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Updated on Sep 24, 2023 12:17
Welcome to "What is the most scary game in Fortnite?" - a spine-chilling ranking that will have your heart pounding and your fingers clicking for more! At StrawPoll, we've curated a thrilling selection of the most terrifying Fortnite games that'll have you on the edge of your seat, and we need YOUR help to crown the ultimate fear-inducing champion. So, prepare to dive into the eerie world of haunted islands, creepy creatures, and nerve-wracking challenges as you cast your vote for your favorite scare-fest or dare to suggest an even more frightening option. Are you brave enough to face these ghastly games and decide which one sends shivers down your spine? There's only one way to find out - join us now and let the haunting begin!

What Is the Most Scary Game in Fortnite? (October 2023)

  1. 1
    This game features the Joker and other DC characters, which can be quite intimidating and scary for some players.
    The Last Laugh Bundle is a thrilling and intense expansion pack for the popular game Fortnite. It introduces a chilling and dark atmosphere, providing players with a gripping and terrifying gaming experience. The bundle includes various spooky-themed items and exclusive content, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in the eerie world of Fortnite.
    • Release Date: November 17, 2020
    • Platform Availability: PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mobile
    • Price: $29.99
    • Main Items: Three Fortnite Outfits: The Joker, Poison Ivy, and Midas Rex
    • Back Blings: Three Back Blings: Laugh Riot (The Joker), Back Bloom (Poison Ivy), and Midas Crest (Midas Rex)
  2. 2
    The Cube
    Evan-Amos · Public domain

    The Cube

    Epic Games
    This game features a mysterious cube that appears on the map and can be quite unsettling.
    The Cube is a mysterious and ominous entity that appeared in Fortnite Battle Royale. It is a massive, floating cube made of unknown material, emitting a purple glow and surrounded by lightning bolts. The Cube has the ability to move and generate powerful energy fields.
    • Size: Huge, approximately 40x40x40 tiles
    • Color: Purple
    • Movement: Moves randomly across the map
    • Energy Fields: Generates powerful energy fields that affect gameplay
    • Rotation: Spins slowly
  3. 3

    The Storm King

    Epic Games
    This game features a massive boss that players must defeat, which can be quite intimidating.
    The Storm King is a terrifying and challenging boss in Fortnite. This monstrous creature is a powerful entity that towers over players, striking fear into the hearts of even the most seasoned Fortnite players. It is known for its menacing appearance, with a dark and imposing figure adorned with glowing purple cracks on its body. The Storm King is the final boss in the Save the World mode of Fortnite.
    • Difficulty level: High
    • Health points: 10,000
    • Attacks: Ranged laser blast, ground pound, meteor shower
    • Weak points: Horns, glowing blue crystals on its body
    • Minions: Zombie-like creatures called Fiends
  4. 4

    The Halloween Event

    Epic Games
    This game features spooky decorations and challenges, which can be quite scary for some players.
    The Halloween Event is a special limited-time event in Fortnite that takes place around the Halloween season. It introduces thrilling and spooky elements to the game, creating a more intense and scary gaming experience. Players can enjoy a variety of Halloween-themed challenges, cosmetics, and game modes during this event.
    • Event duration: Approximately 2 weeks
    • New game mode(s): Introduces unique haunting game modes such as 'Fortnitemares' or 'The Storm King'
    • Unique challenges: Offers exclusive Halloween-themed challenges for players to complete and earn rewards
    • Limited-time cosmetics: Includes a wide range of spooky outfits, emotes, and weapon skins for players to unlock
    • Fortnitemares storyline: Features a captivating storyline related to the Halloween theme, unveiling mysteries and secrets
  5. 5

    The Haunted Hills

    Epic Games
    This game features a spooky cemetery and haunted mansion, which can be quite unsettling.
    The Haunted Hills is a spine-chilling game mode in Fortnite that takes place in a haunted cemetery. Players are dropped into the eerie setting and must survive against hordes of undead creatures and other supernatural challenges. The atmosphere is filled with fog, ominous sounds, and ghostly apparitions, making it truly terrifying.
    • Game mode: Solo/Team
    • Location: Haunted cemetery
    • Atmosphere: Spooky, foggy, ghostly
    • Enemies: Undead creatures, ghosts
    • Weapons: Limited to haunted-themed arsenal
  6. 6
    The Ghosts
    Henry Justice Ford · Public domain

    The Ghosts

    Epic Games
    This game features ghostly figures that appear on the map, which can be quite scary for some players.
    The Ghosts is a unique and terrifying game mode in Fortnite that combines horror elements with intense gameplay. Players are thrust into a haunted mansion where they must survive against waves of ghostly creatures and solve puzzles to uncover the secrets of the house.
    • Game mode: Fortnite
    • Genre: Horror
    • Setting: Haunted mansion
    • Survival: Players must survive against ghostly creatures
    • Puzzles: Players must solve puzzles to progress in the game
  7. 7
    The Darkness
    Ciell · CC BY-SA 4.0

    The Darkness

    Epic Games
    This game features a dark and eerie atmosphere, which can be quite unsettling.
    The Darkness is a terrifying game mode in Fortnite that plunges players into a dark and eerie atmosphere, testing their nerves and survival skills. It pushes the boundaries of fear with its intense gameplay and horror-inspired elements.
    • Game Mode: The Darkness
    • Genre: Horror, Survival
    • Player Count: Up to 100
    • Objective: Survive the darkness and eliminate opponents
    • Environment: Dark and eerie with limited visibility
  8. 8

    The Shadows

    Epic Games
    This game features shadowy figures that move around the map, which can be quite scary for some players.
    The Shadows is a spine-chilling game mode in Fortnite that introduces an eerie and thrilling experience for players. It takes place in a haunted, abandoned mansion overrun by mysterious shadows that are out to devour any living beings within their reach. Players must survive the night, avoiding encounters with the shadows while finding clues and solving puzzles to uncover the dark secrets hidden within the mansion's walls.
    • Genre: Survival Horror
    • Game Mode: Single-player or Co-op
    • Target Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
    • Graphics: High-quality 3D
    • Difficulty: Challenging
  9. 9

    The Zombies

    Epic Games
    This game features zombie-like creatures that players must fight off, which can be quite intimidating.
    The Zombies is a popular and frightening game mode in Fortnite that pits players against hordes of bloodthirsty zombies. It is a cooperative game mode where players team up to survive wave after wave of the undead.
    • In-game currency: V-Bucks
    • Game mode type: Cooperative survival
    • Genre: Horror
    • Release Date: October 24, 2018
    • Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
  10. 10

    The Jump Scares

    Epic Games
    This game features sudden and unexpected events that can scare players, such as jump scares.
    The Jump Scares is a highly immersive and terrifying game mode in Fortnite. It is designed to provide players with heart-pounding experiences filled with unexpected scares and horror elements. The game mode combines elements of horror games with the popular battle royale genre, creating a truly unique and terrifying experience.
    • Game mode type: Horror-themed battle royale
    • Playable platforms: PC, console, mobile
    • Graphics: High-quality visuals with realistic lighting and effects
    • Environment: Dark, eerie, and haunted locations
    • Objective: Survive and eliminate opponents while encountering jump scares

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Ranking factors for scary game

  1. Atmosphere and Ambience
    The overall mood and setting of the game can play a huge role in making it scary. This includes lighting, sound design, and level design.
  2. Enemy Design
    The design of the monsters or enemies in the game can also play a huge role in its scariness. A well-designed and creepy enemy can be extremely effective in creating fear in players.
  3. Difficulty
    A challenging game can also add to its scariness, as players may feel more vulnerable and stressed if they are struggling to survive.
  4. Storyline
    A compelling storyline can also make a game scarier, as players become invested in the world and its characters.
  5. Jump Scares
    Jump scares, sudden moments of fright that come out of nowhere, can also contribute to a game's level of scariness.
  6. By taking these factors into account, you can better evaluate which games in Fortnite are the scariest.

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More information on most scary game in fortnite

Fortnite is a popular online game that has gained a massive following since its release in 2017. It is a survival game where players fight to stay alive against waves of enemies. One of the most appealing aspects of the game is its ability to create a sense of tension and fear in players through its various game modes. Fortnite's most scary game mode is arguably the "Save the World" mode, where players must defend themselves against hordes of zombies. The game mode is filled with dark and eerie environments, making it a truly spine-chilling experience. Another scary game mode in Fortnite is the "Fortnitemares" mode, which is an annual Halloween event where players must defend themselves against zombies while trying to complete various challenges. Overall, Fortnite offers a variety of scary game modes that are sure to keep players on the edge of their seats. Whether it's fighting off zombies or battling it out against other players, Fortnite's thrilling gameplay is sure to make your heart race.