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Wiki-lovers unite! We at StrawPoll are on a quest to uncover the most popular wiki on the internet, and we need your help. With thousands of wikis covering every imaginable topic, from pop culture phenomena to scientific breakthroughs, it's a showdown that promises to be as epic as the Battle of Helm's Deep or the struggle for the Iron Throne! Cast your vote for your favorite wiki, champion your go-to source of knowledge, or even suggest a hidden gem that deserves to be in the running. Don't miss your chance to be a part of this riveting ranking – join us as we embark on this exciting journey and determine once and for all which wiki reigns supreme!

What Is the Most Popular Wiki on the Internet?

  1. 1
    With over 6 million articles in English alone,
    Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia that can be edited by anyone. It provides millions of articles on various topics, contributed and maintained by a global community of volunteer editors. Users can access and edit the content in multiple languages, making it one of the largest and most widely used collaborative knowledge resources on the internet.
    • User-generated Content: Wikipedia allows users to create and edit articles, making it a collaborative platform for knowledge sharing and creation.
    • Multilingual Interface: Wikipedia offers content in multiple languages, enabling users from around the world to access information in their preferred language.
    • Open Source Software: The software powering Wikipedia is open source, allowing developers to contribute to its development and customization.
    • Community-driven Editing: Wikipedia relies on a community of volunteer editors who monitor and contribute to the content, ensuring accuracy and quality.
    • Vast Article Collection: Wikipedia houses millions of articles covering a vast range of topics, making it a comprehensive resource for information seekers.
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    WikiHow is a wiki that provides how-to guides on a variety of topics, from cooking and DIY projects to relationships and personal development. It has over 200,000 articles and is a go-to resource for many people.
    WikiHow is a popular online wiki-style community platform that provides step-by-step guides on a wide range of topics. It aims to help users learn how to do anything. The articles on WikiHow cover various subjects such as DIY projects, personal development, health, relationships, and more.
    • Type: Wiki-style community platform
    • Launch Date: January 15, 2005
    • Content Language(s): English (mostly), multiple translations available
    • Number of Articles: Over 200,000
    • Number of Active Users: Millions
  3. 3
    Fandom, formerly known as Wikia, is a wiki platform that hosts fan-made wikis for various movies, TV shows, video games, and more. It has over 400,000 wikis and over 200 million monthly visitors.
    Fandom/Wikia is an online platform that hosts a vast collection of user-generated content focused on various topics, including movies, TV shows, video games, books, and more. It provides a collaborative environment for fans to contribute and share their knowledge and opinions.
    • Creation Date: October 18, 2004
    • Number of Wikis: over 350,000
    • Monthly Visitors: over 200 million
    • Available Languages: over 170
    • Content Types: articles, reviews, fanfiction, discussions, images, videos
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    TV Tropes
    Ed Edd Eddy111 · CC BY-SA 4.0

    TV Tropes

    Chris Livingston
    TV Tropes is a wiki that catalogues and analyzes the various storytelling devices and conventions used in media, such as film, TV, and literature. It has over 200,000 pages and is a popular resource for writers and media enthusiasts.
    TV Tropes is a collaborative wiki that catalogs and examines various storytelling conventions and devices often used in notable TV shows, movies, literature, and other forms of media. The wiki aims to analyze these tropes and its usage to help users better understand and appreciate storytelling techniques.
    • Size: Over 30,000 pages
    • Content: Collection of tropes, examples, analysis, and discussions
    • Community: Large and active user base
    • Cross Referencing: Hyperlinked connections between related tropes, media, and creators
    • Fandom: Engaging community of fans and enthusiasts
  5. 5
    RationalWiki is a wiki that aims to debunk pseudoscience, conspiracy theories, and other forms of misinformation. It has over 7,000 articles and is a reliable resource for fact-checking and critical thinking.
    RationalWiki is a community-driven wiki that aims to analyze and critique pseudoscience, alternative medicine, conspiracy theories, and other topics from a skeptical and rational perspective. It provides a platform for users to collaborate and create articles that promote critical thinking and debunk misinformation.
    • Launch Date: 2007
    • Focus: Skeptical analysis and debunking of pseudoscience and conspiracy theories.
    • Content: Articles covering various topics including religion, politics, science, and health.
    • Collaborative: Community-driven content creation.
    • User Engagement: Active user community, discussing and editing content.
  6. 6

    Memory Alpha

    Gene Roddenberry
    Memory Alpha is a wiki that covers all things Star Trek, from the TV shows and movies to the books and comics. It has over 50,000 articles and is a must-read for any Star Trek fan.
    Memory Alpha is a collaborative wiki dedicated to the Star Trek franchise. It serves as an extensive database and resource for information related to Star Trek films, television series, books, characters, and more. Users can contribute and edit the content to ensure comprehensive coverage of the Star Trek universe.
    • Launch Date: November 2003
    • Content Availability: Free
    • Number of Articles: Over 50,000
    • Languages: English, with translations available in other languages
    • Community Size: Active community with thousands of contributors
  7. 7
    Uncyclopedia is a wiki that parodies
    Uncyclopedia is a satirical website that parodies Wikipedia. It offers humorous and fictional articles that aim to entertain readers with outrageous and absurd content.
    • Launched: 2005
    • Available languages: English, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
    • Number of articles: Over 30,000
    • User-generated content: Yes
    • Interface: Text-based
  8. 8
    Gamepedia is a wiki platform that hosts thousands of wikis for various video games, from indie titles to major franchises like Minecraft and World of Warcraft. It has over 400,000 articles and is a valuable resource for gamers.
    Gamepedia is a popular Terraria server that hosts a vast collection of information, guides, and resources for players. It serves as a comprehensive wiki for all aspects of the game, providing valuable knowledge, tips, and strategies to the Terraria community.
    • Established: November 20, 2012
    • Language: English
    • Community-driven: Yes
    • Content Coverage: Items, NPCs, enemies, biomes, bosses, events, gameplay mechanics, crafting recipes, strategies, and more
    • Platform: Web-based
  9. 9
    Wikivoyage is a wiki that provides travel guides for destinations all over the world. It has over 30,000 articles and is a useful resource for anyone planning a trip.
    Wikivoyage is a free web-based travel guide that offers comprehensive information on various destinations across the globe. It provides details about attractions, accommodations, transportation, local customs, and more, helping travelers plan their trips effectively. Users can read, edit, and create articles collaboratively to ensure accurate and up-to-date information.
    • Number of languages: Available in over 30 languages
    • User-generated content: Allows users to contribute and edit articles
    • Mobile-friendly: Optimized for mobile devices
    • Detailed destination information: Provides comprehensive details about various destinations
    • Offline availability: Allows users to download articles for offline use
  10. 10
    Wiktionary is a wiki that aims to be a comprehensive dictionary in every language. It has over 6 million entries across hundreds of languages and is a valuable resource for language learners and linguists.
    Wiktionary is a multilingual online dictionary that aims to define all words in all languages. It provides not only definitions, but also translations, pronunciations, etymologies, and usage examples for each word entry.
    • Multilingual: Contains entries for words in multiple languages
    • Collaborative: Allows anyone to edit and contribute to the content
    • Comprehensive: Aims to include definitions for all words in all languages
    • Cross-references: Links to related entries, synonyms, antonyms, and translations
    • Pronunciations: Provides audio pronunciations for many words

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Wikis are online platforms that allow users to collaboratively create and edit content. They have become an increasingly popular source of information on the internet, with some wikis being more well-known than others. One of the most popular wikis on the internet is Wikipedia, which has over 6 million articles in English alone. However, there are many other highly trafficked wikis that cover a variety of topics, from fandoms to technology to academic subjects. Whether you're looking for information on a specific topic or just curious about what's out there, there's bound to be a wiki that fits your interests.

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