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Hello, I'm Gregor and I put this site together. At first, you'll find an overview of recommended aa & aaa battery chargers, followed by a public poll and a general buying guide on aa & aaa battery charger. Further down on this page, we do link to other well-written articles and reviews about aa & aaa battery chargers. At last, you'll be able to weight in your own opinion in the comments section.

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The 10 Best AA & AAA Battery Chargers of Our Choice

Quick comparison in an overall view
AA Batteries (48Count)
71219 6/12V Shelf Smart
2A Maintainer
Battery Charger
4 pk.
2/8/15A 12V Smart Battery
12V Solar Car
Premium Rechargeable AA
SC1280 6/12V Rapid
15A Maintainer
4 Pcs AA 1.6V NiZn
SC-1000A 2/6/10A 12V
12V SpeedCharge Battery Charger
Energizer AA Batteries (48Count) Image
Energizer AA Batteries (48Count), Double A Max Alkaline Battery - Packaging May Vary
BLACK+DECKER BC15BD Fully Automatic 15 Amp 12V Bench Battery Charger/Maintainer with 40A Engine Start, Alternator Check, Cable Clamps
DieHard 71219 6/12V Shelf Smart Image
DieHard 71219 6/12V Shelf Smart Battery Charger and 2A Maintainer
Duracell Battery Charger Image
Duracell Battery Charger with Rechargeable AA (6 pk.) and AAA (4 pk.)
Ampeak 2/8/15A 12V Smart Battery Image
Ampeak 2/8/15A 12V Smart Battery Charger/Maintainer Automatic with Winter Mode
SUNER POWER 12V Solar Car Image
SUNER POWER 12V Solar Car Battery Charger & Maintainer - Portable 6W Solar Panel Trickle Charging Kit for Automotive, Motorcycle, Boat, Marine, RV, Trailer, Powersports, Snowmobile, etc.
Tenergy Premium Rechargeable AA Image
Tenergy Premium Rechargeable AA Batteries, High Capacity 2500mAh NiMH AA Battery, AA Cell Battery, 12-Pack
Schumacher SC1280 6/12V Rapid Image
Schumacher SC1280 6/12V Rapid Battery Charger and 15A Maintainer
PKCELL 4 Pcs AA 1.6V NiZn Image
4 Pcs AA 1.6V NiZn 2500mAh Rechargeable Batteries with Ni-Zn AA/AAA Battery Charger
Schumacher SC-1000A 2/6/10A 12V Image
Schumacher SC-1000A 2/6/10A 12V SpeedCharge Battery Charger
according to our criteria
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in comparison
87 %
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87 %
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87 %
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86 %
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86 %
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85 %
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83 %
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78 %
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  • 48-pack of Energizer max alkaline AA batteries
  • Our 1 Longest Lasting max AA battery powers everyday devices
  • Leak resistant-construction protects your devices from leakage of f...
  • 15 amp bench battery charger maintains and charges any agm gel or w...
  • Fully automatic high frequency charging delivers 3 stage charging a...
  • Battery reconditioning feature helps extend battery life; 40 amp en...
  • Micro processor controlled fully automatic 5-stage charging process...
  • Led indictor will flash if clamps are reversed and charger will not...
  • Features battery maintaining to prevent overcharging charging will ...
  • Precharged and ready to use
  • Charger works with all rechargeable AA and aaa NiMH batteries
  • Maximum capacity: AA 2500mAh aaa 850mAh
  • Smart Fast Charger: Household Use Only 2A 8A 15a Auto charging rate...
  • Excellent Winter Charging Mode: Specialized design for charging bat...
  • Safety Protection: Microprocessor-controlled with multi-stage charg...
  • [Charge Anywhere] The solar charger converts light energy from sun ...
  • [Charger Maintainer] The product is a solar powered battery charge...
  • [Reverse Protection] The solar charger will not damage or over char...
  • High energy storage - The NiMH AA battery pack has 12 Tenergy Premi...
  • Reliable performance - Keep your outdoor devices powered in all sea...
  • Lasting capacity without memory effect - With no memory effect on o...
  • Features 15a to charge and 3A to maintain your battery
  • Auto voltage detection automatically detects 6 or 12v batteries
  • Automatically selects charge rate for charging and maintaining
  • Battery package may different from pictures
  • High Voltage 1.6v AA aaa improving performance for any high drain d...
  • High Energy Density - battery has up to a 33 more the energy densit...
  • For car light truck marine rv farm equipment agm and deep cycle-bat...
  • 10 Amp Fast Charge charger monitors battery condition and adjusts c...
  • 6 Amp Medium Charge self-adjusting charge rate for everyday chargin...
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Results of the Straw Poll: Popular AA & AAA Battery Chargers

Every month, we analyze which products our readers like the most:

Which AA & AAA Battery Chargers Would You Buy Online? (July 2018)

  • 40.54 % (15 votes) SunLabz Smart Rechargeable Battery Charger - AA...
  • 32.43 % (12 votes) STARQUEEN 12" Rechargable Bluetooth Portab...
  • 10.81 % (4 votes) Tycipy 16 Pack 1.2V 2800mAh Rechargeable Ni-MH ...
  • 5.41 % (2 votes) 4 x AA 1.6V 2500mAh NiZn Rechargeable Batteries...
  • 5.41 % (2 votes) Duracell Rechargeable AA NiMH Batteries, MIGNON...
  • 2.70 % (1 votes) Hohm Base 4-Slot Universal Digital Battery Char...
  • 2.70 % (1 votes) 24V Trickle Car Van Boat Motorcycle RVs Digital...
  • 0 % (0 votes) Panasonic eneloop Power Pack Set with 8 AA, 2 A...

37 total votes.

If you also want to vote on the best aa & aaa battery charger, click here to view the poll.

AA & AAA Battery Charger Buying Guide

AA & AAA Battery Charger Image
Picture: AA Batteries (48Count) from Energizer

AA and AAA Battery Chargers Buying Guide

If you have toys, electronics or other items that need batteries, you are probably tired of buying replacements when your old ones run out of juice. Many people search for a range of solutions that will help them save money without finding the answers for which they have been looking.

Combat that problem and keep all of your battery-powered items running by getting AA and AAA battery chargers that meet your needs. A range of products are on the market and aim to give you the best possible results, but you must remember that they are not all equal. A little research will go a long way when you want to find the right battery charger for your situation. Opting for the perfect product will give you the outcome you wanted from the beginning, showing that you have done the right thing.

Benefits of Using a Battery Charger

Review the main benefits you can get by buying a battery charger, and you will decide with confidence. The first benefit is that you will save a lot of money over the long run because you won't need to keep replacing your batteries as they go dead. With a charger on hand, you can avoid making extra trips to the store, preventing you from wasting fuel.

Many people throw old batteries away when they go bad, and the waste adds up faster than they think. Using a battery charger helps the environment by reducing the number of batteries that find their way into landfills across the world. The difference will put you in a positive mood when you realize that you have chosen the correct path.

Consider Your Needs and Goals

Buying the first battery charger you see is a mistake you want to avoid. Doing so could stick you with a product that does not meet your needs or get the job done, and you must avoid that trap. Instead of blindly moving forward, keep your goals and needs near the top of your mind each step of the way.

You might be searching for a battery charger that you will only use once, or you could be on the hunt for one that will last for years to come. The number of batteries you own is another critical factor you need to consider as you make a decision. Sitting down and writing a list of the things you want your battery charger to achieve is another way to move in the right direction.

Small Chargers

Small chargers could be the thing for which you have been searching if you only need to charge between two and four batteries at a time. These small chargers can fit almost anywhere and will never take up too much space, helping you avoid clutter. If you only need to power one or two items, a small charger will get the job done without problems. Make sure you look on the box or read the product description so that you will know the exact number of batteries you can charge.

You can even opt to buy two or three small chargers in case one of them breaks when you least expect it. Buy one AA and one AAA charger to prevent yourself from running out of power when you need it the most, which gives you peace of mind. Needing to replace your batteries is a concern you will no longer face once you use these tips.

Large Chargers

If you have a lot of toys or equipment you need to keep powered up, a small charger won't give you the results for which you have been hoping. Instead, you need a large charger that holds between five and 10 batteries. While this option is a little bigger and takes even more space, it's worth it if you can't afford to run out of battery power. Whether you need to use flashlights, radios, remote control vehicles or something else, you can do so without fear when you have a large battery charger in your collection.

Cheap Chargers

If you are on a budget and don't plan to use your charger for long, a cheap AAA or AA charger can get the job done right. You can locate cheap chargers for less than $15, and they will work well for a while. You will, however, want to consider a few things before taking this path. First, cheap chargers won't always last as long as their high-quality counterparts. Also, these chargers might require a little more time to give your batteries a full charge.

Some buyers shy away from this option because they are worried about getting a defective product, but that won't happen. Most companies will replace defective products without hesitation, and taking care of your budget-friendly charger can do wonders to extend its life span.

Quality Chargers

A high-quality charger is the thing you need if you require a dependable product that won't let you down. Quality chargers tend to last much longer than the cheap versions, and you can count on them to work when you need them. They can also charge batteries with increased speed and efficiency so that you never have to put your life on hold.

When your goal is to buy a quality product you can trust, look for major brands that have not let you down in the past. You will pay a bit more when you make the purchase, but you will likely save money over the long run because quality chargers can last for years to come.

High-End Chargers

Those who want to know each detail about their charger and batteries will be pleased when they buy a high-end charger. The results you will get depend on several things, so you should always review the label if you want to avoid taking the wrong path.

Some of the chargers you can buy at the store or online could have meters that reveal how much energy each battery has and how long it will take to reach a full charge. You can use that information to tell when your batteries are not holding as much power as they once did, but you can also detect issues with your charger that prevent it from doing its job correctly.

Solar Chargers

If you like camping or spending a lot of time outdoors, you might think your options are limited. Getting away from the stress of daily life does not mean you need to give up your favorite battery-powered products. A solar charger lets you keep your batteries full no matter the location in which you find yourself. Some solar chargers connect to the windows in your car, but you can hook some of them to a backpack.

Other solar chargers even allow you to chain several of them together for even more power. If you venture into the wilderness, go hiking far from home or find yourself in parts unknown, your solar charger will give you peace of mind. Reading the label of any solar charger you are considering lets you know how long it will take to power up your batteries, preventing you from facing unexpected complications.

Final Thoughts

Doing a little research, keeping your needs in mind and considering your goals is the foundation from which you will reach your desired outcome. Almost anyone can find the perfect charger for the situation when they put in a little work and keep an eye on the prize.

Your battery-powered devices will always be ready for operation when you need them, and you will be thrilled when you see the difference a battery charger can make for your budget. The right path will become clear when you calculate how much money you spend on batteries each year. As long as you stick to the plan and don't allow yourself to take shortcuts, you will soon have a battery charger of which you can be proud.

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