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The 10 Best Adult Pool Floats of Our Choice

Quick comparison in an overall view
XYX Swim
Monterey 4-in-1 Multi-Purpose
Saddle, Lounge Chair, Hammock, Drifter
Spring Float Recliner
Floating Recliner Inflatable
flatable Pool Float
Floating Hammock Pool Float
Giant Inflatable Pineapple Pool
flatable Avocado Pool Float
2-Pack(Blue,Green) Premium Swimming
Leisure Giant Inflatable Unicorn
Giant Inflatable Mermaid
Aqua Monterey 4-in-1 Multi-Purpose Image
Aqua Monterey 4-in-1 Multi-Purpose Inflatable Hammock (Saddle, Lounge Chair, Hammock, Drifter) Portable Pool Float, Navy/White Stripe
SwimWays Spring Float Recliner Image
SwimWays Spring Float Recliner with Canopy - Swim Lounger for Pool or Lake
Intex Floating Recliner Inflatable Image
Intex Floating Recliner Inflatable Lounge, 71in X 53in
XYX Swim flatable Pool Float Image
XYX Swim Inflatable Pool Float Lounge Raft with Canopy, Swimming Pool Lounge for Adults & Children
Kelsyus Floating Hammock Pool Float Image
Kelsyus Floating Hammock Pool Float
HANMUN Giant Inflatable Pineapple Pool Image
HANMUN Giant Inflatable Pineapple Pool Float - Floaties for Adults Swim Inner Tube Fruit Pool Float Swimming Ring Pool Float Inner Tube Outdoor Beach Party Play Pool Water Fun Toy for Adults ¡­
Jasonwell flatable Avocado Pool Float Image
Jasonwell Inflatable Avocado Pool Float Floatie with Ball Water Fun Large Blow Up Summer Beach Swimming Floaty Party Toys Lounge Raft for Kids Adults
FindUWill 2-Pack(Blue,Green) Premium Swimming Image
FindUWill 2-Pack(Blue,Green) Premium Swimming Pool Float Hammock, Multi-Purpose Inflatable Hammock (Saddle, Lounge Chair, Hammock, Drifter), Water Hammock Lounge
Vickea Leisure Giant Inflatable Unicorn Image
Vickea Leisure Giant Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float Large Outdoor Swimming Pool Floaties Lounge Toys for Adults
Jasonwell Giant Inflatable Mermaid Image
Jasonwell Giant Inflatable Mermaid Tail Pool Float with Fast Valves Summer Beach Swimming Pool Party Lounge Raft Decorations Toys for Adults Kids (Pink)
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  • Unique 4-in-1 Inflatable Hammock Pool Float with dimensions 44 x 28...
  • Converts to hammock lounge chair drifter and exercise saddle
  • Features comfortable luxurious Cool-Weave fabric which contours com...
  • Integrated backrest headrest cup holder and ottoman
  • Removable sun canopy
  • Mesh seat keeps you cool
  • Chair like design for added comfort
  • 2 air chambers
  • 2 cup holders
  • This inflatable pool raft comes with a sun canopy which attaches an...
  • White mesh in the middle of the Lounge Raft feel free to put your b...
  • Good quality pool floats for adults: Thick, soft and durable premiu...
  • Multi-use: This hammock is ideal for floating at the lake or in the...
  • Durable: Patented inner spring around the outside edge of the float...
  • Ultimate comfort: Mesh bed keeps you cool and comfortable suspendin...
  • Pineapple design -126X103cm or 50x41inches, The fruit shaped attrac...
  • Durability floats - Our brightly inflatable lounger seat swim ring ...
  • Inflate and deflate: Inflates by mouth may also be inflated by air ...
  • Giant Avocado Pool Floats Big: Approx 65in 49in 10in(Fully inflated)
  • With a Brown Inflatable Ball Fun for both kids and adults
  • Thick, soft and durable premium raft-grade non-phthalates material
  • Warranty: All water hammocks sold by FindUWill are covered by warra...
  • Float Hammock: The inflated Hammock Lounge can Float you on the wat...
  • Package Included:2*Float Hammocks(Royalblue Greenyellow) 2*Pillow s...
  • The new generation of Giant Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float
  • Huge Size 110 looks great in the pool
  • The perfect relaxation spot or decoration for play or lounging
  • Premium vinyl: Thick soft and durable premium raft-grade non-phthal...
  • Fast inflation/deflation: Fast valves More than 5x faster inflation...
  • Easy to take it on your trip
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Results of the Straw Poll: Popular Adult Pool Floats

Every month, we analyze which products our readers like the most:

Which Adult Pool Floats Would You Buy Online? (July 2018)

  • 45.45 % (15 votes) Kangaroo Pool Floats; Giant Peacock Pool Raft, ...
  • 21.21 % (7 votes) GAME Derby Duck Inflatable Swimming Pool Float ...
  • 15.15 % (5 votes) Kelsyus SwimWays 80014 Floating Lounger
  • 6.06 % (2 votes) Fasmov Donut Pool Float, Gigantic Pink Donut In...
  • 6.06 % (2 votes) Chillbo DON POOLIO Best Pool Floats BRAND NEW D...
  • 3.03 % (1 votes) (Set/4) Swimways Floating Pool Noodle Sling Mes...
  • 3.03 % (1 votes) GoFloats Unicorn Party Tube Inflatable Float
  • 0 % (0 votes) Aqua AQL10180 Monterey 4-in-1 Multi-Purpose Inf...

33 total votes.

If you also want to vote on the best adult pool float, click here to view the poll.

Adult Pool Float Buying Guide

Adult Pool Float Image
Picture: Monterey 4-in-1 Multi-Purpose from Aqua

Adult Pool Floats

There is nothing quite like spending a lazy summer day lounging in the pool on a nice float. The selection available is enormous and it can be difficult to decide which float to purchase. There are numerous different types and available options detailed below.

The Side by Side Floats

This type of float was created for couples and friends that enjoy relaxing together in the pool. The majority of these floats can comfortable hold two adults although there are a few larger options available to hold three. The size is important because there should be enough room to stretch out and relax. Some versions provide cup holders built right in or coolers to store something refreshing to drink. These floats work well in pools, ponds and rivers. One of the main benefits is the people in the float can either face the same direction or face each other directly.

The Group Floats

The group float was made for friends to enjoy summertime in the pool, on the beach or at the river. These floats comfortable hold groups of four with more than enough room to get comfortable and relax. This type of float is sturdy, safe and provides hours of fun for talking, laughing and sunbathing.

The Unique Designs and Themes

Adult pool floats are available in different themes from wacky to romantic to just plain fun. There are floats shaped like animals, castles, carnival rides, deserted islands and rock and roll clubs. They offer storage for drinks, snack and cups. This type of float offers a sensational way to make the most of the pool for small and intimate groups.

The Classic Pool Float

The classic float is designed for the individual that wants to stretch out and relax by themselves. There are floats made of mesh to allow the water to flow all around the person to provide a cooling effect. Some floats are designed as loungers and can be adjusted to achieve the ultimate relaxation and comfort. Others are made so the person can relax in a flat position. Canopies are available on some models to provide shade from the summer sun and others offer are made for getting a tan. They are available in nearly every shape, size and color for the perfect customization. These floats can be made of mesh, foam or be inflatable.

The Float vs The Raft

The standard raft lies flat against the water and usually has an attached pillow to provide support for the head. The rafts were not designed to accommodate a lot of movement or any type of paddling in the pool or river. The individual must lie flat and fairly still on either their stomach or their back. This is an excellent floatation device for anyone interested in relaxing or sunbathing while lying in a flat position.

A pool float is designed so the person can sit while enjoying the water. This makes a float an excellent option for watching the other people in the pool, looking at the clouds or reading a book. There are some pool floats designed to allow the person to either sit or lie flat while others only accommodate a seated position. This type of float is available in different lengths. Some have enough length where the legs can be kept on the float while others leave the legs floating through the water. The majority of these floats have cup holders built into the sides. It is important to consider the height of the individual before purchasing a pool float.

The Importance of The Material

The material of the float directly correlates to how long it will last. If the person intends to use the float often and for numerous summers, the expense of purchasing a more durable material will pay off. If the float is simply used to sunbathe and there will not be a lot of movement, even the less expensive material will hold up well. For individuals who are extremely active or plan to take their pets on the float with them, an extremely durable material is incredibly important. It is also important to note the tougher materials can hold more weight so pool accessories, drinks and snacks can easily be stored. Some floats also require assembly and are generally not as durable.

Foam Pool Floats

This type of float is constructed with a core made of soft foam. The outer layer is made of vinyl. The majority of rafts are made using foam and this includes the pillow. Foam pool rafts and floats come in a wide range of widths. If this material is punctured or pierced, it will still be durable. This type of raft is very thin which means the individual can relax much closer to the water. A foam float appears to be skimming along the surface of the water. The foam is so thin it makes it easy to store this device in a small place. The issue is this type of float is difficult to collapse and has a lot more weight. This make is harder to carry longer distances. The main benefit is even if this float is punctured, it will still float beautifully. With proper maintenance, these floats and rafts will last for a good number of years.

Inflatable Floats

As the name indicates, this type of float must be inflated on a consistent basis. The smaller floats can be inflated fairly easily but the larger ones can be difficult without an air compressor. Purchasing an air compressor is a good value because it will eliminate the physical work and inflate the float quickly and efficiently. There is a much larger selection available for an inflatable float than foam. They are very easy to store, an excellent option for people who travel and work very well in seasonal climates and pools. Inflatable floats are constructed with a single layer of material which makes them fairly inexpensive. It is important to note inflatable rafts can be punctured. The best solution is to keep a patch kit on hand if a leak occurs.

The Party Floats

A party float is designed for a group of people to share the same device. This is a lot like the boats used for white water rafting but much more comfortable. They are generally constructed with a circular shape and the seats are built in. All of the passengers are facing the center of the float. There is usually an opening in the center so the people can hang their feet into the water. This type of float is perfect for groups of friends or family members to spend time together. It is important to realize this type of float takes up a great deal of space and will not fit into all pools. The larger size is also more difficult to maneuver into the pool. This is generally not an issue because there are several people available.

The Experience

Prior to purchasing a raft of float for the pool, all options should be considered. The right choice ensures the summer will be a lot of fun whether it is spent at the pool, the lake or the ocean. The most important considerations are the weight limit, the material, the amount of activity the float will allow, the number of people accommodated and the desirable options.

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Conclusion for this Adult Pool Float Buying Guide in July 2019

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