The rating criteria of strawpoll product comparisons

We're happy that you're interested in our work! Here, we will talk a little bit in-depth about our rating criteria, how we rank different products against each other and which features and factors are considered while doing so. Among other things, our rating is mainly based on and influenced by the following factors:

  • Contents (Technical Data / Ingredients)
    Pure facts are still the most significant feature and often the main difference between products to be compared. For technical devices, the shape, size and power must be optimally designed for the purpose of the customer. In the case of consumer products, especially ingredients play a major role. As far as we know, we try to communicate and contrast these attributes as clearly as possible.
  • Poll Results is a polling platform that has been established for many years, allowing users to quickly and easily obtain opinions on any subject via a quick poll. Of course, the best shopping options and products are also voted on every month, which is why current and past survey results can be included on our page in the evaluation.
  • Customer Satisfaction
    Customer satisfaction is a very clear indication of the quality of a product. However, today must be enjoyed or read with caution, which romps in the review portals to reviews. Because manufacturers know exactly how much this aspect of the purchase decision of customers has, it is not uncommon to spend money to boost the good image on rating portals of specialized agencies.
  • Brand influence
    Many consumers value established brands that are known for their quality. Therefore, we value it positively if both you and you can trust one of these brands. Should experience accumulate, which speak for certain products against certain brand qualities, these are naturally negative.
  • Sales figures
    The motto "What many buy can not be bad" is only true if the users of the purchased item only provide positive feedback. However, new products on the market, with high sales already achieved early, do not receive a bonus in the ranking, as we generally do not want to blindly trust Hypes.
  • Price
    Our belief is that expensive does not have to be good. On the contrary, expensive products often fare less well than their cheaper competitors, which could even put them further behind. Nevertheless, we do not want to deprive you of the high-end division, because we treat everyone who can afford it with high quality.
  • Own opinion
    We have been in the online business since 2008, and thus may have a knowledge advantage over the average consumer, whom we ask for his trust.

In the end, we simply want to help you with making better buying decisions in a world full of consumer goods. We do this by analyzing various parameters and putting them together into a single value. It's important to know that in some cases, a single value can be not the best matching option, but for this, we have great authors that describe different use cases for the most common products. Thanks for reading and have fun on!

Updates & Changes in rating criteria

For a maximum of transparency, we're documenting all major changes in our rating criteria algorithm.

  • 27.06.2018 - The positive effect of well-known brands was lowered by five percent.
  • 06.09.2016 - The influence of public reviews of more than 100 positive ratings per product was increased by four percent.

Our rating criteria are refined continiously to ensure the best possible results.