spreading them throughout the app.
    The Meme Trend is a popular TikTok trend where users create and share humorous and relatable memes in the form of short videos. These videos often feature catchy music or sound clips and use clever editing techniques to convey a funny or relatable message.
    • Hashtag: #TheMemeTrend
    • Video Length: 15-60 seconds
    • Music/Sound: Catchy tunes or popular sound clips
    • Editing Techniques: Creative transitions, text overlays, and effects
    • Humor Style: Sarcasm, irony, satire, or funny observations
  7. 7

    The Hashtag Trend

    Various TikTok users
    Hashtags have become a popular way for users to connect with others who share similar interests or participate in the same trends. Popular hashtags on TikTok include #fyp (For You Page) and #tiktoktrend.
    The Hashtag Trend is a popular TikTok trend where users create and participate in challenges by using specific hashtags in their videos. These challenges often involve lip-syncing, dancing, comedy skits, or creative videos that revolve around a particular theme or concept. The trend encourages users to showcase their skills, creativity, or personal experiences through engaging and entertaining content.
    • Platform: TikTok
    • Usage: Users participate by creating videos with specific hashtags
    • Content: Lip-syncing, dancing, comedy skits, creative videos
    • Themes: Varies depending on the challenge
    • Engagement: Encourages user interaction and participation
  8. 8

    The DIY Trend

    Various TikTok users
    With millions of users looking for ways to stay entertained during lockdowns and quarantines, the DIY trend has exploded on TikTok. Users share tips and tutorials for everything from home decor to beauty treatments.
    The DIY Trend is a popular trend on TikTok where users demonstrate and share do-it-yourself projects and creative ideas. It encompasses various categories such as crafts, home decor, fashion, beauty, and more. The trend encourages users to showcase their creativity, provide step-by-step instructions, and inspire others to try DIY projects.
    • Category: DIY
    • Popular Contents: Crafts, home decor, fashion, beauty
    • Demonstration: Step-by-step instructions
    • Purpose: Inspire creativity and encourage DIY projects
    • Engagement: Users can create and share their own DIY projects using popular hashtags
  9. 9

    The Food Trend

    TikTok has also become a popular platform for foodies, with users sharing recipes, cooking tips, and even viral food challenges like the "whipped coffee" trend.
    The Food Trend is a popular TikTok trend where users showcase creative and unique food creations. It involves manipulating and transforming simple ingredients into visually appealing and appetizing dishes.
    • Hashtag: #foodtrend
    • Videos: Millions of videos
    • Views: Billions of views
    • Duration: 15-60 seconds
    • Ingredients: Various types of food ingredients
  10. 10

    The Pet Trend

    Various TikTok users
    TikTok's love for animals has spawned a number of pet-related trends, including challenges like the "pet challenge" and cute animal videos that have gone viral.
    The Pet Trend on TikTok is a popular video trend where users showcase their adorable pets and their unique abilities or cute antics. These videos capture the attention of millions of viewers and bring joy to the TikTok community.
    • Hashtag: #PetTrend
    • Video Length: Usually 15 to 30 seconds
    • Content: Pets showcasing tricks, funny moments, or cute behavior
    • Background Music: Users often add catchy music or sound effects to enhance the video
    • Editing Style: Quick cuts, transitions, and effects are commonly used

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  2. Engagement rate
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  3. Virality
    If a trend has started to spread beyond TikTok, like being mentioned on other social media platforms, it may be more popular.
  4. Timeframe
    Trends come and go quickly on TikTok, so timing is important. If a trend has been around for a while and still has a high engagement rate, it may be considered more popular.
  5. Diversity
    TikTok has a diverse range of creators, so it's important to consider if a trend is popular across different demographics and communities.

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