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Updated on Sep 20, 2023 12:12
Welcome to StrawPoll, where we celebrate the beauty of love and fine dining! We've curated a list of the most romantic restaurants from around the world, where lovebirds can indulge in exquisite cuisines and breathtaking ambiances. But we need your help to determine the ultimate winner! Cast your vote for the most enchanting and heart-stirring dining experience or suggest a missing gem that deserves to be on this prestigious ranking. Get ready to embark on a culinary journey of love, as we explore the finest establishments that have captured the hearts of couples everywhere. Together, let's discover the epitome of romance and fine dining, only here on StrawPoll!

What Is the Most Romantic Restaurant in the World? (September 2023)

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    Clos Maggiore, London

    Marcellin Marc
    Known as the most romantic restaurant in the world, Clos Maggiore is adorned with fairy lights, a canopy of cherry blossoms, and a fireplace, creating an intimate and cozy ambiance.
    Clos Maggiore, located in London, is renowned as one of the most romantic restaurants in the world. It offers a charming and intimate setting that captivates visitors with its enchanting atmosphere. The restaurant presents a perfect blend of elegant decor, candlelit tables, and a stunning cherry blossom-filled conservatory that creates a magical experience for couples.
    • Location: London, United Kingdom
    • Type of Cuisine: French
    • Ambiance: Romantic
    • Interior: Elegant
    • Seating Capacity: Approximately 60
  2. 2
    La Tour d'Argent offers breathtaking views of the Seine River and the Notre Dame Cathedral, along with Michelin-starred cuisine and an extensive wine list.
    La Tour d'Argent is an iconic and highly esteemed restaurant located in Paris, France. It is known as one of the most romantic restaurants in the world, offering a luxurious and elegant dining experience. The restaurant is housed in a historic building with breathtaking views of the River Seine and the Notre-Dame Cathedral.
    • Established: 1582
    • Cuisine: French gourmet
    • Michelin Stars: 1
    • Capacity: 120 seats
    • Signature Dish: Pressed duck
  3. 3

    El Celler de Can Roca, Girona

    The Roca Brothers
    This restaurant has been ranked the best in the world and provides an intimate and luxurious dining experience with its exquisite dishes and elegant decor.
    El Celler de Can Roca, located in Girona, Spain, is considered one of the most romantic restaurants in the world. It is a three-Michelin-starred restaurant that offers an unforgettable dining experience, combining exquisite cuisine with a romantic ambiance. The restaurant is known for its exceptional service, stunning interior design, and breathtaking views of the surroundings.
    • Cuisine: Innovative and creative Catalan cuisine
    • Seating capacity: Approximately 45 guests
    • Menu: Tasting menu with multiple courses
    • Wine selection: Extensive wine list featuring a variety of local and international wines
    • Awards: Three Michelin stars, Best Restaurant in the World (2013 and 2015)
  4. 4
    Tetsuya's, Sydney
    Camw · CC BY-SA 3.0

    Tetsuya's, Sydney

    Tetsuya Wakuda
    Tetsuya's offers a serene and intimate dining experience with its minimalist decor and Japanese-inspired cuisine.
    Tetsuya's, Sydney is a world-renowned romantic restaurant located in the heart of Sydney, Australia. Tucked away in a beautiful heritage-listed building, it offers a unique dining experience that combines contemporary Japanese cuisine with French techniques. The restaurant prides itself on its serene ambiance, impeccable service, and carefully crafted dishes that are prepared using the finest seasonal ingredients.
    • Location: Sydney, Australia
    • Cuisine: Contemporary Japanese with French techniques
    • Ambiance: Serene and romantic
    • Building: Heritage-listed
    • Service: Impeccable
  5. 5
    This Michelin-starred restaurant offers stunning views of Lake Como and an elegant atmosphere, making it a perfect spot for a romantic dinner.
    Villa d'Este, Lake Como is an enchanting and elegant restaurant located on the banks of Lake Como in Italy. Nestled amidst lush gardens and offering breathtaking views of the lake, this charming establishment exudes a romantic ambiance that captivates all who visit. The restaurant is housed within a luxurious Renaissance-style villa that dates back to the 16th century, adding to its old-world charm and allure. With its idyllic setting, exceptional cuisine, and impeccable service, Villa d'Este promises an unforgettable dining experience for couples seeking a truly romantic atmosphere.
    • Location: Lake Como, Italy
    • Type: Renaissance-style villa
    • Surroundings: Lush gardens
    • Views: Breathtaking views of Lake Como
    • Age: Built in the 16th century
  6. 6

    The Grotto, Krabi

    Not specified
    The Grotto is a restaurant located in a natural limestone cave, creating a unique and romantic atmosphere.
    The Grotto, Krabi is one of the most romantic restaurants in the world. It is nestled within the stunning natural surroundings of Krabi, Thailand. The unique feature of this restaurant is its location in a limestone cave, which creates a magical atmosphere for diners.
    • Location: Krabi, Thailand
    • Ambiance: Magical and romantic
    • Setting: Limestone cave
    • Views: Panoramic views of the ocean and beach
    • Cuisine: International and Thai fusion
  7. 7
    The Little Door is an intimate and cozy restaurant with a charming garden patio, perfect for a romantic dinner.
    The Little Door, Los Angeles is a charming and enchanting restaurant nestled in the heart of Los Angeles. It exudes an intimate and romantic atmosphere that transports diners to a tranquil oasis away from the bustling city. The restaurant is renowned for its impressive fusion of Mediterranean and French cuisine, creating a truly indulgent and unforgettable dining experience. With its rustic decor, candlelit courtyard, and live jazz music, The Little Door offers a perfect setting for couples seeking a romantic evening filled with ambiance and delicious food.
    • Location: Los Angeles, California
    • Cuisine: Mediterranean, French fusion
    • Ambiance: Intimate, romantic
    • Decor: Rustic
    • Courtyard: Candlelit, tranquil
  8. 8

    La Pergola, Rome

    Heinz Beck
    La Pergola offers breathtaking views of Rome from its terrace, along with Michelin-starred cuisine and an extensive wine list.
    La Pergola is an exquisite three-Michelin-starred restaurant situated in Rome, Italy. Nestled atop the Rome Cavalieri, a Waldorf Astoria Hotel, it offers a truly romantic dining experience with breathtaking panoramic views of the Eternal City. Designed to create an atmosphere of sophistication and intimacy, La Pergola combines elegant decor, impeccable service, and outstanding cuisine to create a truly unforgettable dining experience.
    • Location: Rome, Italy
    • Restaurant Type: Fine Dining
    • Michelin Stars: Three
    • Views: Panoramic views of Rome
    • Cuisine: Gourmet Italian with international influences
  9. 9

    The Cliff, Barbados

    Paul Owens and his wife Marian
    The Cliff is a restaurant located on a cliffside with stunning ocean views and offers an intimate and luxurious dining experience.
    The Cliff, Barbados is a renowned, highly acclaimed restaurant that offers a truly romantic dining experience. Nestled on a picturesque cliffside overlooking the Caribbean Sea, it provides a breathtaking backdrop for couples seeking an intimate atmosphere and stunning views.
    • Location: On a cliff overlooking the Caribbean Sea
    • Ambiance: Romantic, intimate
    • Cuisine: Contemporary, fusion
    • Menu: Gourmet dishes with locally sourced ingredients
    • Dining options: Indoor and outdoor seating
  10. 10

    Le Jules Verne, Paris

    Chef Alain Ducasse
    Le Jules Verne is located on the Eiffel Tower and offers stunning panoramic views of Paris, along with Michelin-starred cuisine and an elegant atmosphere.
    Le Jules Verne is a renowned restaurant located on the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. It offers a truly exceptional dining experience with stunning panoramic views of the city and a romantic atmosphere.
    • Location: Situated on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower
    • Views: Panoramic vistas of Paris, including landmarks like the Seine River, Champ de Mars, and Trocadéro
    • Ambience: Elegant and romantic ambiance, perfect for special occasions and intimate dining
    • Cuisine: Exquisite French gourmet cuisine with a modern twist
    • Menu: Offers a la carte and tasting menus, featuring seasonal and contemporary dishes

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Ranking factors for romantic restaurant

  1. Ambiance
    The ambiance of the restaurant, including lighting, decor, and music, should create a romantic and intimate atmosphere.
  2. Cuisine
    The cuisine should be exquisite and of high-quality, with a focus on fine dining and innovative menu options.
  3. Service
    The level of service should be impeccable, with attention to detail and a staff that is attentive and knowledgeable about the menu and wine list.
  4. Location
    The location of the restaurant should have a scenic or picturesque backdrop, adding to the overall romantic ambiance.
  5. Price
    While price is not necessarily a direct indicator of quality or romance, it is a factor that should be considered, as many romantic restaurants can be expensive and inaccessible to some diners.

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