Quietest Mouse Choices for Silent Clicking and Scrolling

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If you've ever been irritated by the constant clicking noise while working late into the night, or have had to hold back during an intense gaming session to avoid disturbing others, you're not alone. The quest for silent computer peripherals has become a critical concern for many who crave a quieter work and play environment.

In the realm of computer accessories, a silent mouse is a game-changer, offering precision and responsiveness without the distracting click sound. This ranking meticulously considers a variety of mice that stand out in their ability to deliver silence without compromising on performance, ensuring both productivity and a stealthy gaming experience.
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What to Look for in Quietest Mice

Important criteria

  • Low decibel level
  • Smooth click mechanism
  • Ergonomic design
  • High-quality switches
  • Durable construction
  • Long battery life (for wireless models)

1.) Noise Level

When purchasing the quietest mouse, it's important to consider the decibel level of the mouse's clicks. Mice specially labeled as 'quiet' or 'silent' typically produce less noise when the buttons are pressed. Look for mice that have been engineered with noise reduction in mind, often featuring soft-touch switches and dampeners that minimally impact the user experience while significantly reducing the click sound. Reading reviews and looking for noise measurements can give you a good indication of how quiet the mouse will be in practical use.

2.) Build Quality and Materials

The materials and construction of the mouse contribute to its noise output and overall durability. High-quality materials such as silicone or rubber can help absorb the sound and provide a quieter experience. Pay attention to the mouse's assembly; mice that are better constructed tend to produce less rattle and loose part noises. A well-built mouse not only operates quietly but can also withstand the wear and tear of daily usage.

3.) Performance and Comfort

Even the quietest mouse should not sacrifice performance or ergonomics. Ensure that the mouse tracks accurately and responds well to movements and commands. It should have a comfortable shape and size that fits well in your hand, preventing strain during extended use. Additionally, a mouse with adjustable DPI settings can be silently tailored to your preferred sensitivity, making for a quiet yet efficient user experience.

4.) Additional Features

Consider other features that might be important to you, such as wireless connectivity, battery life, and the number of programmable buttons. A wireless quiet mouse eliminates cable drag noises and provides a tidier workspace. Long battery life is advantageous, especially in wireless models, to reduce the frequency of charging, which can be a noisy process. Programmable buttons allow for silent customization and can make your workflow more efficient without the need for loud clicks.

The Quietest Mice of our Choice

Our Pick
Macally Wireless Bluetooth Mouse for Mac
Macally Wireless Bluetooth Mouse for Mac
Type/Color: Silver
  • Sleek and slim bluetooth computer mouse
  • Good wireless bluetooth connection (batteries included)
  • Silent clicking reduces noise up to 90%
  • Universally compatible with MAC and PC
  • Easy DPI adjustability (800, 1200, 1600, 2400)
$ 19.99 *
on Amazon
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VssoPlor Bluetooth MacBook Mouse
VssoPlor Bluetooth MacBook Mouse
Type/Color: Black
  • Wireless triple-mode mouse for 3 devices.
  • Dual Bluetooth or 2.4G connection up to 33ft.
  • 3 adjustable DPI levels and precise optical engine.
  • Ergonomic design for easy grip and comfort.
  • Quiet clicking for better focus and public use.
  • Wide compatibility with various devices.
  • 30 days return policy and one-year warranty.
$ 7.88 *
on Amazon
TECKNET Wireless Mouse (BT5.0/3.0 & 2.4G)
TECKNET Wireless Mouse (BT5.0/3.0 & 2.4G)
Type/Color: Black
  • Dual Device Connection: Connect two devices simultaneously.
  • 6 Adjustable Level: Offers 6 DPI levels for customization.
  • Rechargeable Mouse: Only takes 1.5-2 hours to charge.
  • Silent Operation: Provides noiseless experience for quiet environments.
  • Wide Compatibility: Compatible with various operating systems.
  • 36 MONTHS SUPPORT: Contact customer service for assistance.
$ 20.99 *
on Amazon
on Ebay
SHHHMOUSE Silent Mouse Wireless – Computer Mouse Wireless
SHHHMOUSE Silent Mouse Wireless – Computer Mouse Wireless
Type/Color: Black & Red
  • Quiet Mouse Wireless: Enjoy silent clicks with noiseless mechanism.
  • Ergonomic Comfort: Experience comfortable grip for extended work sessions.
  • Precision Elevated: Tailored for tasks demanding high-precision cursor control.
  • Plug & Play: Connect seamlessly using USB receiver, no extra software needed.
  • Extended Usage Time: Battery lasts up to 18 months.
$ 15.99 *
on Amazon
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Logitech M330 SILENT Wireless Mouse
Logitech M330 SILENT Wireless Mouse
Type/Color: Black Size: 1.5" x 2.7" x 4.2"
  • Quieter Click: Logitech’s SilentTouch Technology reduces clicking sounds
  • Crafted for Comfort: Contoured grips made of soft rubber for great comfort
  • Long Life: 24-month battery life, automatically switches to sleep mode
  • Advanced Optical Tracking: High-performance precision and smart cursor control
  • Plug and Play: Convenient USB mini-receiver, compatible with multiple devices
  • Compatible with Chromebook: Meets Google’s compatibility standards
  • Upgrade to Logitech M590 Silent Wireless Mouse: USB/Bluetooth connectivity, multi-device functionality, horizontal scrolling, 6 customizable buttons
$ 19.99 *
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HP Wireless Silent 280M Mouse
HP Wireless Silent 280M Mouse
Model: HP 280 Type/Color: Black
  • Wireless convenience with 2.4GHz USB-A connectivity
  • Connectivity range of 32.8 feet
  • USB nano receiver stores inside the mouse
  • Quiet clicks with up to 90% noise reduction
  • Satisfying click feel without distracting sound
  • Ideal for working, creating, or playing
  • Comfortable ergonomic right-handed design
  • Wireless optical mouse with 3-button navigation
  • Integrated scroll wheel for comfortable use
  • Multi-surface technology for smooth movement
  • Lag-free movement on virtually any surface
  • Precision control with 1600 dpi optical sensor
  • Reliable mouse tracking and exceptional speed
  • Customizable to match your working style
  • Dependable power with up to 18 months of use
  • Uses 1 AA battery
  • Designed to work as hard as you do
$ 19.99 *
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Arteck 2.4G Wireless Mouse with Nano
Arteck 2.4G Wireless Mouse with Nano
Type/Color: Black
  • Easy Setup: Insert the nano USB receiver and use instantly.
  • 6 Buttons for Productivity: Includes DPI button and side-buttons.
  • Long Life Rechargeable Battery: Lasts 4 months on single charge.
  • Silent Clicking: Work without disturbing others. Ergonomic design.
  • What You Get: Arteck MW360 Wireless Mouse with warranty.
$ 16.99 *
on Amazon
seenda Wireless Mouse
seenda Wireless Mouse
Type/Color: Black Size: Universal Wireless Mouse
  • Quieter wireless mouse with sleek design
  • Responsive buttons and soft clicks, less noise
  • Easy installation: plug in aa battery, nano receiver
  • 2.4GHz stable connection up to 33ft range
  • Automatic sleep mode after 10mins of inactivity
  • Universal compatibility with Windows XP, Vista, 7
  • Not compatible with Macbook Pro or Type C
  • Portable & compact size, ideal for business trips
$ 11.98 *
on Amazon
Uineer Wireless Mouse
Uineer Wireless Mouse
Type/Color: Black
  • Enhanced Rechargeable Mouse: Upgrade with battery indicator.
  • Easily rechargeable for long-lasting performance.
  • Comfortable grip and tranquil environment for reduced fatigue.
  • Improves productivity and enjoyment.
  • Stable and reliable 2.4GHz wireless connection.
  • Efficient and smooth performance with minimal interference.
  • Wireless connectivity up to 10M away.
  • Easy to use and silent click function.
  • Discreet working without disturbing others.
  • Wide compatibility with most devices and operating systems.
  • 45-day refund and 12-month replacement policy.
$ 12.99 *
on Amazon
SOLAKAKA SM66 White Silent Dual Mode
SOLAKAKA SM66 White Silent Dual Mode
Type/Color: white
  • Bluetooth & 2.4G Wireless Dual-Mode connection
  • Supports connection for multiple devices
  • Compatible with Windows/OS/Android/IOS
  • Ergonomic Design for comfortable grip
  • 5 DPI levels for easier and smoother control
  • Ultra-thin and lightweight for easy travel
  • Silent Buttons for noise reduction
  • Portable with 10m working distance
  • Rechargeable with long battery life
$ 18.89 *
on Amazon
Guiheng Wireless Bluetooth Mouse
Guiheng Wireless Bluetooth Mouse
Type/Color: silver white
  • Dual Mode Wireless Bluetooth Mouse with 7 different color changes.
  • Suitable for various devices and environments, including laptops, tablets, and offices.
  • Advanced optical tracking technology for precise responsiveness control.
  • Sleep mode after 5 minutes of inactivity, easy to switch between wireless and Bluetooth mode.
  • Compact and lightweight design, perfect for travel and convenient storage.
  • No need for a driver, plug and play functionality.
  • Energy-saving automatic sleep and wake-up modes.
$ 5.99 *
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PEIOUS Wireless Mouse
PEIOUS Wireless Mouse
Type/Color: Black
  • 2-in-1 Light Up Mouse & Mouse Wiggler
  • Press and hold DPI button to activate jiggler
  • Random movements in Jiggler Mode, no interference
  • Rechargeable Mouse with 4-Adjustable DPI (800-1200-1600-2000)
  • Optical sensors work on most surfaces
  • Silent click reduces noises, ideal for office/home/travel
  • Plug & Play for laptops with limited USB port
  • No need for additional devices or adapters
  • Universal compatibility with USB-enabled computers
  • Backed by risk-free 12-months warranty
$ 16.99 *
on Amazon
INPHIC Bluetooth Mouse Rechargeable Wireless Mouse Multi
INPHIC Bluetooth Mouse Rechargeable Wireless Mouse Multi
Type/Color: Pro-Gray
  • Broader thumb rest design for comfortable support
  • Visible battery indicator for easy power monitoring
  • Tri-mode connection: Bluetooth 5.0/4.0 and 2.4G USB
  • Ergonomic design with 3 adjustable DPI levels
  • 1-year warranty with unconditional refund and repairing
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Android
  • Bluetooth 5.0 supports iOS 14 or later
$ 19.99 *
on Amazon
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Top Silent Mice Choices for Distraction-Free Work

For Home Offices
Find the perfect silent mouse to enhance your home office setup. Experience smooth and quiet scrolling without disrupting your focus or the serene ambiance of your work space.
For Gamers
Gamers seeking a stealthy edge can find a mouse that blends high performance with whisper-quiet clicks. Keep your late-night gaming sessions from disturbing others.
For Library Use
Librarians and students alike will appreciate the soundless clicks of these mice. Perfect for those who need to work in a public space without creating a disturbance.
For Night Owls
Those who work while others sleep can now do so without the click-clack. Discover a mouse that promises a hush-hush operation for a tranquil environment, anytime.

Questions You Might Ask

When choosing a mouse, consider the type of sensor (optical vs. laser), connectivity (wired vs. wireless), ergonomics, size, grip style, button configuration, DPI (dots per inch) settings for sensitivity, and whether you need it for specific tasks like gaming or graphic design.
Comfort can be subjective but look for a mouse that fits your hand size, has a shape that supports your grip style (palm, claw, fingertip), and materials that feel comfortable for long periods of use. It's beneficial if the mouse has a rest area for the thumb and is designed to reduce strain on your wrist and fingers.
Wireless mice offer greater flexibility and reduce desk clutter from cords. They are especially useful for those who travel or work in different locations. However, they require charging or batteries, and there might be a slight delay compared to wired mice. Consider your priorities and if you need the convenience of a wireless mouse.
High DPI is important for tasks that require precision, such as gaming or graphic design. It allows the cursor to move further on the screen with less physical movement of the mouse. However, for general use, a very high DPI is not necessary. Look for a mouse with adjustable DPI settings to get the best of both worlds.
Optical mice use an LED light to track movement, while laser mice use a laser. Laser mice can work on a wider range of surfaces, including glass, with higher accuracy. However, optical mice often offer a more consistent response and are less expensive. Consider the surfaces you'll be using when choosing between the two.

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How to Choose the Quietest Mouse for Silent Clicks

Are you distracted by the incessant clicking of your mouse? Or perhaps you’re in a shared workspace where every click disturbs your zen-like focus. Fret not! The world of technology has graciously granted us the quietest mice to work in peace. In this guide, we will delve into what makes a mouse quietly click away and how you can select the perfect one that ensures a silent, disturbance-free environment. Prepare to arm yourself with knowledge and confidently find your stealthy companion in the vast array of quiet mice!

Understanding Mouse Click Noise Levels

When it comes to the decibel diplomacy of clickdom, the humble mouse can be surprisingly loud. Traditional mice can register clicks at around 30 to 40 decibels. However, quiet mice are designed to soften that auditory footprint, whispering at a discreet 10 to 20 decibels. It's a subtle yet pivotal difference for those sensitive to sound or working in a noise-restricted environment.
To truly appreciate the hush, understand the technical wizardry at play. Manufacturers employ high-endurance silent switches that dampen the click sound without sacrificing tactile feedback. It's a delicate balance, ensuring you get that satisfying feel of a click without the noise pollution.
How do you know if a mouse is truly quiet? Look for certifications or approvals from noise-standard organizations. These endorsements give credibility to the claims of the manufacturers and can help you weed out the pretenders from the peacefully productive.

Ergonomics and Comfort: Silence Meets Convenience

Your hand's new best friend needs to be more than just silent; it should also be easy to hold, move, and click for extended periods. Ergonomic design plays a vital role in preventing strain or injury, especially during those marathon work sessions. Seek out shapes that support your hand's natural posture and materials that promote grip without causing sweat.
Remember, a quiet click is only one part of the equation. The scroll wheel, too, should roll smoothly and silently. Test the overall action of the mouse—every motion should feel seamless and noiseless. A good quiet mouse maintains the hush across all its functions, not just in its clicks.
While comfort is subjective, certain designs are universally recognized for reducing discomfort. Look for features like thumb rests, contoured shapes, and adjustable weights. What feels like the perfect fit in your hand can make hours of computer work pass like a whisper.

Features and Performance: Silent but Deadly

Do not mistake quietness for weakness. The ideal silent mouse should pack the same punch as its noisier brethren. Essential features such as adjustable DPI settings, programmable buttons, and wireless technology are not to be overlooked. These conveniences can enhance your work efficiency while maintaining the peace.
Gaming quietly? It's not a paradox with the right mouse. Some quiet mice are designed with gamers in mind, offering high precision sensors and durability, along with the stealthy click. This allows for intense gaming sessions that won't disturb anyone around you.
Battery life is particularly crucial for wireless models. After all, what good is a silent mouse if it's constantly shouting for power? Look for models with power-saving features and long-lasting batteries. Remember, a wired backup can be a smart choice to ensure uninterrupted silent operation.

Making the Right Choice for Your Needs

With the basics down, it's time to consider your personal needs. Are you after a mouse that you can tote around to different quiet locations? Go for a smaller, compact design. If you're a power user with a permanent workspace, consider a full-size mouse with a broader range of features and functionalities.
Don't forget to think about compatibility. The best quiet mouse for you will not just play nice with your computer's operating system, but also integrate smoothly with your other devices. Double-check the specifications to ensure that peaceful coexistence with your tech ecosystem.
And lastly, your budget. Just like any purchase, cost versus value is a major consideration. However, don't skimp on quality for a lower price tag. Investing in a slightly pricier mouse with the right mix of silence, ergonomic design, and features can save you from costly upgrades later. Choose wisely, and your investment will provide you with peaceful clicking for years to come.

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