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Welcome to StrawPoll's most enchanting showdown, where passion meets prose, and love knows no literary bounds! We've curated a heart-stirring collection of the most romantic writings from across the ages, and it's time for you, dear reader, to vote for the ultimate paragon of passion. Will Shakespeare's sonnets sweep you off your feet, or will Jane Austen's classic tales of love and longing capture your heart? Perhaps the tender words of Pablo Neruda or Rumi will leave you breathless and yearning for more. But wait! If you find your favorite romantic masterpiece missing from our list, fear not! You can suggest a new contender and let others vote to decide its place among these titans of tender sentiment. So let your heart be your guide and venture forth into the literary landscape of love, where every word is a whispered caress and every sentence an embrace that lingers long after the last page is turned. Join us now, and let the romance begin!

What Are the Most Romantic Writings?

  1. 1
    "Romeo and Juliet" by William Shakespeare
    Ford Madox Brown · Public domain
    This tragic love story has become a classic of romantic literature, exploring the intense passion and sacrifice that love can inspire.
    Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy play written by William Shakespeare, one of the most renowned playwrights in history. The story revolves around the love affair between two young lovers from feuding families in Verona, Italy. Their forbidden love leads to a series of tragic events, ultimately resulting in their untimely deaths, which reconcile their families.
    • Genre: Tragedy
    • Setting: Verona, Italy
    • Main Characters: Romeo and Juliet
    • Theme: Love and Fate
    • Language: English
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  2. 2
    "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen
    Jane Austen (1775-1817) · Public domain
    As one of the most beloved romance novels of all time, "Pride and Prejudice" tells the story of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy and the obstacles they must overcome to be together.
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  3. 3
    This Gothic romance novel explores the destructive power of love, as the tumultuous relationship between Catherine and Heathcliff leads to tragedy.
    Wuthering Heights is a novel written by Emily Bronte, published in 1847. It is considered a classic example of romantic literature, exploring themes of passion, revenge, and the destructive power of love. The story revolves around the intense and tumultuous relationship between the brooding Heathcliff and the strong-willed Catherine Earnshaw. Bronte's writing delves into the psychological depths of her characters, portraying their inner conflicts and the consequences of their actions.
    • Publication Year: 1847
    • Genre: Romantic fiction
    • Setting: English Yorkshire moors in the 18th and 19th century
    • Themes: Love, revenge, obsession, social class
    • Narrative Style: Multiple narrators, non-linear timeline
  4. 4
    While not strictly a romance novel, "The Great Gatsby" features an iconic love story between Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan, set against the backdrop of the Roaring Twenties.
    The Great Gatsby is a novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. It is widely regarded as one of the greatest works of American literature and is known for its portrayal of the Jazz Age in the 1920s. The story follows Jay Gatsby, a wealthy and mysterious man, as he tries to win back the love of his life, Daisy Buchanan, who is now married to another man. Through themes of love, wealth, and the corruption of the American Dream, Fitzgerald explores the tragic and unattainable nature of romantic idealism.
    • Publication Date: April 10, 1925
    • Genre: Fiction, Romanticism, Modernism
    • Setting: 1920s, Long Island, New York
    • Point of View: First-person narrator (Nick Carraway)
    • Main Characters: Jay Gatsby, Daisy Buchanan, Tom Buchanan, Nick Carraway, Jordan Baker
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  5. 5
    "Jane Eyre" by Charlotte Bronte
    Unknown authorUnknown author · Public domain
    This classic novel tells the story of Jane Eyre and her tumultuous relationship with Mr. Rochester, exploring themes of love, class, and gender.
    Jane Eyre is a literary classic and one of the most beloved romantic novels of all time. Written by Charlotte Bronte, it tells the story of a young, independent and intelligent woman named Jane Eyre. From her humble beginnings as an orphan, to her journey through various life experiences and her conflicted love for Mr. Rochester, the novel explores themes of love, identity, independence, and morality.
    • Genre: Romance, Gothic Fiction
    • Publication Date: 1847
    • Setting: 19th-century England
    • Protagonist: Jane Eyre
    • Narrative Style: First person, autobiographical
  6. 6
    "Gone with the Wind" by Margaret Mitchell
    Employee(s) of MGM · Public domain
    Set against the backdrop of the American Civil War, "Gone with the Wind" follows the passionate and complicated relationship between Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler.
    Gone with the Wind is an epic historical romance novel written by Margaret Mitchell. Set in the American South during the Civil War and Reconstruction era, it tells the story of Scarlett O'Hara, a headstrong Southern belle, and her tumultuous relationships with Ashley Wilkes and Rhett Butler.
    • Publication Date: June 30, 1936
    • Number of Pages: 1,037
    • Genre: Romance, Historical Fiction
    • Setting: Atlanta and plantation life in Georgia
    • Main Characters: Scarlett O'Hara, Rhett Butler, Ashley Wilkes
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  7. 7
    This popular romance novel tells the story of Noah and Allie, two young lovers separated by social class and the war, who are reunited years later.
    The Notebook is a romantic novel written by Nicholas Sparks. Set in the 1940s, it follows the love story of Noah Calhoun and Allie Nelson, two young lovers from different backgrounds who are separated by war and social class. The novel is framed as an elderly man, Noah, reading the story of their love to a fellow nursing home resident, who is suffering from Alzheimer's. As Noah reads, the love story unfolds, revealing the enduring power of love and the importance of holding onto memories.
    • Genre: Romance
    • Publication Year: 1996
    • Setting: 1940s
    • Main Characters: Noah Calhoun, Allie Nelson
    • Themes: Love, Fate, Memory
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  8. 8
    This time-travel romance series follows the passionate relationship between Claire Randall, a nurse from the 20th century, and Jamie Fraser, a Scottish warrior from the 18th century.
    Outlander is a romantic fiction novel written by Diana Gabaldon. It tells the story of Claire Randall, a World War II nurse who falls through time and finds herself in 18th-century Scotland. There, she becomes entangled with a passionate Scottish warrior named Jamie Fraser. The novel explores their epic love story and the challenges they face in a time of war and political turmoil.
    • Genre: Romantic fiction
    • Publication Year: 1991
    • Setting: Scotland and various historical locations
    • Time Period: 1945 and 18th century
    • Main Protagonist: Claire Randall
  9. 9
    This novel explores the long-lasting and unconventional love story between Florentino Ariza and Fermina Daza, set against the backdrop of a cholera epidemic.
    Love in the Time of Cholera is a renowned novel written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Set in a tropical Caribbean town, the story follows the lives of Florentino Ariza and Fermina Daza, who fall in love as young teenagers, yet are separated by circumstances. The narrative spans over fifty years, exploring themes of love, passion, and the effects of time. Marquez's captivating prose and magical realism elements create a captivating tale of enduring love and the complexities of human emotions.
    • Genre: Romance
    • Publication Date: 1985
    • Setting: Caribbean town
    • Writing Style: Magical realism
    • Themes: Love, passion, time
  10. 10
    This novel tells the story of a brief but intense love affair between a National Geographic photographer and a lonely Iowa housewife.
    The Bridges of Madison County is a bestselling romantic novel written by Robert James Waller. It tells the story of a passionate four-day love affair between an Italian war bride, Francesca, and a National Geographic photographer, Robert Kincaid, in 1965 Iowa. The book beautifully captures the emotions, desires, and sacrifices of forbidden love.
    • Genre: Romance
    • Publication Date: 1992
    • Setting: 1960s Iowa
    • Main Characters: Francesca Johnson, Robert Kincaid
    • Themes: Love, Infidelity, Choices

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Ranking factors for romantic writings

  1. Content and theme
    The writing should focus on love, passion, commitment, and/or deep emotional connections between individuals. It can include stories of falling in love, maintaining a loving relationship, or overcoming challenges together.
  2. Language and expression
    The writing should use poetic, vivid, and emotionally evocative language. This may include the use of metaphors, similes, and other literary devices to effectively convey feelings of love and romance.
  3. Tone and atmosphere
    The overall tone and atmosphere of the writing should evoke feelings of warmth, tenderness, and passion. It may be hopeful, inspiring, nostalgic, or bittersweet.
  4. Universality
    The romantic themes and emotions presented in the writing should be relatable to a wide range of readers, transcending cultural and societal boundaries.
  5. Timelessness
    Timeless writings on romance resonate with readers across generations and continue to be celebrated and cherished long after their initial publication.
  6. Emotional impact
    The writing should have a strong emotional impact on the reader, stirring feelings of love, longing, and empathy.
  7. Depth and complexity
    Romantic writings should explore the depth and complexity of love and relationships, presenting a nuanced and multidimensional view of emotions, desires, and human connections.
  8. Originality and creativity
    The writing should stand out for its originality and creativity in exploring romantic themes, offering a fresh and unique perspective on love and relationships.
  9. Memorable lines and quotes
    Memorable romantic writings often feature lines or quotes that resonate with readers and become widely cited, shared, or referenced in discussions of love and romance.

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