How to Get More Active Followers on Instagram

Hey lovely Instagrammer! Are you fed up with ghosties and do you wish for more active followers in the future? You need to follow two simple steps for achieving that: You have to reactivate your current followers as well as build new subscribers. Of course, that doesn't work by simply buying 1000 followers on a shady website and with spamming-sprees in other people's comment section. If you find your way to this guide, I assume that you already tried to "super simple tricks" from other people. But you're not satisfied. I can promise you: There is a simple trick that's mostly unknown, but more and more Instagrammers are starting to use it. The magic word is "interaction with your followers". And how do you manage to do that without writing a thesis? That's simople: With free polls, you'll be able to get more active followers on Instagram!

Got it, but how do I benefit from those polls?

Those polls, filled with meaningful content, can help you to gain more followers for your Instagram. And those followers will be active! After 2 million polls and counting on, we gathered information for a "best practive" on how Instagrammers successfully used straw polls in the past. Of course, I want to share that with you. Here's a list of typical, well-performing polls:

  • How do you like my page?
  • What do you like the most on my page?
  • How can I improve my Insta?
  • Did you like my last story?
  • What should I post next?

Those are examples for polls where you can put the link to the poll in your bio of your own profile. Another important thing: Use emojis! Yes, it still works in 2018! 😊

I can show you some positive and negative examples of polls for Instagram, just like a little collection ofDo's and Dont's for It's quite important that you include your Insta name in your poll, so new Instagrammers find their way to your profile. That's not as important when creating a poll just for your profile, but it will become more important when trying to find new followers via straw polls.

Dos and Don'ts (Screenshots)

DO: Involve your followers DO: Involve your followers
DON'T: Everything wrong! DO: Everything wrong :(
DO: Vote on specials DO: Vote on specials
DO: Everything correct! DO: Alles richtig gemacht

Again, a little checklist of the most important things to consider:

  • Ask reasonful question
  • Add your profile link/name
  • Use Emoji
  • Involve your followers
  • Allow and interact with comments
  • Post your poll results with our hashtag #strawpoll
  • Pro-Tip: Share a picture of the poll in your stream

Post your poll outside of Instagram

With the tips given prior, you should be able to reactivate your ghosties on your profile a little. Now one step further: Gain new followers! That won't happen while creating a poll, sharing it on your profile only and just sitting there and waiting. You have to create creative and funny polls and post them somewhere where new people get to see them. With a link to your profile of course! If they like your poll, they most surely will click on your profile. That's the first step of success, because once they're already on your profile, you can easily convert them into followers. To find a topic that will work that way, it might need some preparation and consideration time. The poll has to be interesting. While it might work with a simple poll like "Who's got the most beatiful Insta page?" in the beginning, you'll have to get more creative over time.

Keep new and exsting followers active

No question: To keep your existing and new followers active, your pictures are more important that anything else. The better your posts, the more comments, likes and activity you'll get. Anyhow, with regular, fresh straw polls you can also keep your followers happy and active. History has shown that polls about what to do/post next are the best ones. Here is a nifty little list of examples you can use in variety:

  • Should I post fashion pics, too?
  • What do you want to see as 1,5k special?
  • Which topic do you like the post?
  • Favorite subject? ❤️
  • What kind of "How to..." should I post next?

Well, and how do I create these polls now?

Nothing easier than that! Just go to and type in your question and think of different answer options. Then you'll receive your personal link (z.B., that you can share in your bio, other social platforms or even message boards. Have fun and even more followers!

Ah, and don't forget to analyze your poll results:

DO: Ask questions

How to put your link in your Insta bio

Haha, I almost forgot! In the last couple of weeks, I saw a handful profiles, where the strawpoll link was put into the bio text... In that way, the link is not clickable and only a few followers will type in the URL of your poll. :D Very important: Your personal poll-link has to be put as "Website" in your profile, so it shows up next to your bio text but as a clickable link. Here is an example of how to do it correctly:

Strawpoll Link in your profile Strawpoll Link in your profile 2

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More tips to get more active followers

Whether you need more Instagram followers for business reasons, or you just want your posts to be seen by more people, there are ways to increase your Instagram followers without spending money. Continue reading to learn how to get your Instagram profile discovered by more people.


Using hashtags on your Instagram posts is a great way to expose your content to a large audience. When individuals search for certain hashtags, they will automatically be directed to a category of posts that have that hashtag in the description.

For example, let's say your Instagram revolves mostly around makeup. If you use the hashtags #makeup, #lipstick, #eyeliner your posts are going to be viewed by individuals who search for makeup pages. In return, those individuals are going to start following you so they can see more of your Instagram posts.

It's important to use more than one hashtag. When you use multiple hashtags, there is a greater chance of your posts being discovered.

Calls to Action

If you've ever seen an advertisement on Instagram, at the bottom of the ad, there is normally a button that says, "Click here to view," or "Install now." This is a call to action. If you tell people to do something in your description, it has been proven that they are 25% more likely to follow through with that action than if you hadn't said anything.

In order to get more people to follow you, you should start adding, "Follow me to see more posts about ___." in your caption or post something very similar to that. You can also encourage others to like or comment on your post.


People will lose interest if you always post a generic line of text. Allow the audience to be entertained by your posts. Post stories about your childhood or something funny that happened earlier in the week. Post stories that will trigger your followers' emotions. Whether you're looking to inspire, amuse, or stun your audience, there is always a story to tell.


Have you ever stumbled across someone's post and thought, "Wow, that picture is stunning! I wonder what kind of camera they use. How did they make the colors so vibrant? Is it the angle?" More than likely, that person has their own theme and uses it for the majority of their posts. It clearly works, because it caught your attention.

Having a consistent theme is an important part of building your Instagram audience. Your followers aren't going to stay engaged if they're seeing posts about gourmet foods one day and horses the next day. Be sure to post things every day that are related. If you like to travel, post pictures of your destinations. If you are a makeup artist, post pictures of your makeup art. Try to consistently post high-quality photos. Also, try to use a common color on your profile. For example, keeping your color theme as orange, pink, and white can be visually appealing to your audience.


The biggest mistake people make is seeing their followers as numbers.

No matter how many followers you get, it is important to remember that they are all human and deserve respect just like everybody else.

It is important to communicate and engage with your followers. If they ask a question on one of your posts, answer them. If they send you a message, reply to them. Remember the golden rule; treat others the way you would want to be treated. If you are constantly disrespecting your followers, they are going to unfollow you and tell others to do the same.


First, you need to know how shoutouts work. People often call it as a "share for share" because you have to post a screenshot of an Instagram user and encourage others to follow them, in return, that Instagram user is going to do the same for you. This works because of two different reasons.

One, if people see you shouting out their favorite Instagrammer, they are likely going to start following you. Two, when your profile gets shouted out by a popular Instagrammer, their followers will start following you. This is one of the fastest and most effective ways to get more followers on Instagram.


More than likely, you have other social media accounts. It's important to promote your Instagram on your facebook, twitter, Tumblr, etc. Be sure to post the link along with your Instagram name. This allows your friends and family to find your Instagram quickly and start following. Encourage everyone to follow your Instagram and tell them what kind of posts they can expect to see. You can also ask your friends to post your account link on a status. This will allow their friends to start following you, as well.

Like and Comment

Engage with other Instagram users and start liking and commenting on their posts. In return, they will do the same for you. When the other Instagram user's followers see that you are commenting on their posts, they will want to follow you; and when they see the Instagram user commenting on your posts, that will cause you to gain even more followers. Engaging with other users is the most natural way to expand your audience.

2AM or 5PM

It has been proven that instagram users are most active at 2AM and 5PM. Be sure to post at either one or both of these hours. This will make it more likely that your posts will be seen.

Follow These Tips

Getting more followers on instagram can be tough, but following the advice mentioned here today can help you expand your audience. Always use appropriate hashtags, use calls to action, tell stories, keep a consistent theme, treat others with respect, do shoutouts, promote your instagram, engage with other followers, and post at certain times of the day to increase your followrs and keep them interested.